How much does stat allocation matter?

  1. I just hit the early part of the game where u get to allocate skill points into various attributes. How much does this matter? What is recommended for each class?

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  1. The general rule of thumb of most rpgs remains true in this one from what I've seen: It's better to do one or two things extremely well, then everything at once just ok. Pick just one skill tree that you really like for a character, either class or weapon skill, and stick to that as much as possible until you get that last really good skill. Branch out only a little when quests call for specific tactics, or else you're picking up key skills like a Martial Artist's Psyche Up or a Thief's Half Inch (the stealing ability) that most characters will want regardless of class.

    Especially with your choice of weapon though: Just pick one weapon skill per character and stick to it through the early part of the game. Weapon skills are only good while you're holding the particular weapon anyway, so to get half way through one of those skill sets then switch means you've lost access to all those skills you just learned until you go back to weilding that weapon.

    Two skill sets I've found most useful though to have character's dedicated to: The Theif's Aquisitiveness and a Priest with maxed out Wand skill. Thieve's get the key skill Eye For Trouble about half way through, which allows you to learn a monster's secondary loot via the monster list, key for learning where to look for alchemy items. The wand skill allows for massive amounts of max mp and mp regen for a Priest or a Mage, I reccomend having a dedicated Priest with it if you're a newer player. Having near infinite ability to heal your party can be a life saver.

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  1. It matters insofar as you want to pump points into a skill line that you'll use. So don't fill up on Fisticuffs if you're going to be using a weapon.

    However, there's also no need to freak out about "wasting" points. If you Level 99 all the classes with your main character, you'll get enough points to max out 24 of the 26 available skill lines.

    My general strategy in character-building is to first choose which weapon you want to specialize in. Now figure out which classes use that weapon and look at their class-specific skill lines. Figure out which ones have skills in the front half of their skill lines that you're going to want to use, and grab that low-hanging fruit first. After that, pump skill points into your chosen weapon until you reach 100, which unlocks the ability to equip that weapon type with any class. Now you can switch between classes freely while still using your chosen weapon type, pumping points into whichever class-specific skill line you want.

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  2. Also it is wise to look for and snag agility and deftness bonuses that have low point requirements. Agility determines who acts first each turn and it is tremendously beneficial to have your characters act before the monsters. Deftness boosts critical rate which helps with the numerous quests that require you to get crits and helps with metal slime hunting. Also Deftness makes stealing attempts more likely to succeed.

    Monk 10 pts: +10 agi
    Thief 4 pts: +20 deftness, 16 pts: +20 agi
    Ranger 10 pts: +10 deftness, 22 pts: +20 agi

    After getting your weapon maxed and hitting all the quick stat grabs you desire for the character I suggest getting shield to 100 next so you can equip a shield with any class. This will immensely increase your survivability. Besides the defense bonus shields eventually get a rather high chance to block attacks entirely. As soon as you get to Batsureg you have access to all the materials needed to make Silver Shields which have a 6% block chance, the Shield passive bonuses will increase that a further 6%.

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