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    Walkthrough by Goldhorizon

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/14/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pony Friends DS by Nintendo
    AKA - Nintendo Ponies/Horses
    Written by Goldhorizon
    Version 1.02
    |    Table of Contents    |
    I - Introduction & Overview
        Real-life Quality
        Camera Views
      Buying a horse
        Choose from Breeds
        Photographing Wildlife Animals
        Collecting Coins
        Collecting Shells
        Finding Boxes
        Buying Horse Accessories
        Custom-made Horse Accessories
        Strengthening Horses
        Horse Races & Trails
        Caring for Horses in the Stable
        Caring for Horses in the Field
        Horse Trick Performances in the Field
        Trail Tasks
        Daily Chores
        Blue Boxes
        Collecting Sets
        Medal Goals
          For One Medal
          For All Four Medals
          Police Pony
          Show Jumping Championship
          Hollywood Pony
          Circus Pony
        Medal Goals
          For One Medal
          For All Four Medals
    II - Detailed Menus
      Start Menu
        Start Game
        Share Demo
      Main Menu
            Pony Stats
            Buy Pony
        Chore List
        Game Goals List
            Wildlife List
            Trails List
            Store List
              Pony Accessories
              Care Items
          Accessories List
            Item Sets
          Collections List
          Pony Care
          Move To Field
    III - Copyright & Legal
    |  I - Introduction & Overview  |
    This game is basically a Nintendogs style game but for horses.
    This title is misleading. This is not a little kid game. It has a lot of depth
    and you won’t finish the game quickly. At 270 hours logged, I still had four 
    more wildlife animals to find and lots more of the game goals to complete.
    It helps a lot to get the Luck Set accessories and put them on your horse
    to get the last wildlife animals and coins.
    There are really no ponies in this game either. You start by purchasing a 
    full grown horse that is ready to ride and then work on strengthening the
    horse for trail rides, photographing wildlife, and horse races. The horses 
    were done very well. There are a lot of nice looking horses to pick from and
    a lot to do with the horses throughout the whole game. 
    If you want to play only a little each day, then just get one horse. If you 
    want to play 1-3 hours a day then get 3 horses. You can adjust how long you
    play by how many trails and activities you do with your horse(s) each day.
    You could even play more than 3 hours per day if you do extra things with
    your 3 horses.
    The game plays very well in all aspects. I do wish you could get money when
    you retire a horse to a career. I would rate this game a solid 9.5 out of 10.
    You can choose what language to play this game. Languages include: English,
    French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and Norwegian.
    Graphics are good and very real-life. Trails include swamps, farms, mountains,
    trails by fields, and others. Use stylus to swing around for all camera views.
    Buying a horse
    You will start off by purchasing a horse. You begin with 230 coins. There are
    six horse breeds plus a custom design-your-own horse to choose from. Each
    breed of horse will present you with 3 horses to choose from. The 3 horses 
    will also change colors or markings so check back off and on to see “new”
    ones. The custom create-a-horse lets you choose all markings and body features
    from all the breeds. You can mix just about anything. After you name your
    horse he/she is put into the stable. 
    In this game you take care of up to three horses at a time and take them on
    trail rides to find wildlife animals, shells, and coins. There will also be
    a few randomly scattered blue boxes to find that have various items in them.
    To find a box, click on it with your stylus. When you see an animal, click on
    it with your stylus to take a picture of it. Some are out easy to see and some
    you won’t see but will be behind trees or other objects. Shells and coins will
    sometimes get stuck in their hoof for you to pick out and add to collections.
    You will also be collecting sets of horse equipment for your horse to wear
    such as saddles, blankets, bridles, and others. This game has a good assortment
    of accessories. Most of these you can buy at the store when they come available
    or if you are lucky you can find them in blue boxes on the trail. You can also
    design up to 3 custom designed blankets and 3 custom designed quartermarks.
    You will need to strengthen each horse you purchase (or design) to enable them 
    to open up more riding trails and be strong to win in the horse races. Most
    trails will require that you find small black gates while riding trails.
    Galloping your horse on trails will make it stronger faster but many animals
    that usually would be out will not appear.
    You will need to brush, wash, and maintain your horse’s hoofs. You will need to
    feed your horses their favorite food. If your horse gets sick, you will also 
    need to have items to cure the sickness. Care items, medicines, various food, 
    and wearable horse items are for sale at the store. Move your horse from the 
    field to the stable to wash/brush/do hoof. Move your horse to the field to 
    cure illnesses and feed them a treat. Horses will also perform tricks for you 
    while they are in the field if they are clean and not to tired.
    Earning money is a challenge. Each day one of the trails will have a star on 
    it (only one per day even if you own more than one horse). Take your horse on 
    this trail. You will be told what task needs to be done and what amount of 
    money you will receive. Each day you can also do three chores for a varying 
    amount of money. The blue boxes you see along trails may have a little money 
    in them. The best way to get money is to finish a set of wildlife and also 
    to finish collecting a set of coins and shells (you may get money or items).
