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    Pin Evolution Guide by DizzyBum

    Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 02/20/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               The World Ends With You
                                 Pin Evolution Guide                  Version 1.1.0
    by David Zielinski aka "DizzyBum"                 dizzybum [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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     Introduction                [1INT]
     What is pin evolution?      [2WHA]
     How do I evolve my pins?    [3EVO]
     Three types of PP           [4THR]
     Maximizing PP earnings      [5MAX]
     Additional tips and tricks  [6TIP]
     Pin evolution lists         [7LIS]
     Credits / Sources           [8CRE]
     Disclaimer / Legal Stuff    [9DIS]
     Version Info                [0VER]
    INTRODUCTION                                                             [1INT]
    This guide is intended to be an in-depth explanation of pin evolution and a
    quick reference guide for evolvable pins. Topics include the mechanics of pin 
    evolution, the different types of Pin Points (PP), strategies and suggestions 
    for maximizing PP gain, and full pin evolution lists. This guide already 
    assumes that you have prior knowledge of the gameplay and mechanics of The 
    World Ends With You; this is not a How to Play FAQ and I won't be going over 
    all of the controls. This is also not a comprehensive pin guide, only one for 
    pin evolution, and as such will only cover pins that are in an evolutionary 
    Use this guide to help you fill your pin collection as quickly as possible!
    WHAT IS PIN EVOLUTION?                                                   [2WHA]
    All pins collect PP and increase in level until they max out and are considered
    "mastered". Certain pins, when mastered, will morph into entirely new pins if
    the conditions are correct.
    HOW DO I EVOLVE MY PINS?                                                 [3EVO]
    Good question! Here's what you need to do.
    1) See if your pin will evolve at all.
     To see if a pin can evolve, open up the Pins menu and touch the pin you want 
     to check. Then touch the "Info2" tab at the top of the touch screen. You'll 
     see one of the following in the pin's data:
       - "This pin will not evolve."
       - "Looks like this pin could evolve!"
     Obviously, this tells you whether or not the pin can evolve.
    2) Make sure your pin isn't mastered.
     If your pin has already been mastered (its PP and level have maxed out), and
     the pin hasn't evolved by now, you're out of luck. You'll have to obtain a 
     fresh copy of that pin and try again.
    3) Equip the pin.
     Drag the pin from your Stockpile to your Pin Deck. But you knew that, right?
    4) Build up PP on the pin, making sure that the correct PP type is dominant, 
    and max out the pin's level.
     Once the pin is mastered, it will evolve if you have enough of the right type
     of PP on the pin. I'll explain that in the next section.
    THREE TYPES OF PP                                                        [4THR]
    There are three types of PP: Battle, Mingle, and Shutdown.
    To see your pin's PP progress, open up the Pin menu and take a look at the
    pin's data. You'll see a long bar next to the pin's current Level/PP info.
    We'll call this the PROGRESS BAR. New pins will have an empty black bar, and 
    pins with PP on them will show some colored bars. There are three colors for
    the three types of PP.
    The DOMINANT PP TYPE is the type that takes up 50% or more of the progress bar.
    If no type takes up at least 50%, then there is no dominant type and the pin 
    will not evolve when mastered.
    Here's a rundown of the three types of PP you can earn:
     *Battle PP* (BPP) - [BLUE in progress bar]
       - Fight and defeat the Noise in battles to earn Battle PP.
     *Mingle PP* (MPP) - [RED in progress bar]
       - Connect to other TWEWY players and wireless Nintendo DS games and apps.
       You receive Mingle PP for every connection you make.
       - Play your friends in Tin Pin Slammer to receive Mingle PP, too.
     *Shutdown PP* (SDPP) - [GREEN in progress bar]
       - Power down your DS and leave the game turned off. You'll earn Shutdown PP
       based on how long you haven't played.
    It's not quite as straightforward as you may expect. There's one big snag you
    need to be aware of, and it's important to know. Here it is:
     *** The game actually magnifies the values for Mingle PP and Shutdown PP in 
      the progress bar. Every point of MPP or SDPP counts for 9 times as much when 
      the game determines the dominant PP type. ***
    EXAMPLE 1:  Let's say you have a pin you want to evolve. Its dominant type must
    be Shutdown PP. The pin needs 500 PP to master. You level up the pin. Now it's 
    maxed out, and the pin has 100 SDPP and 400 BP on it. SDPP is nine times as
    valuable in the Progress Bar. This means the "effective" values are 900 SDPP 
    and 400 BP. SDPP is clearly the dominant PP type, and so the pin evolves.
