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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chocobahn

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    |====|                            Cake Mania                            |====|
    |====|                                                                  |====|
    |====|                          Complete Guide                          |====|
    |====|                                                                  |====|
    |====|                         Author: Chocobahn                        |====|
    |====|                            Version 1.01                          |====|
    |====|                   Last updated: 13 September 2008                |====|
    =============================: TABLE OF CONTENT :=============================
                    Copyright Notice......................[0100]
                    Version Update........................[0200]
                        Collecting Payment................[0405]
                        Frosting Machine..................[0602]
                        Decorating Machine................[0603]
                        Display Case......................[0606]
                    Odds and Ends.........................[1100]
    :          [0100] LEGAL / COPYRIGHT                                            :
    Cake Mania, its associated characters and events are the property of Majesco.
    No profits of any kind are being made from the usage of these entities.  I am
    in no way directly connected to any person(s) working for Majesco and/or its
    associated companies.  So don't email me asking when the next Cake Mania game
    is coming out.  I doubt there will ever be one.
    Any other copyright entities are the property of their respective owners.
    This guide copyright 2008 Chocobahn.  No part of this document, either in part
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    Websites other than those listed below are allowed to host this guide. However,
    no part of this guide may be modified in any way and must be presented in its
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    This document is made available to the following website(s) as of the time of
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    :          [0200] VERSION UPDATE                                               :
    Version 1.01
    - 13 September 2008
      - Info on TV
    Version 1.00
    - 09 June 2008
      - First public release
    :          [0300] INTRODUCTION                                                 :
    Thank you for downloading this guide.  I hope this guide will help you in your
    quest to finish this game.  In all honesty, this game is far from being good.
    But it does hold certain appeal to those gamers who are not afraid to do the
    same tasks over and over again, level after level.
    It is not a bad time waster if you have a day or two to spare and nothing else
    better to play on your DS.
    :          [0400] CONTROL                                                      :
    The upper screen displays the time, the number of lives, the customers, their
    patience level and if you have a television installed, the program that is
    currently showing.
    All inputs are done via the stylus on the touch screen.  Command is entered by
    touching the item required.  (eg.  Touch the desired shape on the oven to bake
    a cake) Once a command is entered, a tick will appear on the item.  Multiple
    input can be entered, and will be executed sequentially.
    The shop can hold up to four customers at any one time.  Each will have a
    separate speech bubble to indicate the desired cake.  The followings describe
    the process of serving the customer.  For the sake of simplicity, all customers
    regardless of gender will be referred to as "he" hereafter.
    :          [0401] Distributing Menu                                            :
    As soon as the customer enters the bakery, he will ask for a menu (a piece of
    paper in the speech bubble).  Click on the speech bubble to hand out the menu.
    After a few seconds, he will place an order.  Four pieces of information is
    1) The shape of the cake
    2) The number of layers
    3) The colour of icing
    4) The decoration required (if any)
    :          [0402] Baking                                                       :
    The cake oven is located at the top of the bakery.  It will always have four
    shapes.  While the Circle, Rectangle and Star are always there, the fourth shape
    changes depending on the time of the year.  The following table displays the
    shapes associated with a given month.
    Month Shape
    ----- -----
     Jan  Triangle
     Feb  Heart
     Mar  Triangle
     Apr  Egg
     May  Triangle
     Jun  Triangle
     Jul  Triangle
     Aug  Triangle
     Sep  Triangle
     Oct  Pumpkin
     Nov  Triangle
     Dec  Christmas tree
    To bake a cake, click on the shape desired.  The baked cake will sit on the
    table until picked up.  If it is not picked up by the time the second cake
    comes out, the first cake will be thrown out and be considered as a loss.
    :          [0403] Frosting                                                     :
    At the bottom of screen is the frosting machine.  There are four colours to
    choose from - red, white, brown and purple.  Each layer of the cake will take
    on one of the four colours.  To put icing on the cake, make sure to have a cake
    in hand, then select the colour desired.  The frosting process will
    automatically start when Jill puts down the cake.
    :          [0404] Decorating                                                   :
    If a customer requires cake decoration, it will be displayed next to the cake
    in his speech bubble.  After the cake is frosted, bring the cake to the
    decoration table located on the right hand side of the shop and click on the
    desired decoration.  The process will start automatically.
    :          [0405] Collecting Payment                                           :
    Carry the finished cake to the customer by clicking on his speech bubble.  The
    cake will be wrapped and the customer will put money on the counter.  Payment
    must be collected in order to clear the queue.
    :          [0406] Layering                                                     :
    Sometimes a customer will want to have more than one layer on his cake.  To
    stack up the layers, bake two cakes.  Frost the bottom layer first, then pick
    up the TOP layer of the cake and place it on top of the BOTTOM layer.  Then
    frost the top layer.  Alternatively, both layers can be frosted first before
    stacking up the layers.  However, the bottom layer MUST be frosted before the
    top layer can be laid.