    There is a trick to getting more money after you donate a horse. Do all your 
    chores and go back and get your payment for the day. If one of the chores was 
    a chore for the horse you are donating then donate the horse. Now a new chore 
    slot for each chore relating to the donated horse has opened up in the daily 
    chores because the horse is no longer in the game. Finish the new chores and 
    go back and receive more payment. You can repeat this again if you are donating
    another horse and have chores related to that horse.
    After you purchase (or design a custom horse), you may also donate that horse to
    the Pony Club (races) at any time. You will not have your horse again and you 
    will not get any money. This does open up a slot to purchase or design another 
    horse and helps complete your donate horse game goal. Four donated horses 
    will get you all four medals in this goal (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Bonus). You can
    not donate your horse if you only have one. The donated horse may or may not
    show up as one of the other horses on the race track when you race one of your
    other horses.
    Eventually, you will be able to retire your horse. You will need to have 
    obtained the complete Speed Set (to win all races), the complete Style Set (to
    get level five style rankings), and have level five fitness (by opening up all
    the trail rides with that horse). You will then be given the option of 
    retiring your horse into one of four careers. The careers are: Police Pony, 
    Show Jumping Championship Pony, Hollywood Pony, and Circus Pony. You won’t 
    see your horse again and you won’t receive any money. This does open up 
    another slot to purchase another horse and gains a medal in the retire horse 
    game goal. Four retired horses will get you all four medals in this goal.
    |    Detailed Menus       |
    Start Menu
    |Start Game:|
    You will see a scrolling view of a farm and afterwards a video of two horses
    running in a field. Clicking the Start Game will start the Pony Friends game 
    and take you to the Main Menu.
    |Share Demo:|
    Shares a demo to another player through download option. Choose a player to 
    receive the demo. It will download a pony you own that you choose to share 
    with them. They can pet and feed the pony on their game. If you don’t own a 
    pony to share then one will be provided for demo only. 
    II - Main Menu
    |  Home:  |
    Lists each pony owned and their stats:
      Top Screen (slider bars):
      Dirty Brush to Clean Brush: Clean Status
      Frown Face to Happy Face: Tired Status
      Broken Heart to Full Heart: Friendship level with owner
      Red X to Green +: Health Status
      Bottom Screen:
      Main Color
      Favorite Food
      Health tips
      Awards Level Earned (Fitness, Style, Speed)
      Donate Horse 
    Buy Pony:
      My Perfect Pony: Create a pony
      Connemara: Irish Breed
      Haflinger: Austrian Breed
      Mustang: American Breed
      Hokkaido: Japanese Breed
      Camargue: French Breed
      Fjord: Norwegian Breed 
      Note: Each breed has 3 ponies at a time that rotate with new
      markings - so check back off & on to see new ones. 
    Chore List
    List three daily chores 
       - usually feed, cure, exercise, visit store, etc
       - daily chores can only be done once per day 
         If you do chores after midnight then you can’t do them again
         that same day like at noon or 9pm.
    Do chores and come back here to receive payment.
    Game Goals
    All goals earn medals when completed: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Bonus.
    Play Length: Play length in hours (approx. 270 hrs gets the silver).
    Pony Collector: Own three ponies for each medal.
    Ponies Donated: Donate one pony for each medal.
    Ponies Retired: Retire one pony for each medal (may need to fill all 4 careers).
    Breed Collector: Own 2-3 ponies for each medal (had two breeds & one custom).
    Wildlife Explorer: All sets will get you all four medals.
    Objectives Completed: Trail riding tasks - need a whole lot of them!
    Washing Sessions: Washing your horse - need a whole lot of them!
    Grooming Sessions: Brushing your horse - easier but need a lot.
    Hoof Care Sessions: Brush & pick hoof - easier but need a lot.
    Super Shopper: Visiting Store - easier but need a lot.
    Shell Collector: Shells obtained counted by individual shell not sets.
    Coin Collector: Coins obtained counted by individual coin not sets.
    Accessory Collector: Collected by boxes or bought or given - individual.
    Stylist: Accessories collected by boxes or bought or given - by set.
    Pony Health: Length pony remained healthy - resets if pony gets botfly or flu.
    Pony Nurse: How many illnesses (botfly & flu) treated - all ponies.
    Pony Designer: How many custom ponies earned - one custom pony per medal.
    Pony Racer: Races won - one pony winning all set of 5 races per medal.
    Pony Rider: How often taken pony trail riding - easy to get if ride ponies
    Pony Explorer: Riding trails opened, 3 ponies opening all but 1 trail gets
       all 4 medals.
    Wildlife photos in the game and those on the game icons are hard to color
    match. Since the line sets are displayed on the top screen there is no
    way to click on them to read their names. Below is a decent attempt to 
    match the actual wildlife in the game with the exact location of the 
    same wildlife displayed in line set icons. I have used actual names &
    colors of the wildlife in the game over the colors in the icons. The birds
    were particularly hard so you may see some names missing and just the
    description of the display icon. If you see a name with info then it is
    accurate but I may have placed it at the end of that list with --- but
    am unsure of where it fits in the icon display. 
