How do I solve (Quest 91 and 93)?

  1. If someone can help me on this quest please? Quest 91 how do you make the monster angry? Quest 93 I defend all my character and still nothing happen. So helpe would be great. Thank a mil

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    qtang1 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Will i did quest 91 already and it took alot of luck. Quest 93 is call Eggclesiastics. Thank a mil

    User Info: qtang1

    qtang1 - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Yes, you have to defend 13 or 15 times.

    User Info: qtang1

    qtang1 - 7 years ago

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  1. For Quest 93, it only seems to work if you fight the monsters right outside the town you get the Quest from: defending with any character against any attack will count.

    User Info: Nimai1985

    Nimai1985 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. What are the quests' names?

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    rccx - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I did Eggclesiatics but what did you have to do i forgot?

    Did you have to defend?

    User Info: rccx

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  3. You have to defend aginst the monsters near woomwood creek.

    User Info: darkraven3456

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  4. For 91 I recommend battling Mandrake marauders at The Magmaroo because they tend to become angry when you attack them. Then you just have to be lucky and finish it off with a critical hit (so basically you hit it, then it becomes angry, then you kill it with a critical hit). This takes quite a bit of patience.
    For 93 the monster has to hit you while you're defending, and you have to kill the monsters for them to count.

    User Info: Jelaylay

    Jelaylay - 7 years ago 2 0
  5. so basically, quest 91 is all about luck? i remember reading somewhere that all you have to do is Whistle to anger them. I sat there whistling for about 10 turns before i gave up. Am i using Whistle wrong? or it just has a low rate of working?

    Also while im here... Challengus Maximus, it needs me to be poisoned, then Double Up and finish off three green dragons with Double - Edged Slash... that doesnt sound hard at all... cept the part where i have to be envenomated. HOW CAN I EASILY GET POISONED?! :(

    AND another... Faerie Nearly There... they really expect you to whack at a Wight Priest? ...ten of them? with that horrendously weak staff? is there an easy way to do it? or just hit them until they are as low as possible and try to bear with it til my mage can finish them off?

    One LAST one :) sorry guys... A Simple Task, WHAT?! not simple at all... i read somewhere u need a sadistick, etc etc etc... i got all the items, but i still couldnt get simple simon... i also read u have to be a ranger. is that necessary?

    User Info: jokene98

    jokene98 - 7 years ago 0 0
  6. For Quest 91 (And by extension, 113 "Hoarse Whisperer"), I noticed two things:

    1) Whistle won't seem to enrage monsters when it's just you by yourself. I attempted to do both quests solo, but the monster's wouldn't enrage. The moment I tried it with two party members instead of one, I cleared both in a single battle.

    2) Some monsters are easier to enrage than others, and certain monsters don't seem to enrage at all. I tried Whistle on the Grinades and Mad Moais in the Heights of Loneliness, but they wouldn't aggro. I decided to switch to the Gum Shields and Pink Sanguinis outside of Bloomingdale and, as mentioned previously, cleared both quests in a single battle.

    Are you guys trying to solo these? Because maybe that's the problem.

    @jokene Try this:

    If your character is MALE:

    Class: Priest
    Weapon: Sadistick
    Shield: Dragon Shield
    Head: Hermetic Hat
    Torso: Dark Robe
    Arms: Heavy Handwear
    Legs: Blue Jeans
    Feet: Classy Clogs
    Accessory: Utility Belt

    If your heroine is FEMALE:

    Class: Ranger
    Weapon: Giant's Hammer
    Shield: Boss Shield
    Head: Minotaur Helm
    Torso: Jaguarment
    Arms: Gloomy Gloves
    Legs: Steppe Steppers
    Feet: Agiliboots
    Accessory: Elfin Charm

    User Info: Bladist

    Bladist - 7 years ago 2 0
  7. OK for Challenge Maximus, yes you have to wait for the dragons to breathe their poison breath on you for a chance to envenomate (which is a stronger version of poison, and which will down-grade itself to regular poison after battle, so you have to get envenomed every time) THEN Double-Up THEN Double-Edge Slash them for the killing hit.

    As for Fairlie Nearly There, you can weaken them will any kind of attack, but the kill hit has to be with the fairie staff.

    User Info: djcroft77

    djcroft77 - 7 years ago 0 0
  8. If you want to kill enemies with the faeire staff, I used oomph, and sap to maximize my damage output. It also helps to egg on the staff wielder to at least 50 tension.

    User Info: kirbyeatsbombs

    kirbyeatsbombs - 7 years ago 0 0
  9. quest 91 - use Whistle (Warrior Skill tree 28 points) to enrage the monster, sadly the critical has to be natural so you can't use all or nothing skill, use the Falcon Sword and the critical up passive skill (Sword Skill Tree 22 points) to increase your chance.

    quest 93 - Go out and battle and defend 30 times and don't run from the battle.

    or if you want go to this site

    User Info: raki_gemini

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  10. For Quest 91 you can use a Whistle (a courage skill) to almost instantaniously get them enraged, then whether or not the character that whistled gets a critical is solely up to luck (which can be increased with abilities).
    You only need to perform this twice for a reason, like some of the others, you can perform this while progressing with whatever you need to - just make sure to have whistled first.

    For Quest 93, you've have to be alone to perform this else it won't count any times you defend for some odd reason. Just simply get hurt by pretty much any attack as long as you're defending, and you're alone in your group as well as making sure you see the fight through to the end (don't run). You don't have to do it in one sitting though.

    User Info: Tensuda

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  12. defend against attack quests typically want u to BLOCK THE ATTACK NOT JUST DEFEND AND GET HIT i have passed shield swinedimples 1st quest by blocking therefore u should use the shield ability immence defence which raises shield block chance significantly

    User Info: madskillzzzzzzz

    madskillzzzzzzz - 7 years ago 0 0

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