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"This isn't Sparta....This... is.... Megaman Starforce!"

The Megaman Battle Network series was an amazing series of Gameboy Advanced games. Now, Megaman Starforce has taken its place in this new generation of gaming. It has changed vastly in story, and game-play since Battle Network, but remember, this is Starforce, not Battle Network. Here is the scoop.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics in this game are mediocre for the DS, but they would've been good on the GBA. The games graphics are basically the exact same as Megaman Battle Network 6. On the other hand, graphics in battle are very good, maybe even some of the best of the DS. You get to see Megaman go up close and personal with special lock on attacks, and of course, those good old Giga chips. The animations on those attacks look pretty sweet. The graphics get 5/10, for not even bothering to implement the DS's power like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl did, but it gets boosted to an overall 9/10 due to the graphics in combat.

Game-play 9/10: This game has a totally new way of combat from the Battle Network series. First of all, its a third person perspective of behind the back, and you can only move left and right. This is different from the previous titles in which you look at Megaman's side and you can move from square to square. But to make up for this, you can use a shield to block attacks that you can't dodge, and you can use a new lock on feature that helps you get a good solid hit on your enemy. In the beginning, the lock on system may seem cheap, but bosses, and enemies later on can dodge your lock on attacks, and your shield only stays up for a few seconds. Basically, combat in this game is all about timing when it comes to the hard enemies.

Story 7/10: It's your basic Megaman storyline, you start off not knowing anybody, make new friends, they help you in your adventures to beat the bad guys, etc. etc. Nothing to in-depth and exciting.

Sound: 8/10: The sounds for all of the attacks are nice, but other than that, its just your regular Nintendo DS's sounds. The music is nice, but I didn't enjoy the evil bad guy music in this game as much as I did in Megaman Battle Network 6. Basically, nothing ground breaking, but like any other game, repetitive music will kill you.

Multi-player 9/10: This game has great multi-player, especially with its Wi-Fi capabilities. It is just so fun to meet people on-line through the message boards and play them to test your true abilities. Is your chip folder good enough and up for a challenge? This game also has a Brother Band system in which you can add friends, and even E-mail them! That is a nice edition. You can add them to trade Battle cards with you. Multi-player is truly a strong point in this game.

Buy this game. It is a solid title for the DS and it may take you a while to get used to the changes if your are a hardcore Battle Network fan. If you are new, this game is made just for people new to the series. This game to me, is like a second pokemon, you have free roam, and you can interact with many objects just to see their descriptions for fun. This game will keep you having fun on road trips any other boring things you have to go through.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/07

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