    Summary: All names and info relating to the name is correct but may not
    be in the same exact display line set order.
    Be assured that if you are looking for a specific wildlife animal that
    the name, location and all other info listed will be correct.
    Note that games may vary and the same animal will appear in more than one
    location. This info is listed as appeared in my particular game. I also 
    verified and compared wildlife randomness with others that were also 
    playing the game to be as accurate as possible. Remember that it is not
    possible to see all wildlife at the beginning of the game as they are
    unlocked as you progress through the game. Animals usually travel
    along designated paths and appear one place in the morning and another
    place later in the day or night. Some animals only appear at a certain
    time. Be patient and keep tapping all over as you ride. If the screen
    starts to zoom in then don’t move your stylus and you will usually get
    the picture but not always. Some animals are out in the open to see and
    some are hiding behind objects and will only be photographed by touching
    that object. If you see a tree shaking, wait till you get close and then
    touch it. It may be a bird or an insect. Click the animal fast. Use your
    camera angles all around. Birds can be high in the air or low on the 
    ground and can suddenly appear zooming beside you coming from the front
    or the back. Craning the view behind you on each side can get you some
    animals that sneak past and behind you but limits seeing an animal
    that may have passed you directly in front of you on the trail. Ride
    trails more than once a day because the trail resets every time you
    start riding it. Trails can also change due to the different horses
    and what accessories the horse is wearing. Small blue boxes can be
    anywhere - in the air, hidden in trees, tops of buildings, over edges.
    Good Luck and have fun!
    Morning: Midnight to 6am (sunrise/sunset icon)
    Day: 6am to 6pm (bright or cloudy sun icon)
    Night: 6pm to midnight (stars icon)
    Note: It will always look light outside while riding but may have mist at times.
    Total Wildlife Animals: 99
          First Line Set:
            Blue Morpho Butterfly - Sherman Lake - morning/day
            Dragonfly - solid green - Sherman’s Lake - morning/day
            Hawk (Hawkeye) Moth - brown/gray with colorful eye design - Appleton 
                - morning OR yellow/2 large black bottom spots Sunridge Peak- day
            Wasp - yellow with black stripes - common - Sherman Lake - morning/day
          Second Line Set:
            Firefly - cluster of glowing yellow dots - Midland Marsh - night
            Monarch Butterfly - orange/black design - sunflower fields - day
            Silk Butterfly - red/black & white design - Sherman’s Lake - morning
          Third Line Set:
            Red Periot Butterfly - Red/black design - White Bear River - day
            Jezebel Butterfly - yellow/lots of multiple colors - Tentridge Trail
                - morning
            Silk Moth - red/orange/white design - Meadowood Fields - night
      Water Animals:
          First Line Set:
            Mallard Duck - gray body/green head - Midland Marsh - day
            Duck - blue tipped wings
            Muschovy Duck - blue body/black tips & head - crane place - morning
            White duck - pure white
          Second Line Set:
            Colbalt Dart Frog - fluorescent blue/black dots - Tentridge Trail - day
            Bullfrog - solid green - common - Kauffman Port - morning/day
            Golden Frog - solid orange-yellow - Harrowfeld - morning/day
            Yellow Dart Frog - black/yellow stripes - Midland Marsh - night
          Third Line Set:
            Black Swan - black/red beak - Sherman Lake - water - day
            White swan - pure white
          Fourth Line Set:
            Blue Catfish - solid light blue - Midland Marsh/White Bear River - night
            Red-tail Catfish - green/red tail - Midland Marsh - morning/night
            Trout - brown - common - Seaspray Beach/Sherman’s Lake - morning
      Small Birds:
          First Line Set:
            Blue Jay - blue body/white design - McVeity’s Farm - day 
            House Finch - Brown/pink belly - Heathdale Acres - day
            Pigeon - coal blue/black design - common - Koffman Port on road 
                - morning/day
            Seagull - white body/black tip wings - common - Kauffman Port - morning
          Second Line Set:
            Cardinal - solid dark red - Meadowood Fields - morning/day
            Yellow bird/red head/gray collar
            House Sparrow - Brown bird/white belly - White Bear River - day/night
          Third Line Set:
            Golden Finch - solid yellow/black wings - Meadowoods - day
            Yellow body/blue head/black wings
            White Dove - solid white - Seaspray Beach/Sunridge Peak - morning
          Fourth Line Set:
            White body/green wings & tail
            White body & red breast/black wings, head, tail
            Woodpecker - blue/black - telephone poles - Heathdale Acres/Sunridge
                Peak - day
          ---Flycatcher - solid red with black wings - Harrowfeld - morning
          ---Tern - white with a lot of light blue - Foxtail Pines - morning
          ---Gouldian Finch - blue wings/yellow body/purple collar/black head
                 - Sandyford Valley - morning
          ---Fruit Dove - light green/pink collar - Harrowfeld - day
      Large Birds:
