Need help with unlocking world ends with you pins?

  1. ok so in the game the world ends with you the player is allowed to have a total of 6 pins to use at once, but so far i've only unlocked the first four slots. How do I open the last two? please help.

    User Info: DeathReaperZero

    DeathReaperZero - 8 years ago

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  1. Buy them. First Slot at Shibukyu Main Store, Dragon Couture, for 2 scarletites and 2 rare metals.
    The second is at 104, Edoga the Shop, for 2 scarletites, 4 rare metals, and 1 tektite.

    You don't have to finish the game to get the last slots. Just have the scarletites (well, and the other items), you get 1 each day you complete, and after the game you only can get them at Shibu-Q-Heads 1. You need 5 tektite, 2 orichalcum (buy them at the same place 3 floor for 3 adamantites) and 1 Dark Matter. Get them form Reaper Beat Ultimate (Shiki day 4 at 104, blue noise Reaper Symbol), Sho Minamimoto Taboo Hard (Joshua day 2 Tipsy Tose Hall, blue noise Reaper Symbol) or trade 10 shadow matters (taboo noise Ultimate) at the same place, Shibu-Q-Heads 1.

    If you need more info, well, look at a noise guide for the items left, you have all the other info here.

    User Info: RiderOfPhoenix

    RiderOfPhoenix (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. You have to buy them.
    One purchasable slot is in Shibukyu Main Store.2 scarletites,4 rare metals, and 1 tektite.
    The other is at 104. 2 scarletites, 2 rare metals.

    P.S. You need to finish the game if you want the last slots.

    User Info: xXBlueFireXx

    xXBlueFireXx - 8 years ago 0 2

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