Is there an easier way to get coup de grace?

  1. I just want to know is the coup de grace random or is there some way of getting it besides it being random.

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    MylesHenry21 - 7 years ago

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  1. Coup-de-Graces occur at a very low base chance any time a character gets
    attacked or does an action. However there are certain things that increase
    the chance of them occurring.

    The Critical Fan family of weapons will increase the CDG chance:
    Critical Fan : +6% Coup-de-Grace
    Overcritical Fan : +7% Coup-de-Grace
    Hypercritical Fan : +8% Coup-de-Grace
    Dire critical Fan : +10% Coup-de-Grace

    The Combar Action Medal (from revocating an Armamentalist) is +3% CDG.

    Martial Artists, Rangers, and Luminaries have a 3% bonus, but we aren't using
    them to fight Legacy Bosses so that's not very useful.

    Another way to increase CDG rate is to have other people in your party sitting
    with an active Coup-de-Grace:
    1 Member Ready: +0.8%
    2 Members Ready: +10.0%
    3 Members Ready: +36.0%

    The more damage you take from a single attack, the more chance you have of
    getting a CDG too.

    This was taken from the legacy boss guide by The Mystical One

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  1. Im not sure if this is much help but ive been finding my characters getting coup de grace easier when they are defending and then get attacked, i really doubt there is a real way to make it easier though, it probably was just luck when i did that

    User Info: ShadowAura100

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  2. I've noticed as I have leveled up Coup de Grace are happening more often. I didn't see my first Coup de Grace until just before Alltrades Abbey. