Where can I find three item to summon nusi sama after i beat the game for the first time?

  1. please help me, i need to find Uminari No Tsue, Mikagami No Tate, and Mizu No Hagoro. where can i find them?

    User Info: JUJUHEART

    JUJUHEART - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You probably figured this out already but ima answer anyways.

    First off, if u have a ton of money u can buy them all.
    1. Uminari No Tsue can be bought at sanmarou or kubiane dessert thing for 4700g.
    2 Mikagami No Tate can be bought at sentshuitan armor shop (the girl not the guy) at endgame for 30500g
    3.Mizu No Hagoro can be bought at nazamu mura and doumiru no sato for 18000

    Also u can synthesize them.
    1.Uminari No Tsue= Sutoros No Tsue(x1)+Shiroi Kaigara(x3)+Akai Sango(x3)
    2.Mikagami No Tate= Seikishi No Tate(x1)+Kagami Ishi(x3)+Misuriru Kouseki(x2)
    3.Mizu No Hagoro= Seirei No Houri(x1)+Amatsuyu no ito(x3)

    Finally if ur reaaaally broke, you can get two of them from monster drops.
    1.Uminari No Tsue is dropped by sneikuloudo (snakelord), herudaivaa (hell diver), and umi ushi hime (no translation available)
    2.Mizu No Hagoro is dropped by herumiraajyu (hell mirage)

    Hope it helps.

    User Info: hilksta

    hilksta - 7 years ago 0 0

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