          First Line Set:
            Brown Owl - brown/white belly - McVeity’s Farm - night
            Crow - solid black - common - Meadowood Fields - morning/day
            Magpie - Black/white belly - Foxtail Pines - morning/day
            White bird - solid white 
          Second Line Set:
            Brown bird  - solid brown
            Sea Eagle - black/white belly - Seaspray Beach/Kaufmann Port - morning
            White owl - solid white - Sunridge Peak - night
          Third Line Set:
            Bald Eagle - solid brown/white head - Tentridge Trail (pillars)
            Golden Eagle - solid brown - Tentridge Trail (field tree) - day
                - also Heathdale - morning
            Petrel - solid black - Midland Marsh - day/night
      Small Animals:
          First Line Set:
            Chipmunk - brown/white & black stripe - Kauffman Port/Tentridge
                Trail - morning
            Gopher - solid gray or light brown - Foxtail Pines/Harrowfeld - morning
            Porcupine - spiky black/brown - Harrowfeld - morning
            Grey Squirrel - solid gray/white belly - Appleton/Kauffman Port
                - morning
          Second Line Set:
            Flying Squirrel - solid gray or light brown - Foxtail Pines - night
            Muskrat - solid black or brown - Midland Marsh on small land mounds 
                - morning/night
            Otter - solid light brown - White Bear River in waterwheel stream
                - morning/day
            Red Squirrel - solid red/white belly - Foxtail Pines - morning
          Third Line Set:
            Red Fox - red/white belly & tail tip - Fernhill, Foxtail Pines - night
            Mink - dark brown or black - Midland Marsh - night
            Stoat - solid white or light brown - Fernhill Forest bridge/water
                - morning/day
            Cyote - solid gray/light red - Tentridge Trail field/waterfall ledge 
                - night
          Forth Line Set:
            Big Eared Bat - solid black - Harrowfeld - night
            Red Bat - black/red design - McVeity’s Farm - night
            Skunk - black/white stripe - Fernhill Forest - morning
            White Winged Bat - solid white - Tentridge Trail - night
      Large Animals:
          First Line Set:
            Beaver - solid brown - White Bear River/waterwheel stream - day
            Fallow Deer - solid brown - Foxtail Pines - morning
            Mule Deer - solid gray - Tentridge Trail - night
            Raccoon - brown/stripped black tail - White Bear River - day
          Second Line Set:
            Coati - solid brown front body/gray but & tail - Meadowood Fields
                - morning
            Swift Fox - solid light gray/black tip tail - end of Sandyford Valley
                - left/Tentridge Trail - morning
            Moose - solid gray or brown - Appleton/Sherman’s Lake trees behind
                buildings - morning/day
            Oppossum - light grey/white face & belly - McVeity’s Farm - night
          Third Line Set:
            White Buffalo - solid white - White Bear River - left side trail
                - morning
            White Deer - solid white - Fernhill Forest - right side - morning
            Timber Wolf - solid gray - Fernhill Forest - night
            Wolverine - black or redish/white design - Tentridge Trail - morning
          Fourth Line Set:
            Grizzly Bear - solid dark brown - Foxtail Pines - morning
            Black Bear - solid black - Sherman’s Lake - morning
            Brown Bear - solid brown - Fernhill Forest - morning
            Buffalo - solid dark brown - purple basket place/immediate right
                - morning
          First Line Set:
            Rotweiller - black/red face & chest - Meadowoods Fields - night
            Beagle - Brown/white/red - Appleton/Seaspray Beach - morning/day
            Golden Retriever - solid light brown - Seaspray Beach/Appleton 
                - morning/day
            Spaniel - solid brown/red - Harrowfeld - morning
          Second Line Set:
            Black Cat - solid black or black with blue spots - common - Heathdale
                - morning/day
            Tortoise Shell Cat - Multicolor/white belly - Harrowfeld - day/night
            Tabby Cat - stripped yellow/brown - Fernhill Forest/Sandyford Valley 
                - morning/day
            White Cat - solid white - Appleton - day
          Third Line Set:
            Domestic Rabbit - white/black spots - Meadowoods Fields on left - day
            White Rabbit - solid white - common - Foxtail Pines - day
      Farm Animals:
          First Line Set:
            Black-faced Sheep - white/black face - McVeity’s Farm - day
            Black Goat - black/white designs - McVeity’s Farm - day
            Black Sheep - solid black - McVeity’s Farm - day (behind fences)
            White Sheep - solid white sheep - Harrowfeld - morning
          Second Line Set:
            Brown Goat - solid brown - McVeity’s Farm - night
            Fresian Cow - white/black spots - Meadowood Fields - morning/day
            White Goat - solid white - McVeity’s Farm - day
            Hereford Cow - dark brown/white face & belly - Harrowfeld 
                - morning/day
          Third Line Set:
            Angus Cow - solid black - Meadowood Fields - morning/day
            Jersey Cow - solid brown - McVeity’s Farm - day
            Mountain Goat - solid light brown - Sunridge Peak waterfall ledge 
                - morning
      Trails (15 Total):
      Every new horse will need to reopen up all trails for that horse.