    For example, a customer wants a red star on the bottom, and a white circle on
    top.  Bake a star and a circle cake, then put red icing on the star, pick up
    the circle and place it on top of the red star.  Finally, put white icing on
    top.  Alternatively, if there are two frosting machines, both cakes can be
    frosted simultaneously.
    :          [0500] CUSTOMERS                                                    :
    All customers are essentially the same.  The only difference is their level of
    patience.  All customers have a maximum of five hearts.
    :          [0501] Patience                                                     :
    The level of patience for each customer is indicated as hearts that appears on
    top of each customer.  Needless to say, the more hearts the better.  Some type
    of customers will be more patient than other.
    A heart will disappear periodically.  As heart disappears, the customer will
    become more and more impatient.  A warning tone will sound when there is only
    one heart left.  After which the customer will leave if all hearts disappear.
    The finished cake must be delivered before the customer runs out of hearts.
    Tips will be given by the customer depending on the number of hearts he has
    when he receives the cake.  Customer who have five hearts will give the most
    tips.  The amount of tips decreases as the number of hearts decreases.
    There are two ways to increase the number of hearts - Cupcakes and television.
    They are discussed in the equipment section below.
    :          [0600] EQUIPMENT                                                    :
    There are eight types of equipment found in the game.  Only the TV, display
    case and the bin are not upgradable.  The rest can be upgraded.  Naturally, the
    higher the upgrade, the more expensive it is.
    :          [0601] Oven                                                         :
    Located at the top of the bakery.  The bakery can hold up to 3 ovens.
           Name          Cost   Description
    -------------------  ----  ----------------
    Bake Pro 1000        1500   Normal speed
    Bake Master 2000     2000   Faster speed
    Lightning Bake 5000  3000   Fastest speed
    :          [0602] Frosting Machine                                             :
    Located on the bottom of the bakery.  The bakery can hold up to 3 frosting
                   Name          Cost  Description
    ---------------------------  ----  ---------------
    Frost-a-Matic                 600  Normal speed
    Fast Frost 2000              1000  Faster speed
    Lean Mean Frosting Machine   1500  Fastest speed
    :          [0603] Decorating Machine                                           :
    Located on the right of the bakery.  Decorating machine adds monetary value to
    the price of the cake by putting decoration on the cake.  There are two
    machines, each with 4 decorative pieces available through upgrade.
            Name         Cost  Description
    -------------------  ----  ---------------------------------
    Tradewinds Ship       500  Add $10 to the price of the cake
    Super Granny Topper   700  Add $15 to the price of the cake
    Slyder Topper        1000  Add $20 to the price of the cake
    Snail Mail Topper    1500  Add $25 to the price of the cake
    Candle                400  Add $10 to the price of the cake
    Rose Topper           700  Add $15 to the price of the cake
    Wedding Topper       1500  Add $25 to the price of the cake
    Strawberry topper    1000  Add $20 to the price of the cake
    Deco Lite 1000        400  Normal speed
    Deco Deluxe 2000     1000  Faster speed
    Deco Deluxe 5000     1500  Fastest speed
    * Speed can only be upgraded after all four decorations have been purchased.
    :          [0604] Microwave                                                    :
    Microwave is used to produce cupcakes.  Cupcakes are the most effective way to
    increase the number of hearts of the customers.  They are automatically made
    once installed in the bakery.  The microwave will produce new cupcakes when the
    last one is given out.
    Simply pick up a cupcake and click on the speech bubble of the desired customer.
            Name        Cost  Description
    ------------------- ----  --------------
    Cupcake Microwave    500  Normal speed
    Quick Cake Deluxe    750  Faster speed
    Space Cake 2000     1000  Fastest speed
    :          [0605] Television                                                   :
    The TV has three channels, and will periodically be turned off.  Hence, it is
    necessary to turn it back on every now and then.  The three channels are
    cartoon, cooking and news.  Different customers will react differently to the
    TV shows.
    - Cartoons are liked by Children, Cupids, and Santa Clauses.
    - News is liked by all other Men.
    - Food Channel is liked by all Women and Dracula.
    [Thanks to Carol for the above info]
    The customers will not react negatively towards a particular channel (i.e. men
    will not lose hearts for watching cartoon).  Hit the L and R to change channels.
    Cost: $1000
    :          [0606] Display Case                                                 :
    Used to display finished cakes (i.e. frosted cakes), there is a chance that a
    customer will want to have the cake on display.  The order can then be quickly
    satisfied and maximum tips can be given.
    In reality, it is just a place to put a cake that has been mistakenly made.
    Instead of throwing it away, the cake can be put on display in hope that one
    of the customers will want it.
    Cost: $200
    :          [0607] Shoes                                                        :
    Shoe can be 'upgraded' so that Jill can walk faster around the bakery.
