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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bluej33

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    Cake Mania
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction [Int]
    2. Version Information [Info]
    3. Legal Information [Leg]
    4. Controls [Ctrls]
    5. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
    6. Walkthrough/Guide [WalkB]
              Getting Started [Wlk1]
              Customer Satisfaction [Wlk2]
              Maximizing Profit +Ö [Wlk3]
              Becoming Efficient [Wlk4]
    7. Contact Information [Cont]
    1. Introduction [Int]
    Hello, everybody, and welcome to my first FAQ ever. Clearly, I'm new at this,
    so if there is any right of initiation you feel I've...bypassed, please: let
    me know! In all seriousness, now, if there are any problems that you find, or
    would like to offer some constructive criticism, by all means, please do so!
    Now, regarding the game at hand: Cake Mania. If you've ever played a game 
    like Diner Dash, then you'll have a very good idea of exactly how Cake Mania 
    plays out. You are the owner of a bakery that's gone out of business; now, it's
    up to you to work through a variety of locations and eventually gain back the 
    Cake Mania is a very simple game at heart, but like many simple games, it 
    quickly grows more complicated and more difficult. Thus, the purpose for this 
    guide. This being my first ever attempt at a guide, I decided that I would 
    write for fairly straightforward game. So...onward, brave bakers!
    2. Version Information [Info]
    -Wednesday, 5/30/07; Ver. 0.1: finished table of contents and introduction.
    -Tuesday, 9/407; Ver. 0.3: completed controls, working on FAQ
    -Saturday, 9/22/07; Ver. 1.0: completed walkthrough (finished walkthrough/tips, 
    contact information, and legal information)
    3. Legal Information [Leg]
    Copyright 2007 Joseph Catalanotto (BlueJ33)
    This work may not be reproduced under any circumstances other than personal, 
    private use without express permission of the author. It may not be modified 
    or changed and reposted without my permission. If you wish to display this 
    guide for use other that is personal or private, please let me know (note: I 
    will not approve any reproduction that is for financial use). Use of this 
    guide on any website or for any unapproved use is strictly prohibited and is 
    a violation of copyright. If you see this guide reproduced without a statement 
    that the poster has express permission of the author, please contact me (see 
    contact information [Cont]).
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    3. Controls [Ctrls]
    Cake Mania is semi-unique in that it uses the touch screen almost exclusively 
    to control the game. Now, a brief walkthrough of exactly what to do when you 
    need something from the bakery, just in case you were asleep when the tutorial 
    was running.
    Touch one of the four icons on the cake machine (top of the touch screen). The 
    four most common cake shapes are Square, Circle, Triangle, and Star, but 
    that's an incomplete list. There are other seasonal shapes that are only 
    present during certain months, such as the Pumpkin, Christmas Tree, and Heart. 
    When you see a customer first, they will have a speech bubble with a menu 
    insidethe bubble. Touch the bubble to hand the customer a menu. Once they've 
    glanced over the menu for a few moments, their order will appear in the speech
    bubble. Look carefully at the bubble to see which shape of cake the customer 
    wants, along with the icing, how many layers, and any decorations. Then, touch
    the corresponding icon on the oven to bake it. 
    Once the cake is done, you'll want to take a look-see at the color frosting 
    they want. Unlike cake shapes, the frosting colors never change; they are 
    white, red, gray, and brown. Once the cake is finished, touch the cake, and
    then touch the color of the frosting your customer wants on the frosting 
    machines (mechanisms on the bottom of the touch screen). The cake will be 
    automatically frosted. 
    Decorations come into play a bit later in the game, but the control concept is 
    identical to that of baking and frosting. Once the cake is frosted, touch it, 
    and then touch the decoration that the customer wants. Wait for the decoration 
    to be completed, then touch the cake, and touch the customer to bring the cake 
    to the person. The cake is automatically gift-wrapped, the customer leaves, and 
    you're free to pick up your cash. 
    4. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
    1.) Is it true that Cake Mania is just a DS iteration of the online game?
    Yep, that's true. It's just the Cake Mania that you would download online, plus 
    it comes with an expansion pack. The DS game costs $19.99, whereas the online 
    game plus the expansion pack comes to about $15 total. Essentially, then, 
    you're paying five bucks to be able to play the game wherever you want. To me,
    it's a pretty good deal. 
    2.) Do you actually get to interactively bake and frost cakes, as in Cooking 
    Sadly, no, though this was the impression I had when I purchased the game. 
    Despite what the back of the box may imply, there isn't an actual cooking 
    interaction. Machines control all aspects of the bakery; you, the baker, simply 
    must direct the machines. 
    3.) How long is Cake Mania? 
    Cake Mania has 83 levels, each progressively harder. Though there are quite a 
    few levels, none of them are that long; you'll rarely spend more than about 
    seven minutes on a level. Still, though, you will have to retry many levels, 
    because the game can be tough. 
    4.) So, the question we all care about: Is Cake Mania worth my money?
    That depends, really, on how much you know and what you're looking for. If 
    you're going to buy Cake Mania, it's critical you know what you're getting 
    yourself into. I was actually expecting something like Cooking Mama (sadly, 
    I didnít do my research). Itís nothing at all like that; instead, itís very 
    similar to Cake Mania (online game) or Diner Dash. Itís a fun, addictive 
    game play concept, but be forewarned: itís by no means the deepest game 
    youíve ever played. Still, itís a fun way to pass time, and if youíve got a 
    spare twenty dollars and canít find a game youíre interested in, you may 
    want to check out Cake Mania. 
    5. Walkthrough [WalkB]
    Okay, now: the part that you may (or may not) be interested in. Cake Mania is 
    nice in that it has a very gradual learning curve; at first, youíll likely 
    have no problem filling your few customers orders and quickly progressing 
    through levels. As you get deeper and deeper into the game, however, things 
    are going to become more difficult. 
    While I canít give a specific walkthrough for all 83 levels (that is, 
    because all the levels are essentially the same), I can give you a good 
    overview and some tips that may help you get past the levels that are truly 
    difficult -- and trust me, the last 10 or 15 levels will likely have you 
    frustrated beyond all belief. 
    Getting Started [Walk1]
    As Iíve said countless times already, Cake Mania starts out rather simply. 
    The game begins with Jill, the main character, working out of her bakery. 
    Her customers consist mostly of construction workers stopping by on their 
    way home from work (itís horrible, isnít it?). Additionally, your customers 
    will be sparse; at this point in the game, you wonít have to worry much in 
    terms of being overrun with customers.
    Anyway, the game revolves around, essentially, making money. Each game play 
    session is considered one month; each month, there is a certain quota you 
    must fulfill. At first in the game, your main goal should really just be 
    not to lose any customers. The number of hearts over a customerís head will 
    indicate their level of happiness. If they run out of hearts, theyíll leave 
    the bakery, and youíre missing out on money. Miss too many customers, and 
    youíll find it impossible to reach your monthly quota. 
    If you find that youíre losing customers, even early in the game, then Iíve 
    got a few tips for you. One of the most critical things to remember is that 
    itís a bad idea to leave any customers dangling. As soon as you see someone 
    enter the bakery, hand them a menu. As soon as possible, you should enter 
    their order at the oven. Also, early in the game, itís a good idea to enter 
    orders in the same progression of customerís in the line. For example, donít 
    place the third customer in lineís order before the secondís. 
    Customer Satisfaction [Wlk2]
    Placing orders quickly can only take you so far; at some point in the game, 
    youíre going to have to rely on additional ways to keep your customerís happy 
    long enough for you to get them their cake. 
    One simple way to do this is to purchase a Microwave, which will produce 
    cupcakes six at a time. If you see that a customer is running low on hearts 
    and youíre afraid that youíre not going to be able to get their cake in time, 
    give them a hot cupcake. Itíll restore hearts (the amount of hearts restored 
    depends upon type of customer), giving you a little longer to provide their 
    Another good idea is to purchase a television. The TV will rest on a stand 
    above the ordering counter, so that everyone in line can see whatís being 
    broadcasted. The television is slightly less effective than the cupcakes, at 
    least in terms of restoring hearts. Still, though, when things are getting 
    down to the wire, every little bit counts. Hit the L and R buttons to switch 
    channels; there are only three channels. Also important to remember is the 
    fact that certain channels make certain customers happy. If thereís a 
    customer low on hearts, be sure to cater the television channel to that 
    customer. Generally, women prefer the food channel, men prefer the news, and 
    children prefer cartoons. 