    EXAMPLE 2:  Here's a visual example. I just earned a small amount of MPP on a 
    pin. The progress bar looks like this at the moment:
    [MMMMMM                                   ]
    Then I go into battle and earn BPP until I nearly master the pin. Here's what
    the bar looks like now:
    See how the MPP section of the bar grew larger even though I didn't earn any 
    additional MPP? That's because the bar shows PP dominance, NOT the hard value 
    of all the PP you earned. It's taking the 9:1 ratio into account. This means
    in a few more battles, the dominant type will still be MPP after it's maxed.
    Still confused? Try it yourself. Get some MPP or SDPP, look at the progress
    bar, then take the pin into battle a few times and watch that part of the
    progress bar grow on its own.
    MAXIMIZING PP EARNINGS                                                   [5MAX]
    In this section, I'll show you some effective ways to get the most PP for each
    of the three different types.
    ==== Battle PP ================================================================
    "That's how it's done."
    All Noise have a base PP amount you earn when you defeat them. This amount is
    boosted at the battle results screen and can help you quickly evolve many pins.
    To get more PP from battles, you need to focus on the battle results screen.
    When you win a battle, you'll see several categories that determine your rank
    and the amount of PP you ultimately receive from battle. Here are the
    categories and the multiplier bonuses they provide:
     * Rounds
        - The number of battles (called "reductions" in-game) you fight in a chain.
        - Starts at 1.0x and increases by 0.1x for each reduction in the chain.
     * Time
        - The amount of time it takes you to finish your battle(s).
        - Ranges from 0.8x to 1.5x depending on your rank.
     * Damage
        - How much damage Neku and his partner receive during the battle(s).
        - Ranges from 0.8x to 1.5x depending on your rank.
     * Special
        - How many special bonuses you receive during the battle(s).
        - Starts at 1.0x, and increases by 0.1x for each bonus you receive.
        - The special bonuses you can receive are:
           * No damage taken
           * No pins dropped
           * No auto-play used
           * Top screen-only win
           * Bottom screen-only win
           * 10 consecutive hits
           * 30 consecutive hits
           * 50 consecutive hits
           * 100 consecutive hits
           * 200 consecutive hits
           * 500 consecutive hits
           * 1000 consecutive hits
           * 10-pass puck rally
           * 30-pass puck rally
           * 50-pass puck rally
           * 100-pass puck rally
           * 200-pass puck rally
    Time/Damage/Special are always 1.0x on Easy mode; you need to fight on Normal
    or higher to actually get any PP bonuses in those categories.
    Early on in the game, you will receive the Chain 4 sticker, which allows you to
    chain battles together to increase your drop rate and grant a PP bonus at the
    end of the fight. After you finish the game, you can also find and purchase the
    Chain 16 sticker. It's hard to find screens where you can get anything higher
    than Chain 10, but with a powerful setup you will be earning thousands of BPP
    in no time at all.
    Finally, fighting on higher difficulties will increase the base BPP earned from
    battles. Find the right balance of difficulty for your skill level. Long chains
    on Ultimate won't mean anything if you keep losing...
    ==== Mingle PP ================================================================
    "Now mingling! Feel free to close your DS if you want. The party will go on
    without you."
    You receive Mingle PP (MPP) by using Mingle Mode in the Phone menu. To receive
    MPP, connect to other TWEWY players and Nintendo DS titles using the wireless
    capabilities of your DS. You can save your game and stop mingling at any time.
    All MPP you acquired is then applied to the pins in your active deck.
    If you turn off your DS or the battery dies before saving the game, you will
    lose any MPP you accumulated, so be careful.
    There are three types of encounters you can have while mingling:
     * ESP'ers (50 MPP)
        - These are TWEWY players in Mingle Mode.
        - You will share your friend data and shop data with other TWEWY players.
          Your shop will contain all of the pins in your active deck, as well as 
          the clothing worn on all your characters. You can change the shopkeeper
          and background with the wrench icon in "Friends" in your phone menu.
        - Certain pins and clothing items can't be sold in your shop.
