Review by Pesnja

"A Big City on a Little Handheld"

Let's hop into it shall we?

Graphics - 8/10

Surprisingly good graphics, I think, for being a handheld. It's pixelated in some aspects, of course, but it's still a very pretty game, I think. I'm taking into account, of course, that this is also a large game with a fair amount of variation, so what can you expect but some pixelation. I noticed when I put the game into the faster of the two speeds (regular and "holy crap time is going fast") it goes REALLY slow. The frames drop horribly and sometimes it just locks up for a minute or so.

Gameplay/Controls - 7/10

The gameplay is fun as heck. It's always nice to start off with just two power plants and a little zone for each type - RCI - and watch it grow up to this huge bustling city. I'm in 1906 (the game starts in 1900) and my map is maxed out already, though, and I have 100,000 people and the demand for residential isn't going down anytime soon, so that's a bit annoying. The controls as also good. However, if you're trying to clear trees around the border of your map, it scrolls while you try to demolish it. So, it's a bit hard to do a large area at once. You need to do a little straight line around the edges before you can do a larger portion.

Sounds/Music - 3/10

Play this game with the sound off, k? The music sucks. God, does it annoy me...

Replayability - 10/10

You can always come back and re-do a city differently. However, you can only save one city at a time, which is a bummer. But, there's always a second chance to re-do it, leaving infinite possibilities.

Verdict - Rent or Buy?

Simple: Buy it. It's a good game. If you're a die hard fan of the newer games you may dislike it, since they had to drop a lot of stuff. Also, this one does seem a bit easier than normal, but overall it's a good time.

Overall (Average) - 7.0

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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