    Maximizing Profit and Progressing through the Game [Wlk3]
    As I mentioned earlier, clearing levels all has to do with meeting the quota 
    (in dollars) for that month. At first, this is no real issue; as long as no 
    customers leave the bakery, you will usually automatically make enough money. 
    However, as levels progress, youíll find that sometimes simply fulfilling every 
    customerís order isnít going to cut it. In that caseÖyouíre going to have to 
    employ some special tactics. 
    First off is to upgrade as much as you possibly can. In Cake Mania, though, 
    quantity trumps quality. That is, youíll want to buy all three ovens and all 
    three frosting machines before upgrading the speed of any of them. The more 
    ovens you have, the more cakes youíll be able to simultaneously bake, and thus 
    the more customerís youíll be able to simultaneously satisfy. 
    Really, the whole idea here is to quickly provide customers the product they 
    want. The more hearts theyíve got when they receive their product, the larger 
    a tip theyíll leave -- these tips, then, can help you reach your previously 
    unattainable quota. 
    Once youíve upgraded your ovens and frosting machines (in terms of both 
    quantity and quality), then consider purchasing some decorators. Decorating a 
    cake takes a little bit longer, but itíll pay off once youíve given the cake 
    to your customer. 
    A tip that you may find useful is when youíve completed a cake, rather than 
    immediately giving it to a customer, check out their heart level. If theyíre 
    low (one or two hearts), first give them a cupcake. This will immediately up 
    their heart level; now you can give them the cake. The point of all this? 
    Upping their heart level before you give them the cake will ensure that you 
    receive a larger tip. 
    Another wise addition is the display case. At the beginning of the level, if 
    thereís a slight lull, bake a cake. Ice it, and decorate it, if you want. 
    This process has two separate benefits. The first is that when customerís see 
    your beautiful cake sitting in its display case, theyíll be more inclined to 
    purchase similar decorations -- which can add to the overall cost of the 
    cake. Also, thereís a very good chance that sometime over the course of the 
    level, someone will request a cake that is in the case. In this situation, 
    simply grab the cake from the case and hand it to them; your astoundingly 
    quick service will net you a nice tip. 
    Finally, with regards to the display case: if itís empty (because youíve 
    already sold the cake that was initially there), do not place anything new 
    in it. Instead, if you make a mistake with a customerís order (which you 
    will eventually do), rather than throwing the cake away, place it in the 
    cake display. Thereís a chance that somebody will come along and request the 
    cake, which will save you from losing any money on the mistake cake (rhyme?!).
    The final upgradeable item, which will prove to be incredibly useful, are 
    your shoes. Iíd recommend upgrading your shoes as quickly as possible to the 
    highest speed. Quick shoes may not seem incredibly important at first, but 
    as you receive more customers and become more and more overwhelmed, youíll 
    see how very useful it is to be able to scoot around the bakery with speed 
    and ease. 
    Becoming Efficient [Wlk4]
    The final difficulty of Cake Mania really just lies in staying calm and 
    collected when things really start to get hectic (and trust me, they will). 
    Beyond money-making tips and paying for upgrades, youíre going to need to 
    develop a routine, of sorts. 
    If you merely go about your necessary tasks in a random order, youíre going 
    to be screwed -- very, very quickly. Instead, develop a pattern, and plan 
    ahead. For example, if thereís a full line, give menus to everybody in line. 
    As theyíre looking over the menus, go over to the ovens, and immediately 
    punch in the first three cakes that customers request. 
    Then, continuing this example, when the first cake finishes, before taking 
    it to be iced, enter in the next cake in line. Take your current cake to 
    be iced, then return to the ovens. Pick up the next cake in line, and punch 
    in another. Take your new cake to the frosters. By this time, the first 
    cake will be done; take it to be decorated. 
    Continuing along with a pattern like this can become somewhat stressing 
    (because making a mistake can often get you very confused), but it is the 
    best way to go about the game. Developing a pattern that you play 
    consistently will ensure that you never sit around thinking what to do next 
    as the clock is quickly ticking away. It also ensures that every customerís 
    order is systematically carried out, and that you donít accidentally forget 
    Good luck, and happy baking!
    Contact Information [Cont]
    Need help with a particular level? Want to comment on the guide, or have 
    additional questions? Feel free to email me!
    Bluej33 (at) gmail(dot)com

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