        - You can apply an "avatar" icon in Mingle Mode, which will be shown to 
          players that receive your Mingle data and then check it under Friends.
          Select it at the "Review your data" screen before you start mingling.
     * Civvies (20 MPP)
        - Nintendo DS titles in wireless mode.
        - The wireless device needs to be broadcasting data, not waiting to receive
          data from another source.
        - Examples of things that work:
           * Tin Pin Slammer players count as Civvies.
           * Pictochat from the main DS menu.
           * Nintendo Wii's "Nintendo Channel" DS demo broadcasts.
           * WiiWare's "My Pokemon Ranch" DS-Wii connection utility.
        - Example of things that DON'T work:
           * DS Download from the main DS menu.
           * Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's wireless-scanning tool (a "Poketch app").
     * Aliens (100 MPP)
        - Random encounters.
        - Contrary to popular belief, aliens are not triggered by any outside
          sources; they're completely random encounters and are designed to allow
          players with no other wireless sources to acquire MPP.
        - Seems to appear once an hour on average. I've had times where I get one
          in 3 hours, and then I'll get two within 30 minutes.
    Also of note are the special options you can set while mingling:
     * "End communications when power light is red"
       - If you set this to ON, your game will stop mingling if your DS battery
       starts running low. You may want to turn this on if you're going to leave 
       the DS on for a very long time or you haven't charged it lately.
       - Your game will NOT be automatically saved if this kicks in. You need to
       open the DS and save the game or you will risk losing the MPP you earned.
     * "Maximum number of times to mingle"
       - You can adjust the number of times you want your game to mingle (from 1 to
       10) before automatically ending communications. By default, you can mingle
       up to 10 times in one session. Every ESPer/Civvie/Alien you run into counts
       as one encounter.
       - This can help save on battery life if you're only trying to receive a few
    To maximize the amount of MPP you earn, you can try a few tricks.
     - "Civvies" data isn't saved in the game. This means you can connect to 
       civvies, stop mingling, collect the MPP, and rinse and repeat.
     - If you have a second DS handy, turn it on and load up Pictochat.
     - If you have a Nintendo Wii as well, go download the free Nintendo Channel
       from the Wii Shop Channel. This channel distributes downloadable DS game
       demos. Broadcasting a game demo from your Wii counts as civvies.
     - If you don't care what you're putting on a pin, Mingle Mode is the best way 
       to get raw PP when you're really lazy. Just plug your DS into the wall and 
       start mingling before you go to bed. You'll often earn far more MPP than you
       would using Shutdown mode, thanks to random alien encounters.
     - Conventions are great places to mingle. See if there's an anime, manga,
       comic, or video game convention taking place near you. I attended Otakon
       2008 with a few friends and our games were practically overflowing from the
       amount of MPP we received.
    Finally, you can receive MPP by playing Tin Pin Slammer in wireless mode with 
    your friends.
     - Knocking someone's pin off the board earns that pin 2 MPP.
     - Successfully hitting another pin with a stinger earns it 1 MPP.
     - If you lose all your pins before time runs out, you lose all your MPP!
    You'll earn MPP bonuses based on how well you perform, too. But remember - you
    need to actually quit Tin Pin Slammer and save your game to register the MPP
    you earn in matches. Don't just turn off your DS when you're done.
    ==== Shutdown PP ==============================================================
    "You receive Shutdown PP for the amount of time you haven't played the game."
    That's really all there is to it. Save and turn off your game. The longer you
    go without playing, the more Shutdown PP (SDPP) you earn.
    You will accumulate fewer SDPP for each consecutive day you don't play, up to a 
    max of seven days. After seven days, you won't receive any SDPP until you turn 
    on the game again. Here's a breakdown of how quickly you generate SDPP:
     Day 1    - 1 SDPP per 10 minutes (144 SDPP total)
     Day 2    - 1 SDPP per 20 minutes (72 SDPP total)
     Day 3    - 1 SDPP per 40 minutes (36 SDPP total)
     Day 4    - 1 SDPP per 80 minutes (18 SDPP total)
     Days 5-7 - 1 SDPP per 160 minutes (9 SDPP total)
    This means that you can earn up to 297 SDPP if you don't play the game for over
    a week. 
