What quest unlocks what vocation?

  1. Where do you start them, what are their requirments, and whens the earlyest you can start them?

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  1. Gladiator: There's a guy in the alltrades abbey basement (near the inn), you need to defeat normal slimes with dragon slash in super high tension mode.

    Armamentalist: A character must cast wizard ward AND deliever the final blow to a metal slime... several times... the guy with this quest is oddly dressed in Alltrades Abbey.

    Ranger: You have to poison Hocus Chimeras (in the heights of lonliness) and let them die of poison damage. The person with the ranger quest is at the foot of the heights of lonliness, a.k.a. the foot of the Zere Rocks.

    Paladin: The man with this quest is on the top of the Mirage Mahal in Gleeba, and you need to have the Whippingboy ability.

    Sage: When you look at a bookcase in the 2nd story of Gittingham Palace a book will start talking to you, and you need to defeat Great trolls with frizz. (Great trolls can be found in the realm of the mighty, which comes a little later in the game, they have about 600 hp, so you can weaken them with normal attacks first)

    Superstar: It is known in the USA version as Luminary, you can get this quest by talking to a girl in the leftmost section of the dancing hall in Gleeba after you beat the game. You need the Hot Lick ability

    If this helps, plz accept :D thx

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  1. Gladiator- Need someone with dragon slash and ability to get super high tension (quest giver in in basement of alltrades abby}
    Armamamentalist- Ability to cast wizard ward (quest giver is the guy in red near jack of alltrades}
    Ranger- A thief with toxic dagger ability (quest giver is at the base of Zere rocks)
    Paladin- A warrior with whippingboy ability (quest giver is the lady on the roof of Gleeba castle behind the fountian)

    sage comes later in the game and superstar is after you beat the game. You can start the quests as soon as you find the givers and meet the requirements.

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  2. The above locations are correct. I'm just going to clarify some stuff as far as completing the quests.

    Gladiator is insanely easy. You can use egg on and psyche up to get the tension up quicker. Dragon slash is the 1st skill unlock for the sword. Additionally this only counts if it's done to slimes. It's easiest to do this near Bloomingdale. BTW the slimes there will form into a slime king if you don't keep there numbers low. Use sleep on them to prevent it from happening

    Armamentalist is the hardest IMHO. You have to have a character w/ wizard ward and have THAT character deliver the final blow to the metal slime. Easier said than done. You can find the metal slimes in the same dungeon you fought the ragin contagion.

    Ranger: You have to let the chimera die from poison damage incurred from toxic dagger. The chimeras can be found in the area north of the quest giver.

    You get the 1st 2 after defeating Nu'un. The 3rd after arriving at dourbridge. 4th After you finish in Bloomingdale and can reach Gleeba.

    Can't speak for Sage or superstar though. Not that far yet ;o)

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  3. For the armamentalist quest, my entertainer gives the final blow after cast wizard ward.
    I learn the spell, I change class and attack with metal sword. My martial artist make war cry, my mage a sleeping spell (for prevent slime to run away)

    For Ranger, it's easier when youn sleep or war cry them, the monster use healing spell.

    Paladin is easy. Sage and Gladiator too.

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  4. For Gladiator, the easiest place to find normal blue slimes is outside Angel Falls.

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