What are all the classes? And how you unlock them?

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  1. At Alltrades Abbey, you can unlock Gladiator and Magic Knight, which is known as an Armelentalists.
    When you enter the Zere Rocks place, you can unlock Ranger (It's 4 places away from Alltrades Abbey)
    When you are in Gleeba, and you go to the top of the palace, you can unlock Paladin (It's 6 places away from Alltrades Abbey)
    I think you get SuperStar doing a quest once you beat the game.

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  1. Sage Gladiator Superstar Paladin Magic Knight Ranger

    you unlock them by completing their various quests

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  2. Sage quest is unlock by reading a book. The quest can be solve in the last dungeon.

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  3. You get luminary(super star) during the post game (after you beat corvus final form) go to gleeba then in the dance palace go to the dancers lounge then when you go to the rightyou'll see a girl by the door then talk to her do the quest then you get luminary.

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