1. So for Quest 117 Engaging the Sage. I have to kill Atlas with Zam. Does anyone know how hard Atlas is, or how much HP hes got? I was lookin online, and the reward seems to be the Sage Scripture. Is that good?

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    jokene98 - 7 years ago

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  1. Atlas is a mid to high level grotto boss so you'll most likely encounter him from lvl 50+ treasure maps; however, his appearance is random (as is all grotto bosses) so you should just keep clearing maps until the boss you encounter is a orange-skinned cyclops. That's Atlas. He has around 6500 HP and specializes in physical attacks. He has only two attacks; a normal attack for around 200 dmg to a character without casting Buff/Kabuff and Crackerwhack which hits the whole party for around 100-150 dmg. It's important to note that the regular attack has a chance to critical and if it does, IT IGNORES DEFENSE LIKE ALL CRITICAL ATTACKS DO. And Crackerwhack does the same thing by ignoring defense; so Buff/Kabuff only reduces the damage from his normal attack.

    To take him down quickly, I strongly recommend one character put 88-100 skill points in the Ranger Vocation to unlock Wolf Whistle and your Sage having put 100 skill points into the Mage and Sage Vocations for the highest possible Magical Might. If possible, also put points in Martial Artist with both of these two characters until both can use Psyche Up. Your Hero should just focus on using Egg On on the character with Wolf Whistle first, with your Sage using Caster Sugar and/or Channel Anger, and a fourth character (preferably Paladin) should be using Forbearance to protect your team after using Kabuff twice for maximum defense-The Sage can also Kabuff before you start. The point of this set-up is to get the character with Wolf Whistle to 100 Tension to attack; this results in around 4000 damage from that attack alone on Atlas. Your Sage can then (assuming they have maximum magical might from the mentioned skills above) raise their tension to 100 and should only need to cast Zam three times AT MOST. Recommended levels for this strategy would be around level 50 and above just to make sure you have several hundred HP bars on each character.

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  1. He has 6500 HP.

    User Info: yab

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  2. No wonder it was a pain to whittle him down with just one sage...

    Oh, a little tip, if you use "Channel anger", and have the sage at 100 tension(not to mention at around level 99, with several magic-might boosting items), you can deal about 999 damage from a single zam spell.

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  3. Does anyone know how or were to get the map atlas is in cause I ony have the Baramos map

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  4. He is in the normal maps not the bosses

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  5. Like what level maps?
    All i got up to was the traminator and he was really hard for me and hes at like level 50

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  6. Atlas is the 7th boss, while Trauminator is the 4th. So you will have serious issues defeating him if you can't beat Trauminator easily, basically because they are similar but Atlas almost doubles Trauminator's ATK.

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  7. Atlas is generally around 55-65 Level maps. He has about 6500HP i forget. (Bout to fight him again.) Atlas is a tough one. I have most of my characters around 60's and he deals some damage if your not well equipped. He only has three attacks (Attack, Critical hit, and crackerwhack) which each do some big damage. regular attacks can run up to 130's easy and the critical is around 375-415 non buffed. and crackerwhack is just annoying hitting about 100 each person

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  8. You dont have to damage him with zam, you only need to kill him with zam. Just keep track of his health then when you are ready to tension up your sage and use zam over and over.

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  9. I found atlas in a Lv.38 Treasure map, Copper Lair of Regret. And yes he indeed hits harder than Trauminator.

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  10. Sage's Scripture grants you the ability Twocus Pocus, enabling you to cast magic twice in one turn. Most DEFINITELY a good thing.

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  11. Haven't beat this boss yet and i must say he's very tough when he use that crawackle attack - whatever you call it and it takes big chunk of your teams hp and mostly it is a crittical hit and half dies and half survive with a little hp. What level is recommended to beat this boss?

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  12. You should probably fight him when your sage is around Lv.70 or 80.I beat him easily and my party's levels were in the low 70s and 80s and if can you should try to get an Angels Robe for your sage which is Tyrannosaurus Wrecks's rare drop,but that might be hard,but I did it at Lv.55.

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  13. Pull out a calculator, and punch in 6500 into the calculator, which is his max HP. Then subtract all the damage that you do to him until he's just about dead. If you have these spells/abilities, use them: Channel Anger, Caster Sugar, and Oomph. Use Psych Up and Egg on (unless you're the Sage) to boost up to 100 tension. Then use Zam. I took him down and completed the quest easily.

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  14. You can make any method to attack to reduce its health points, just enough for casting Zam to kill.

    Make sure to write down the number of damages done to Atlas every time before final casting.

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  15. To help determine what maps may have Atlas, May I suggest the Grotto Calculator? hxxp://

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