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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vyrania

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    Secret Of The Divine Jewel
    Started: Saturday, May 26, 2007
    At 10:42 AM
    Written by: Hillary E.G.B.
    Contacts: comet1319@aol.com, kitsunearasi@yahoo.com
    I can also be found on deviantart under the username 
    dark-aerith and on Gaia and IMVU under the username Vyrania.
    Please let me know if I’ve left anything out.
    The rights to this game belong to Rumiko Takahashi 
    and Namco Bandai Games America.
    Now—let’s go!
    Table of Contents:
    The Introduction
    Higurashi Shrine
    InuYasha’s Forest
    Kaede’s Village
    The Creek
    Kaede’s Village
    Masuko Village
    Outside Masuko Village
    Mt. Habaki
    Character Attacks:
    Lightning Arrow [Ep:2] – Pierces the enemy with a 
    brightly shining arrow.
    Infernal Meteor [Ep:3] – Crushes the enemy with a 
    blazing meteor.
    Heavenly Essence [EP:3] – Restores the HP of an ally.
    Power Leaf [EP:2] – Increases the strength of an ally.
    Iron Reaver [Ep:2] – Slashes the enemy using razor-sharp 
    Blades of Blood [Ep:3] – Demon power is used to turn 
    Inuyasha’s blood into blades.
    Wind Scar [EP:4] – A special attack using Tetsusaiga 
    that can slay countless enemies at a time.
    Backlash Wave [EP:5] – Damages the enemy by reflecting 
    their spells back at them.
    Sacred Arrow [EP:3] – Shoots a spiritually charged arrow 
    at the enemy.
    Purifying Light [EP:3] – Cures poison, blindness, 
    and paralysis.
    Divine Barrier [EP:3] – A barrier that protects all allies 
    from an enemy attack.
    Wind Tunnel [EP:5] – A black hole that sucks everything 
    into another dimension.
    Healing Sutra [EP:3] – Restores the HP of an ally. 
    Cures paralysis.
    Sealing Barrier [EP:4] – A barrier that protects an ally 
    from spells.
    Binding Sutra [EP: 3] – Lowers the AGI of an enemy.
    Fury of Taishaku [EP:3] – A lightning that may also cause 
    Hiraikotsu [EP:3] – Knocks down multiple enemies by throwing 
    Great Cannon [EP:3] – A mighty blast that is hurled toward the 
    Fox Fire [EP:1] – A demon spell that burns the enemy with 
    moderately hot flames.
    Smashing Top [EP:2] – An illusion of a giant top that crushes 
    the enemy.
    Smoke Illusion [EP: 2] – A demon spell that may cause blindness 
    by engulfing the enemy in smoke. 
    The Introduction
    When the game begins, the first thing to do is talk to one of 
    Kagome’s friends. Those would be the oh-so-cheerful-looking 
    group of three girls dead ahead. They’ll tell you which way to head 
    to get to Kagome’s shrine. After you exit to the top right past the 
    boy who seems to be catching it from his girlfriend, head toward the 
    upper right of the map, toward the shrine. The shrine’s gate should 
    make it fairly obvious.
    Higurashi Shrine
    Enter the shrine and talk to Grandpa, who has a rather interesting 
    reaction. You might think that you should enter the shrine anyway, 
    but that will just waste time. Instead, make your way to the exit. 
    Following the call of the mysterious voice, head 
    back to the well house, where a rather nasty demon awaits you.  
    You’ll meet Monk Sen, who will tell you what to do next.
    InuYasha’s Forest
    Once you pop out of the well, head down and out of the forest. 
    I recommend walking around here until you get a decent feel for 
    the battle system with your Shikioni. I didn’t do much of this 
    myself at all, but it depends on your preferences. 
    Note: When you run (walking while holding the ‘B’ button, you 
    are much more likely to be engaged in battle.)
    When you’re finished, head out of the forest and South to 
    Kaede’s Village.
    Kaede’s Village
    Follow Gohei (the villager that runs from you) to end up at 
    Kaede’s hut, where she’ll tell you where Kagome’s gone and 
    advise that you be careful if you plan to go. Leave the village 
    in the exit to the South. If you’ve got enough mon, you may 
    want to stop by the shop first to pick up some healing items.
    Mizukake Creek
    I can’t quite remember the exact path at this point, but 
    it’s not that difficult to navigate. When you run into Sango 
    and Miroku,do not follow them- they are not going in the right 
    direction – instead, head down in the direction they came from 
    until you run into Kagome and Shippou. Just after Inuyasha shows up, 
    you’ll be fighting your first boss— a Silver Dragon Spawn. 
    The battle isn’t very difficult, especially not with 
    party support. 
    Here’s your chance to start to experiment with the joint-attack/defense 
    system, which is extremely useful. Simply tap one or two characters 
    who show up on the touch screen. Up to two characters can take damage 
    with the ally being attacked, spreading out damage that could be 
    otherwise fatal to a single character. (Princess Usuba can deal way 
    over 1000 damage to a single character, but about 200 to each when 
    a group of three takes damage.) 
    Group attacks are also much more powerful than single ones.
    Kaede’s Village
    You’ll end up back in Kaede’s Village, with a new goal—to find Mt. 
    Hibaki—but if you didn’t stock up before, you definitely should now. 
    At night, when Janis goes out, you should head back toward the big 
    tree you last talked to Monk Sen at, overhearing a conversation 
    between Sango and Miroku on the way. Eventually you’ll be free to head
    out of the village and head South, taking a right near the end of the 
    mountains, then heading up, over the bridge, and to the right.
    Masuko Village
    Welcome to Masuko Village. There’s a tense feeling in the air, 
    but that can only be expected of a village arming for war thanks to 
    their overzealous leader. I recommend heading to the right of the 
    village (as far as you feel comfy going) and training until all of
     your characters are on at least level 11, though a bit more training 
    couldn’t hurt. If you’re going for the bare minimum, I recommend taking 
    on all of the palace guards (and opening all of the black chests) after 
    defeating Lord Masuko. 
    The demonic Lord of Masuko Village is quite easy to defeat with mainly 
    group attacks,though you should feel free to use skills, as it is easy 
    to replenish your EP here. To do this, all you have to do is walk in 
    circles in an area with no guard, because EP is regained when you walk, 
    and there are no random battles in this area. 
    Battle your way through the palace, finally arriving in Princess Usuba’s 
    rooms which happen to have a dark, gaping hole in the floor. 
    Guess where you have to go now, kiddies? 
    There are no random battles here, either, so just head to the right 
    until you find the dread princess herself. The best course of action 
    is to use Kagome’s Divine Barrier to protect the group and use everyone’s most 
    powerful attack skill. Make sure you always use group defense to avoid having 
    all of your party members KO’d. Follow through and you should be fine.
    Outside Masuko Village
    The game leaves it up to you to find your destination, telling you that 
    it’s surrounded by mountains, which is one of the most obvious possible 
    statements ever.Anyway, head up past the village and into through the 
    passage into the mountainous area to the right of the checkpoint. 
    Head right once in the mountain area, and then up again as 
    immediately after heading right. 
    Keep to this path until you reach the small shrine and enter.
    Mount Hibaki
    OooOOoh. Looks like Monk Sen’s hiding something. 
    Anyway, follow the path to the right for a Kylin Remedy
    on the other side of our lovely pile of bones, then head back to 
    the split and go left.
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