           Name         Cost  Description
    ------------------  ----  -----------------------------
    Cloud Crosstrainer   500  Normal speed
    Winglips            1000  Faster speed
    Smokin' Sneakers    1500  Fastest speed
    :          [0608] Bin                                                          :
    As the name suggested, this is where all the unwanted cakes go.  If the display
    case and all the tables are full, and the cake is unwanted, the bin is the only
    place it can go.  Throwing things out (and all unsold cakes) will be deducted
    from the profit at the end of the stage.
    The bin is located below the microwave.
    :          [0700] QUOTA                                                        :
    Each month contains a quota that must be met in order to pass.  If the quota is
    not met at the end of the stage, Jill will lose one life.  It's game over if
    four lives are lost.  The following displays the level and the quota needed in
    the main story.
             Year 1     Year 2     Year 3      Year 4
             Bakery     Beach      Circus      Casino
     Month  Quota ($)  Quota ($)  Quota ($)   Quota ($)
    ------- ---------  ---------  ---------  ---------
      Jan     200         400       500         600
      Feb     250         500       600         700
      Mar     300         600       700         800
      Apr     400         700       800         900
      May     500         800       900        1000
      Jun     600        1000       950        1050
      Jul     700        1000      1000        1100
      Aug     800         950      1050        1200
      Sep     850         950      1100        1250
      Oct     900        1000      1200        1700
      Nov    1000        1000      1250        1900
      Dec    1300        1000      1300        1900
    :          [0800] TIPS                                                         :
    - Always pick up the cake before setting the oven for the next one.
    - If the customer does not ask for decoration, use the leftmost frosting
      machine if possible.  It is quicker to give the finished cake to the customer.
    - If the customer asks for decoration, use the rightmost frosting machine.  It
      is the closest to the decoration machine.
    - For maximum tips, keep the customer happy at five hearts.  Give cupcakes to
      the customer before giving him the cake.
    - Remember to turn on the TV once in a while.  It turns off by itself after a
    - Only manage three customers at once.  Don't hand out the menu to the fourth
      customer until one of the other three cakes are almost complete.  But watch
      out for the hearts.
    - Good way to manage customer is to use the left set of oven / frosting machine
      for the first customer in line, the middle set for the second customer and
      the right set for the third customer.  That way, you will know which customer
      you are serving.
    - Giving out menu will increase one heart.  So you can ignore someone with five
      hearts for a while before handing him the menu.
    :         [0900] FAQ                                                           :
    Q1: Help! I didn't make a mistake, but I still can't meet the quota.
    A1: Make sure the customers are happy (at least 3 hearts) when they receive the
        cake.  You can do that by turning on the TV to the channel they like, or
        give them cupcakes.  They will give out more tips.
    :         [1000] EMAIL - DO'S AND DON'TS                                       :
    DO contact me if you:
    + think I am not making things clear enough.
    + found an error in this guide.
    + have information regarding anything not covered in this guide.
    + have any suggestions on how to improve this guide.
    + want to congratulate me on a job well done.
    + want to hire me as a technical writer.  ^_^.
    DON'T contact me for the followings:
    - ask anything that is already covered in this guide.  Your email shall be
      totally disregarded.
    - junk mail, forward mail, chain mail, any mail about extending my body part,
      buying a Rolex, or claiming lottery wins, etc.  I shall ask Jill to throw
      you into the oven and turn it on to full power.
    - Basically don't contact me for anything that does not relate to this game.
    When sending email,
    * write in proper English in order to receive a proper response.  Can't help
      you if I don't understand your request.
    * put "Cake Mania" (or something similar) in the subject line. I do receive
      crap load of junk mail, and will delete anything that remotely looks like
      spam.  If you don't do that, I may delete your mail by accident.
    * when contributing, state whether you want to have your email address
      published.  Default is opt-in (i.e. I will publish your email address unless
      you told me otherwise).
    * either to me or one of the contributors, just replace the [#at#] with the "@"
      symbol, and [#dot#] with "." (without quotes).  This is to avoid junk mail.
      I know, it's annoying, blame all those who spam.
    Now, here is the email address you have all been waiting for:
    :         [1100] ODDS AND ENDS                                                 :
    While I have made it my destiny to ensure the integrity and accuracy of this
    guide, I cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy and usefulness of any and
    all information presented in this guide.  Use them at your own risk.
    If you have spotted any mistakes, language-wise and/or information-wise, I can
    be contacted at the email address list above.  Please follow the email
    guideline mentioned above.
    If you have any suggestions on what I should put in, leave out, etc.  Please
    contact me.  I will consider all suggestions.  Of course, I have the final say.
    No cake fights were initiated during the making of this guide.
    :          [1200] CREDITS                                                      :
    Thanks to:
    - Majesco, for the game
    - Carol, for providing info on TV.
    - All the sites that host my guide
    - You, the reader for downloading and reading this guide
    Hope you have enjoyed this guide.  That's it for now, boys and girls.  Until
    next time, you are reading yet another Chocobahn production.
    ~ Chocobahn ~
    For my game reviews and other FAQs, visit:
    ==========[ ***** END OF DOCUMENT ***** ]=======================================

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