    In order to maximize SDPP earnings, don't leave the game turned off for more 
    than 24 hours. It doesn't take more than a minute to turn on your game, collect
    your SDPP, and save it again. You MUST turn the game on every day if you want 
    to keep earning SDPP at the fastest rate.
    ==== General Tips =============================================================
    Neku starts with 2 pin slots available; you can increase this to 6. Keep an eye
    out for the Pin Slot upgrades! They are available from the indicated chapter
    onwards and can't be permanently missed. Here's where you get them:
     #3) Shiki's chapter, Day 2
        - Obtained after beating the Yellow Noise around the Hachiko statue.
     #4) Shiki's chapter, Day 4
        - Obtained after clearing the Scramble Crossing wall.
        - Cost: 2x 1000 Yen Pin
     #5) Joshua's chapter, Day 3
        - Purchase from Dragon Couture in Shibukyu Main Store.
        - Cost: 2x Scarletite, 2x Rare Metal
     #6) Joshua's chapter, Day 5
        - Purchase from Edoga the Shop in 104 Building.
        - Cost: 2x Scarletite, 4x Rare Metal, 1x Tektite
    The Chain 4 sticker is found early in the game during normal events. It's
    impossible to miss and is required to complete the game.
    The Chain 16 sticker can be found in Real Life Solutions 2F in Shibu-Q Heads,
    only after you've completed the game and unlocked Chapter Select.
     - Cost: 1x Scarletite, 3x Rare Metal, 1x Tektite
    Use your pin decks to sort out pins that evolve based on different PP types.
    I like to put my current battle deck on Deck 1, Mingle pins on Deck 2, 
    Shutdown pins on Deck 3, and leave Deck 4 empty for Tin Pin and other events.
    You can use the 9:1 ratio for SDPP and MPP to your advantage. This allows you
    to build up a relatively small amount of MPP/SDPP on a pin, then just take it
    into battle to finish mastering and evolving it. You don't have to be a math
    whiz for this one; just look at the pin's progress bar. Once the bar is filled 
    to the right point with the right PP (say, about 20% of the bar), take it into
    battle with you.
    ==== Summary (aka tl;dr) ======================================================
     - Get Neku's 4 Extra Slot upgrades.
     - Use your Pin Decks to sort out Mingle pins and Shutdown pins.
     - When evolving Battle pins, it's best to stick with BPP. Don't put MPP/SDPP
       on these pins, because the 9:1 ratio will quickly outweigh the BPP and ruin
       the pin's growth.
     - Conversely, you can use the 9:1 ratio to quickly evolve Shutdown or Mingle 
       pins. As long as you don't earn too much BPP, the pin will still evolve.
     - Play on Normal or higher to earn PP bonuses.
     - Play on the highest difficulty you can to earn more PP.
     - Chain your battles, turn off auto-play, don't take any damage, pass the
       puck, juggle your enemies... Do anything you can to earn bonuses.
     - After finishing the main story, purchase the Chain 16 sticker to increase
       the potential multiplier on the Rounds bonus.
     - Find a spare Nintendo DS or use a Wii's Nintendo Channel to accumulate MPP.
     - Leave Mingle Mode on for a while to pick up a few aliens.
     - Attend an anime convention. Seriously.
     - Don't leave your DS off for more than 24 hours or you'll get diminishing
    ADDITIONAL TIPS AND TRICKS                                               [6TIP]
    Money Pins
    After certain points in the game, shops will actually allow you to purchase
    money pins. Unlike money pins you get from Noise which are already mastered,
    these can be evolved into different money pins! If you manage your pins the
    right way, you can turn a few spare Rare Metals into a ton of extra yen.
    Follow these rules to maximize money earned from evolving money pins:
      - If you have a 1 Yen pin, evolve it to 5 Yen with SDPP.
      - If you have a 10/100/1000 Yen pin, evolve it with BPP until it turns into 
        a 1 Yen pin. Then you can evolve it to 5 Yen with SDPP. 
      - If you have a 5/50/500/5000 Yen pin, evolve it with BPP until it turns into
        a 10000 Yen pin, then sell it.
    Basically, if it has a 5 in it, battle with it and it'll eventually turn into
    a 10,000 Yen pin.
    Easy Shutdown PP
    Shutdown PP accumulates by comparing the time your game was saved to the DS's
    internal clock. However, the game doesn't detect whether or not you changed the
    DS clock at any point, so you can use that to your advantage to rack up tons of
    free Shutdown PP.