      Top North Row - Left to Right:
        Sunridge Peak: 
          Large Waterfall Icon - Unlocked by fitness (last one to open)
                            No gates in Sunridge Peak.
                            Lots of cliffs & 2 waterfalls 
        Midland Marsh: 
          Water Lilies & Reeds Icon - Unlocked by fitness (first one to open)
                            No Gates in the Midland Marsh.
                            All water marshland/swamp with undulating trail.
        Pony Club:
          Large Club House Icon - Unlocked at start of game
                            No gates in Pony Club
                            Race ponies here:
                            Fernhill Autumn Cup
                            Harrowfeld Race Day
                            Reid Testimonial Cup
                            Farmer Giles Classic
                            Pony Friends Derby
        Fernhill Forest:
          Orange Tree Icon - Unlocked by at start of game
                           First Right Gate unlocks Foxtail Pines
                           Second Right Gate unlocks Sherman’s Lake
                           orange forest with far back path on each side/
                           bridge with triangle roof over stream - GATE right
                           knocked over ruins/yellow abandoned car-GATE right/
                           orange forest both sides  
          Large Townhouse Icon - Unlocked by Foxtail Pines
                            No Gates in Appleton
                            short orange forest/small town/open grass
        Kaauffman Port:
          Lighthouse Icon - Unlocked by fitness
                            Right Gate unlocks Seaspray Beach 
                            sea on left and right side has far orange forest/
                            forest-fields - GATE between hills right & lake left 
                            /buildings & cranes then orange forest on both sides
    Middle Row - Left to Right:
        Tentridge Trail:
          Mine Cart Icon - Unlocked by left-side gate in Meadowoods Fields
                           No Gates in Tentridge Trail. 
                           orange forest both sides/field-sparse trees left and
                           drop-off right/cliffs both sides/small iron bridge/
                           cliffs both sides/ open field with drop-off waterfall/
                           Eagle round cliff right and pillars left/mine cart
                           overpass in cliffs both sides
          Sunflowers Icon - Unlocked by McVeity’s Farm
                            Left Gate leads to Heathdale Acres
                            fields both sides/sunflowers left and hay field right/
                            hay field-GATE left and tractor - corn field - red truck
                            right/telephone poles, crossroads and fields/
                            sunflowers-hay right and corn left
        Sherman’s Lake:
          Sailboat Icon - Unlocked by Fernhill Forest
                           Left Gate unlocks White Bear River
                           orange forest both sides/picnic area left and lake right/
                           tire swing tree/ orange forest all along right side and
                           left has lake-sailboats-large boat docks (GATE on left
                           side before large boat docks)/forest left & lake right
        Foxtail Pines:
          Pine Tree Icon - Unlocked by Fernhill Forest
                           Left Gate unlocks Appleton
                           solid pine forest both sides/crossroads/forest both sides
                           /GATE on left/wooden outlook tower on right/forest both
          Building with Horseshoe Icon - Unlocked at start of game
                            No gates at Store.
                            Go here to get supplies, accessories, & care items.
                            See list below.
       Meadowood Fields:
          Red Tractor Icon - Unlocked by McVeity’s Farm
                             Left Gate unlocks Tentridge Trail
                             grass fields with 1 fenced/crossroads-telephone poles/
                             grass fields/orange forest-fenced field left and large
                             gray full barn on right/orange forest then grass field/
                             crossroads/trees-Gate left behind last pine tree/fields
    Bottom South Row - Left to Right:
        Heathdale Acres:
          Purple Grapes Basket Icon - Unlocked by Harrowfeld
                              No Gates in Heathdale Acres
                              sparce orange forest both sides/grape vine
                              rows both sides/tractor right side and 2 silos left
                              side/small wooden bridge with stream/large building/
                              grape vine rows both sides 
        Sandyford Valley: 
          Purple Bundled Flowers Icon - Unlocked by fitness
                              No Gates in Sandyford Valley
                              field/purple flower rows both sides/2 silos
                              right side and field left/flat stone bridge with
                              stream/fields and flower rows alternating sides
        McVeity’s Farm:
          Red Barn Icon - Unlocked at start of game
                              Right Gate unlocks Meadowoods Fields
                              Left Gate unlocks Harrowfeld
                              grass fields both sides/grass field left & gray stable
                              and yellow house-GATE right/grass field left & fence
                              field right/fenced field left & grass field right-red
                              barn/crossroads & telephone poles/gray barn 
                              left-trees-GATE & corn field right/corn field left &
                              grass field with trees right
        White Bear River:
          Water Wheel Icon - Unlocked by Sherman’s Lake
                              No Gates in Sherman’s Lake
                              trees both sides/grass field with trees left & river 
                              right-scattered picnic tables/crossroad/trees left &
                              river right/water wheel-bridge-stream/trees left &
                              river-cliff right
        Seaspray Beach:
          Pink Seashell Icon - Unlocked by Kauffman Port
                              No Gates in Seaspray Beach
                              seaside trail/abandoned ship/small colored sheds/
                              long gray cobblestone bridge
        Pony Accessories
          Saddles - see saddles list
          Blankets - see blankets list
          Bridles - see bridles list
          Horseshoes - see horseshoes list
          Hair - see hair list
          Quartermarks - see quartermarks list
        Care Items
          Shampoo - 4 coins each
          Conditioner - 5 coins each
          Hoof Ointment - 10 coins each
          Fly Treatment - 10 coins each
          Flu Tablet - 10 coins each
          Stomach Tablet - 10 coins each
          Sugar Cube
          Note: All food costs 2 coins each. Pony Accessories have 4 slots for each 
          category. Decorations has 4 slots total for hair & quartermarks combined.
