Where can I find rare metal?

  1. What week and days are good to get some? i need some to get the ultimate difficulty. and where do i buy the bigger-than-four chain at?

    User Info: leonheartstyle8

    leonheartstyle8 - 8 years ago


  1. I think the best way is to battle Alterna Wolf (the yellow) on week 2 day 5, they give you Rare Metal on Hard Mode.

    You buy it at Shibu-Q Heads for 1x Scarletite; 3x Rare Metal and 1x Tektite.

    User Info: Frozeneye23

    Frozeneye23 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. (3.e) Rare Metal
    Noise:Brassbanfrog (No. 4)
    Story:Another Day
    Location:Station Underpass (Area Right Before Shibuya River)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Default Drop:30%

    Analysis:They consistently show up in the Small Red Noise. Always comes up in groups of 4 and
    has a rather high drop rate. Should be able to consistently farm 4 rare metals per battle.
    On a side note, you'll sometimes run into Funkfrogs (No. 3) but the chances are pretty rare.

    Hmm my info might be outdated, but you always seems to get 4 from this battle. Plus the frogs are easy to take down.

    (2.b) Chain 16 (Recommended)
    Location:Real Life Solutions (Shibu-Q Heads 2F)
    Requirements:Scarletite x1, Rare Metal x3, Tekite x1

    If you need any other drop information you can look here:

    Once again it might be outdated, and if so I apologize. Hopefully that helps

    User Info: soniccloud

    soniccloud - 8 years ago 0 1
  3. noise Big bang frog
    # noise 2
    diffuculty hard
    percent 6.00% at level 1
    I would recommend chaining and go for the small noise. This should be the fastest way because they are easy to beat and find

    User Info: Ignis3142

    Ignis3142 - 8 years ago 0 1
  4. All you need is "Hard" difficulty level. Then, take a look at your noise report and see what ind of noises dropped a Rare Metal on Hard level

    User Info: 13450_00

    13450_00 - 6 years ago 0 0
  5. If you haven't got hard difficulty, aim for those birds. Every one of them drops Rare Metal on said difficulty. If you've beaten the game already, aim for Noise Nr. 02 on Hard difficulty. If you set your level at about the same level you defeated them back then you should practically get them by simply passing by if you catch my drift.

    User Info: Keyblader1412

    Keyblader1412 - 8 months ago 0 0
  6. I don't know why most people are suggesting to play on Hard. When I went through Week 3 on my Easy playthrough, I started practically swimming in Rare Metal. The first few days of Week 3 on Easy are the best (since that's when the Orchefrogs show up the most), but any day will work, since a bunch of enemies drop Rare Metal on Easy during Week 3. Brassbanfrogs from Another Day work, too, I guess (due to the higher drop rate), but they're more annoying to fight, due to them absorbing projectiles. Just drop your level by 3 (to make your drop rate = 4), then keep chaining 4 fights at a time during Week 3, and you'll be swimming in Rare Metal, too.

    As for the Chain 16 sticker, it's in the same Shibu-Q shopping center as the Ultimate Difficulty sticker, but on the 2nd floor instead of the 3rd floor.

    User Info: CaRmAgE

    CaRmAgE - 5 months ago 0 0

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