Shed some light on the Fource?

  1. Please do not get me wrong. I love my arnamentalist (Mage Knight). Character's stats doesnt seem to be short of anything, but somewhere i read that the Mage K's stats are hardly ideal. Is it? My Mage K's dmg is not too bad. It's definitely do-able as far as damage is concerned and beating bosses.

    But can someone explain why the Mage K seem to be alot of people's favorite. Maybe favorite is too strong, but alot of people love the Mage K.

    Also, managing the Fource seems kinda hard and complex, no? Haha. I read somewhere that if u set ur arnamentalist on AI (fight wisely, per se) then itll usually choose the right fource, or tend to. Is this advisable. I feel like i can always manage a character much better than a computer could

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    jokene98 - 7 years ago

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  1. Armamentalists/Mage Knights are loved primarily because it has good offensive stats AND gains access to the Oomph spell. The Status spells are also very handy, as many quests ask for Ka/Snooze, and Sap can be very handy in boss battles when it connects. In Post-game, however, an Armamentalist's damage - and truthfully ALL offensive classes' damage - is inferior to a Gladiator's, and as long as you complete the Minstrel quest and gained the skill Gritty Ditty, you no longer need Oomph, so Gladiator becomes the more solid choice for damage dealing.

    Fource is actually quite simple, and quite powerful. You simply use the proper elemental Fource that your opponent is weak against, and every physical attack and ability will do increased damage, either 50-100% extra damage. But how do you find out what your opponent is weak against? Simple, all bestiaries - the one here on GameFAQs is what I use - show the elemental weaknesses/strengths of all monsters and bosses. All you have to do when you start a fight is check the guide for the monster in question, find out what it's weak against, and then use the appropriate Fource. Keep in mind that Funereal Fource is both Darkness and Earth, and even if the opponent has a strength to one, but a weakness to the other, they'll only be hit with the part of Funereal they're weak against.

    Finally, under no circumstances should you rely on AI to win your battles. The AI can't guess your strategy, so it's much better to make them do what you want them to, instead of letting them do what they want.

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  1. It is probably choosed because it's ability to use attacking abilities and spells which could work in any situation.

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  2. I used the mage knight for a while and it does have good stats. It is not the strongest class but it does have useful spells that make up for it. I think people prefer it because it can just be used as a support class for weakening enemies and powering up allies while still being able to do damage. I never set any of my characters on AI so i wouldnt know how well that would work, but it is a great class no matter how you use it.

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