          Once you buy the items in the slots they will fill with more items until
          they will become blank - then the rest you will have to unlock to be able
          to purchase (or be given) more items.
      Total accessories: 75
      Some prices not listed because given, found in boxes, or bought & forgot
      Once an accessory is bought it can be used for all horses at the same time.
        Training Saddle - given at start of game
        Gemstone Saddle - Style Set Item  
        Red Star Saddle - Speed Set Item - 200 coin
        Stock Saddle - 50 coins
        Dressage Saddle - 55 coins
        Jumping Saddle - 100 coins
        Logo (Pony Friends) Saddle - 115 coins
        Rainbow Saddle  
        White Saddle - given for completing bear set
        Pink Saddle - click on red tractor/Heathdale Acres - 60 coins
        Light Blue Blanket - given at start of game
        Star Blanket - Speed Set Item - 100 coins
        Polka Dot Blanket - blue box - 10 coins
        Cherry Blanket - Health Set Item - completing Fish Set 
        Butterfly Blanket  
        Tartan Blanket - blue box - 14 coins
        Horseshoe Blanket - Style Set Item 
        Floral Blanket - 11 coins
        Red Blanket - 30 coins
        Pony Friends Blanket  
        Pink Blanket - 10 coins  
        White Blanket 
        Training Bridle - given at start of game
        Gold Bridle 
        Ribbon Bridle - 30 coins
        Gold-trimmed Bridle - 50 coins
        Star Bridle - Speed Set Item  
        Gemstone Bridle - Style Set Item  
        Double Bridle - 60 coins
        Beaded Bridle - 35 coins
        White Bridle - 120 coins
        Rainbow Bridle - Health Set Item  
        Pink Bridle - 35 coins  
        Standard Horseshoes - given at start of game
        Ruby Horseshoes - 35 coins
        Platinum Horseshoes  
        Diamond Horseshoes - Style Set Item 
        Star Horseshoes - Speed Set Item  
        Amethyst Horseshoes - 30 coins
        Gold Horseshoes - 45 coins
        White Horseshoes - Luck Set Item
        Pink Horseshoes - 20 coins
        Rainbow Horseshoes - Health Set Item  
        Natural - natural tail & mane - given at start of game
        Mane 1 - natural/yellow & blue straight down ribbons - 10 coins  
        Mane 2 - natural/green & yellow straight down ribbons  
        Mane 3 - natural/green & red straight down ribbons  
        Mane 4 - tight braids straight down - 10 coins
        Mane 5 - tight braids straight down with mix of dark & light red
                 bows in 2 rows
        Mane 6 - natural with 1 edge running braid
        Mane 7 - natural with 1 edge running braid/green bows - blue box
        Mane 8 - crochet braiding
        Mane 9 - crochet braiding with 1 row dark blue bows & 1 row light purple
                 bows - 30 coins
        Tail 1 - long natural tail mixed with long braided strands straight down
                 AND natural mane
        Tail 2 - short natural tail mixed with short braided strands straight down
                 AND natural mane - 9 coins
        Tail 3 - long natural tail AND mane both mixed with purple & green ribbons
                 straight down
        Tail 4 - short natural tail AND mane both mixed with yellow & purple ribbons
                 straight down - 25 coins
        Tail 5 - long vertically wrapped tail with dark & light purple
                 stripped ribbon AND natural mane with alternating dark & light
                 ribbons straight down - 20 coins
        Tail 6 - short vertically wrapped tail with dark & light yellow stripped
                 ribbon AND natural mane with alternating dark & light yellow 
                 ribbons straight down  
        Combo 1 - long natural tail mixed with long braided strands straight down
                  AND mane with braids straight down
        Combo 2 - short natural tail mixed with short braids straight down AND 
                  natural mane with an edge running braid
        Combo 3 - short vertically wrapped tail with dark blue & dark red stripped
                  ribbon AND crochet mane - 30 coins
        Combo 4 - long natural tail with green & light purple ribbons straight
                  down AND mane with straight down braids with 2 rows of green
                  & purple bows
        Combo 5 - short natural tail mixed with dark red & dark blue ribbon straight
                  down AND natural mane with edge running braid/dark red & blue bows
        Combo 6 - long vertically wrapped tail with dark red & green stripped 
                  ribbon AND mane with straight down braids with 1 row of green
                  bows and 1 row of dark red bows
        Heart - full red heart - 5 coins
        Rainbow - striped rainbow - Health Set Item 
        Crest - Pony Friends Logo - 15 coins
        Clover Leaf - green clover leaf - Luck Set Item  
        Shooting Star - yellow star with purple swirl - Speed Set Item 
        (Luck) - Skull & Crossbones - Luck Set Item  
        Cherries - two grouped cherries - Style Set Item  
        Butterfly - blue butterfly - 10 coins
        Dolphin - blue dolphin - 12 coins
        Flower - red flower with green stem - 10 coins
      Item Sets:
        Total Sets: 4 plus others to match (Pink Set, Pony Friends Set, etc.)  
