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"A welcome addition to the SimCity name, this time ported to Nintendo DS"

A welcome addition to the SimCity franchise, this time ported to DS
SimCity DS is a new version of the hugely successful SimCity name, Including five titles thus far. It was expected by some that they would try to use the DS's touch screen advantage. And they did. I thought the other review to be far to harsh, so I made one myself. I present...SimCity DS!

Graphics: 7:Graphics on DS games never have been perfect, plain and simple. This game has acceptable graphics, nothing to write home about though. Lots of textures are grainy, but what do you expect from a DS? Basically, nothing spectacular but it won't alter the game experience much.

Sound: 6: All there is for sound here is basically elevator music. Which is fine, I am listening to my own music when I play, but nevertheless, a downfall was the fact that when people come into your office to talk, or your advisor talks, you have to read the caption because you can't hear it.

Story: 8: A pretty simple storyline, if any, is that you get a bunch of land, and you must build a city. Again, nothing spectacular, but hey! It's a SimCity, they don't need an actual Storyline.

Gameplay: 8: Gameplay is fun. As you can tell by now, all you do is build your city. A notable comment is that there is also several Minigames in this, such as the Fireworks Gala when you hit milestones (ie:100,000 people mark, 50 year anniversary), Gabon the Destroyer when you have pollution (a giant monkey), Santa, and some others. Although it may sound easy, it's not. You will have to fight things like pollution and fires, electricity shortages, money, crime, and so many others. The only 2 reasons I took away 2 points is 1) There will be people constantly coming in to ask for things like stadiums and parks and hospitals and libraries, and even when you build what they want, they don't leave you alone. And 2) It does run a little slow, it sometimes freezes briefly, but doesn't stop me from playing.

Rent or Buy?? Buy. You can't get far enough just renting it. It's a long game.

Recommend or not? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game for anyone, as it is very appropriate, while fun at the same time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/12/07

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