How many HP does job changing old man have?

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    Can not defeat!
    Lv.16 and LV.15 each have two!
    He use buff!

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    Aeontachi - 7 years ago
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    Aeontachi - 7 years ago

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  1. He has 796 HP. I had my hero, a priest, a mage, and a martial artist. When he attacked I made my priest heal every turn except the 1st and had everyone else attack with the mage using crack and his staff of sentencing when he neede more MP. When he switched to Buff I had everyone but my priest and mage attack. I kept my priest healing until everyone had close to ful HP and my mage using the spell sap. Sap keeps on decreasing his defence when he raised it. So he had pretty mch the same amount of Defence. If you wanted to end this battle quickly you could have used Egg on with your hero on the martial artist therfore raising its attack. I would equip the priest and mage with a staff so they do not run out of MP

    User Info: dragonsakura22

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  1. Master Nu'Un?

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  2. I dont really know I went to another village called Port Llafan i think before i fought with him cuz i was training

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  3. There's no way to know how much HP he has, but I have some ideas on how to beat him. I had level 17,16; so maybe you could level up some more. Also, take a trip to the latest store and outfit your team with the best gear. Use one person to work on healing/buffing. Use the other three for attacking. Use Propeller Blade,Crack, and Accelerate.

    User Info: Neku_Phones

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  4. If he dies use buff spells, and I think he might... Try Egg On on your highest attack power member, using whoever else as healers/defenders/minor damagers, and try to Accelerate everyone to all go at once (if possible). When Tension is at 75 or 100, All 4 should attack at once.

    With some luck you should hit with the x2 damage from the combo, and being that tense should almost kill him where you are.

    User Info: Crystalorbie

    Crystalorbie - 7 years ago 1 0
  5. Actually, I looked at a guide in Barnes & Noble, and it said that the Master of Nu'un had 796 HP. Also, try these abilities: Psyche Up, Debuff, Sap. Good luck!

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  6. I was in low twenties since I went into the right knights castle accidently before the lake. When I went into the throne room I was like WTF where's the boss!!! I gained many levels while trying to figure out what to do.

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  7. I missed that part and just did it today and im level 40 so i beat him easy lol.

    User Info: lazymaster02

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  8. When i beat him i had a mage with sap if that helps.

    User Info: Metalslime13

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  9. First off, check the FAQs section before coming here. Chances are it'll have all the information you'll need.

    Master of Nu'un has around 796 HP

    Copied directly from the FAQ:
    Not only this guy acts twice per turn, he has some nasty buffing skills such
    as Buff (ups his defense). Usually he uses Buff once per two turns, raising
    his defense so much that your weapons will be doing 10-20 damage only. He also
    frequently drains magic of your characters. Although his most dangerous attack
    is Woosh. It's a hit-all wind element spell that hits your characters for 35
    or 40 HP if Master of Nu'un goes "haywire". Ouch. Sometimes he uses lightning
    attacks, although they're a little less intimidating. Make sure you have lots
    of healing items on your hands. Spells like Heal/Midheal are a must. If you
    have a Priest, he might trigger his Coup de Grace move which'll be very useful
    to your party if it's very low on HP. Anyway, use elemental spells like Crack,
    Frizz, etc. Hopefully they'll hit the boss for 35 dmg at least. Multiplying
    your damage is also useful here, especially if the boss acts before you.

    User Info: DracoZereul

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