      - Set some pins you want to evolve into your deck, and save your game.
      - Restart your DS and change the clock via the system menu. Set it as far
      ahead as you like; 7 days or more is ideal.
      - Restart the DS when prompted.
      - Start up TWEWY and start your game.
      - Watch the SDPP roll in!
    You won't be penalized for turning the clock back, so don't worry about losing
    PP or anything of the sort.
    PIN EVOLUTION LISTS                                                      [7LIS]
    007 Sexy +                        ---> 008 Sexy B
    012 Happy Beam                    ---> 013 Natural Magnum
    016 One Love Magnum               ---> 017 Hounder Magnum
    017 Hounder Magnum                ---> 018 Bear Hug Magnum
    022 Cutie Beam                    ---> 023 Lovely Beam
    025 Superfine Beam                ---> 028 Innocence Beam
    036 Blink Step                    ---> 037 First Gear
    066 Aqua Ghost                    ---> 067 Aqua Demon
    087 Ichimonji                     ---> 088 Nikkari
    090 Shiro                         ---> 097 Zantetsu
    105 Long Live the Ice             ---> 106 Long Live the Floe
    109 Hot Gaze                      ---> 110 Sizzling Gaze
    113 Wassup Thunder!               ---> 114 Wassup Lightning!
    131 Croc Leisure                  ---> 132 Monkey Leisure
    144 Lightning Anger               ---> 145 Lightning Rage
    147 Peace Full                    ---> 148 Thanx
    163 Black Sky, White Bolt         ---> 164 Follow Suit, Fall in Turn
    171 Link Spider                   ---> 172 Web Spider
    172 Web Spider                    ---> 173 Network Spider
    176 Leopard                       ---> 177 Lolita Skull
    180 Thunder Pawn                  ---> 181 Lightning Pawn
    185 King Arthur                   ---> 186 Excalibur
    189 Jack's Knight                 ---> 190 King's Knight
    195 Flower of Flame               ---> 196 Flower of Fire
    197 Kewl Line                     ---> 199 Wild Line
    200 Fly Line                      ---> 201 Fresh Line
    202 Microcosmic Pull              ---> 203 Cosmic Pull
    203 Cosmic Pull                   ---> 204 Macrocosmic Pull
    222 One Jump from Eden            ---> 223 One Skip from Eden
    223 One Skip from Eden            ---> 224 One Hop from Eden
    224 One Hop from Eden             ---> 225 One Step from Eden
    225 One Step from Eden            ---> 226 Eden's Door
    226 Eden's Door                   ---> 222 One Jump from Eden
    247 5 Yen                         ---> 249 50 Yen
    248 10 Yen                        ---> 250 100 Yen
    249 50 Yen                        ---> 251 500 Yen
    250 100 Yen                       ---> 252 1000 Yen
    251 500 Yen                       ---> 253 5000 Yen
    252 1000 Yen                      ---> 246 1 Yen
    253 5000 Yen                      ---> 254 10000 Yen
    003 Frozen Cool                   ---> 004 Blizzard Cool
    012 Happy Beam                    ---> 015 Beauty Launcher
    013 Natural Magnum                ---> 014 Wonder Magnum
    016 One Love Magnum               ---> 019 Sparkle Beam
    017 Hounder Magnum                ---> 020 Lil' Terror Bazooka
    023 Lovely Beam                   ---> 025 Superfine Beam
    031 Love Me Tether                ---> 033 Sweet Talk Tether
    036 Blink Step                    ---> 037 Top Gear
    040 Meteor Magnet                 ---> 041 Meteor Hook
    041 Meteor Hook                   ---> 042 Meteor Spike
    048 Poison Skull                  ---> 051 Rapier Glance
    062 Burning Cherry                ---> 064 Burning Berry
    081 Masamune                      ---> 083 Nenekiri
    087 Ichimonji                     ---> 089 Mikazuki
    093 Murasame                      ---> 094 Rakuyo
    094 Rakuyo                        ---> 095 Kusanagi
    107 Eyes Full of Hope             ---> 108 Eyes Full of Light
    114 Wassup Lightning!             ---> 115 Wassup Voltage!
    118 Octo Squeeze                  ---> 120 Vacu Squeeze
    119 Snail Squeeze                 ---> 121 Gimmie Dat Sheep
    121 Gimmie Dat Sheep              ---> 123 Gimme Dat Hippo
    131 Croc Leisure                  ---> 133 Bear Leisure
    139 Velocity Attack               ---> 140 Velocity Tackle