        Speed Set:
          Star Blanket
          Red Star Saddle
          Star Bridle
          Star Horseshoes
          Shooting Star Quartermark
        Style Set:
          Horseshoe Blanket
          Gemstone Saddle
          Gemstone Bridle
          Diamond Horseshoes
          Cherries Quartermark
        Health Set:
          Cherry Blanket
          Rainbow Saddle
          Rainbow Bridle
          Rainbow Horseshoes
          Rainbow Quartermark
        Luck Set:
          White Blanket
          White Saddle
          White Bridle
          White Horseshoes
          Clover Leaf Quartermark
      Total collections: 24
      These coins are for collections and are not spent. 
      The coins you spend come from your daily chores, doing sets, & blue boxes.
        Four lines of four coins each = 4 sets
        First Line Set: dark gray/antique coins
        Second Line Set: yellow/gold coins
        Third Line Set: light gray/silver coins
        Fourth Line Set: brown/copper coins
        Four lines of four shells each = 4 sets
        First Line Set: small combo shells
        Second Line Set: fan style shells
        Third Line Set: conch style shells
        Fourth Line Set: variety shells
    Note: You are not told the names of the coins and shells. I am not putting 
    detailed descriptions of the coins and shells because of this plus the fact 
    that you can see the silhouette design of each if you look in the collections. 
    They are randomly found on the hoofs of your horses. You will only clean one 
    hoof of each animal after riding the horse on trails or in races. Brush off 
    any mud. You may see only rocks/stones or if you are lucky, you will see a 
    coin or a shell. Use the pick to pick off the rocks, coins, and shells. Any 
    coins and shells will go directly into your collection with a comment 
    announcing you have found a rare coin or shell if found. Always pick off all 
    rocks/stones until the hoof sparkles - some coins look like stones. You don’t 
    have to care for the hooves after each ride but you could if you wanted 
    (usually 3-4 trail rides is good). Be sure to care for hoofs and make sure 
    your horse is clean before you put it back in the field for the night. It does 
    seem that your horse will pick up more rare coins/shells if you gallop at least
    some on a trail but I have still found a lot while just walking. You don’t have
    to gallop the whole trail unless you want to. When you complete a set you may 
    be given money or a nice item. It is definitely worth it to complete all sets. 
    It will be hard to get the last coins but just keep riding continually and a 
    lot. I usually take each horse on every open trail it has unlocked each day 
    (3 horses = 3 times on each trail per day) but you can go at your own pace.
    | Stable: |
    Pick one of three slots for the horse you want to work with in the stable.
    If the slots are all blank, you must go to the field and move a pony into the
    This takes you to the trail rides, Pony Races, and Store Icons which have 
    already been covered.
    This lets you accessorize your pony with items you have bought or that have
    been given to you. Each accessory category lets you view accessories on your
    horse before you choose them. Remember this will not be a full list unless you
    have bought and been given every accessory. Accessories may be listed by the
    order in which you bought or received them. 
    You may also create up to three custom blankets and three custom quartermarks
    for free using the Editor under the custom blanket & quartermark options.
    Accessories may be given to you when you complete any set, find them randomly 
    in a blue box, or on very rare occasions get them by completing daily trail 
    tasks. When you are further into the game you may get a pink saddle from 
    clicking on a red tractor while trail-riding.
    Pony Care
    Most activities you do will give hints & tips on the top screen of your DS as
    you do them. This section is no different. Pay attention to the tips given and
    follow the directions. Be sure to brush slow and with the hair. Complete each
    activity until you see sparkles. Watch your horse’s body signs. When done, check
    the Info Icon and look at the brush slider bar - it is best if it is all the way
    to the right which means your horse is clean.
    If you are in washing mode and an item enlarges & dings but is not colored in
    then it means that you are out of that supply and need to go buy some. You can
    immediately go back to the stable icon and choose ride and go visit the store
    to buy that item. When you get back into the washing mode again it will begin
    where you left off but the dinging item should be colored in now providing that
    you bought the right supply. If items are colored but don’t ding & enlarge then
    it means that you do not need to perform that task this time. For example, if 
    you go into washing mode with a brushed only horse then the shampoo will ding
    and then the conditioner will ding but the flybot will not ding unless your
    horse has flybot.