    142 Go 2 Hell                     ---> 143 Go 2 Heaven
    151 One Stone, Many Birds         ---> 153 One Grain, Infinite Promise
    155 Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire   ---> 157 Final Pyre, All Expired
    159 Live Slow, Die Fast           ---> 161 June Hearth, January Fan
    162 Swift Storm, Swift End        ---> 163 Black Sky, White Bolt
    246 1 Yen                         ---> 248 10 Yen
    001 Ice Blow                      ---> 002 Ice Risers
    013 Natural Magnum                ---> 017 Hounder Magnum
    018 Bear Hug Magnum               ---> 021 Angel Magnum
    023 Lovely Beam                   ---> 024 Sexy Beam
    024 Sexy Beam                     ---> 027 Purity Launcher
    031 Love Me Tether                ---> 032 Pamper Me Tether
    047 Poison Scorpion               ---> 058 Chaos
    053 Guardian Angel                ---> 054 Archangel
    062 Burning Cherry                ---> 063 Burning Melon
    081 Masamune                      ---> 082 Onikiri
    082 Onikiri                       ---> 084 Kanesada
    083 Nenekiri                      ---> 085 Enju
    085 Enju                          ---> 086 Yoshimitsu
    091 Unjo                          ---> 092 Izanagi
    106 Long Live the Floe            ---> 111 Cold Stare
    111 Cold Stare                    ---> 112 Icy Stare
    118 Octo Squeeze                  ---> 119 Snail Squeeze
    120 Vacu Squeeze                  ---> 121 Gimmie Dat Sheep
    121 Gimmie Dat Sheep              ---> 122 Gimme Dat Elephant
    124 Crackle Pop Barrier           ---> 125 Splish Splash Barrier
    128 Healing Bunny                 ---> 130 Healing Whale
    133 Bear Leisure                  ---> 134 Squirrel Leisure
    151 One Stone, Many Birds         ---> 152 One Stroke, Vast Wealth
    155 Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire   ---> 156 Flames Afar, Foes Aflame
    156 Flames Afar, Foes Aflame      ---> 158 Blue Blood Burns Blue
    159 Live Slow, Die Fast           ---> 160 Local Fire, Distant Sea
    166 Lolita Bat                    ---> 167 Skull Rabbit
    169 Lolita Emblem                 ---> 170 Lolita Chopper
    183 Swing Bishop                  ---> 184 Pegaso Bishop
    187 Thunder Rook                  ---> 188 Lightning Rook
    189 Jack's Knight                 ---> 191 Queen's Knight
    197 Kewl Line                     ---> 198 Dope Line
    246 1 Yen                         ---> 247 5 Yen
    CREDITS / SOURCES                                                        [8CRE]
    The World Ends With You Wiki (http://twewy.wikia.com)
     - Pretty much the best online source for TWEWY info that isn't in FAQ format.
    DISCLAIMER / LEGAL STUFF                                                 [9DIS]
    Copyright 2008 David Zielinski.
    This guide is only available for hosting on the following domains:
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    and/or private use. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly. Use of this guide on any other web site, or as a part of 
    any public display without providing proper credit, is strictly prohibited and
    is a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    VERSION INFO                                                             [0VER]
    Feb 12, 2009 - 1.1.0
     * Added "Easy Shutdown PP" to Additional Tips and Tricks. Thanks to everyone
     that e-mailed me about it; it totally slipped my mind.
     - Updated Mingle PP explanation: Tin Pin Slammer players count as Civvies
     while you're mingling. 
     - Updated Mingling with ESP'ers: Some pins and threads can't be sold in your
     friend shop.
     - Fixed minor typos.
    Sep 10, 2008 - 1.0.0
    * Initial release. 
    Special note - I'll make sure to add proper credit for the new tips in the next
    update. Too tired to do it right now. Sorry about that.
    Have any comments or corrections? Want me to add something to the guide that I
    missed? E-mail me at the address provided at the beginning of this FAQ. Put 
    something relevant like "TWEWY FAQ" in the subject line so I don't ignore it!
              "Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon."

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