    You usually start out the day riding your pony (trail task & a few trails) and
    then come back to the stable. Care for hoofs and groom horse and then ride
    another few trails and care for hoofs and groom horse again. Repeat this process
    until you want to stop or the horse is tired (frown face slider bar). Then
    bring your horse back to the stable and care for hoofs, groom, and then wash,
    condition and treat any needs. The horse should be clean and tired now. Move 
    the horse to the field and feed, treat any flu or stomach illness, and pet
    horse to raise friendship if needed.
    You can ride a tired horse but it increases bad health slowly. It is better to
    have more than one horse if the first horse is always tired.
    Body Signs:
    Good - horse turns head towards you, horse squints or closes eyes
    Bad - horse stomps, rears, shows teeth, flicks tail a lot, shakes head
      Brush main body
      Brush mane
      Brush tail
      No equipment to buy.
      Shampoo your horse
      Condition your horse
      Flybot treat your horse
      Buy shampoo and conditioner daily for each horse.
      Buy flybot treatment for each horse as needed.
    Hoof Care:
      Brush mud off hoof
      Pick rocks/stones off hoof
      Treat any sores
      Buy hoof ointment if needed for each horse at store.
    Move To Field
    This will move your pony from the stable to the field. The field is where you 
    should keep your pony overnight or for long periods of time. It is important
    to have your pony clean (brushed, washed, & hoof care) before you move them to
    the field. If they are not cared for and clean they will get sick. If any pony
    is sick in the field it will quickly spread to the rest of the ponies in the
    field. Sickness left untreated will get worse quickly. It costs a lot of money
    to cure horses so keep them clean - unless you are trying to quickly get the
    Pony Nurse game goal medals - but be prepared to spend a lot on medicines.
    Click on the name of pony to check its stats or do field related activities
    with the horse.
    Call Over:
    The field is also where you give medicines, feed your horse, increase friendship
    with your horse, and watch them in the field. Click the Call Over Icon to begin.
    Feeding your horse may or may not be a challenge. A horse may not eat if it is 
    unhappy. Sometimes the horse eats the food but not quickly enough. The food will
    disappear and you will get hearts around your horse but it will not count as 
    being feed and will actually lose friendship with you. To make sure the horse
    is really feed you need to quickly get its favorite food out of the bag on the
    right(after you called horse over) and put it near its muzzle. The horse will
    hopefully raise its muzzle and start eating the food. If the horse gets done
    AND YOU SEE THE HAND ICON again before the hearts appear then it should have
    counted as being feed. It may take a little to do it quick enough but just keep
    trying. No food will be lost if it didn’t work but the friendship probably 
    went down so just pet the pony successfully a few times to bring the friendship
    back up. The horse’s favorite food is shown next to their name in the Info Icon.
    Medicines (flu & stomach) are given the same way as feeding favorite food but
    will come from the left bag and are easier to give. All medicine and food need
    to be bought at the store.
    Petting your pony will increase friendship. Call the horse over and place the 
    stylus next to but not on the pony’s head. Move slowly if it is a new or shy
    horse. Move the stylus between the horse’s eyes and ears and move with your hand
    with the movement of the head of the horse. Soon you should see hearts float up
    from around the horse. If they are not broken hearts then you did it right. You
    may also pet the neck. Touch other areas on the horse to make it turn slightly 
    to the left or right. When your horse decides to go back to the field it will
    stretch its head low to you &/or bow to you and then trot off if it likes you.
    If the friendship is low it may just trot off. You can repeat petting as many
    times in a row that you want. Use the hearts slider bar in the Info Icon to 
    check friendship levels - best if it is all the way to full heart on right.
    Perform Trick:
    Ponies will perform tricks in the field if they are clean, happy, and not tired.
    The more fitness, style, and speed your pony has then the more advanced tricks 
    your pony will perform. Tricks don’t appear to make the pony tired.
    This shows the complete stats of each horse including awards - this info was
    detailed above.
    This is also where you can donate a horse.
    Move to Stable:
    This moves the selected pony to the stable.
      Here you can watch eight different videos.
      These videos are just a few seconds long and not in depth.
      Opening video with two horses running in field
      Different horse tricks
      Accessories changing on horse
      Markings changing on horse
      Trail riding and photographing wildlife
      Brushing horse
      Horse racing
      Winning horse race medal
      Here you can watch the credits scroll.
      Here you can erase your one available saved game.
      This will permanently erase all ponies and achievements!
      You can then start a new file.
      Remember that you can get rid of ponies by donating or retiring them
        and still keep your achievements.
    III - Copyright & legal
    Thanks to www.ign.com & www.gamefaqs.com for posting this.
    Thanks to Nintendo, Eidos, Tantalus, & Act3animation for 
    creating such a great game.
    Special thanks to RPT.
    This info was created solely by me and is not copyrighted.
    This was written to help others to enjoy this game more fully and can be 
    shared without penalty.
    Enjoy! - Goldhorizon AKA Goldie

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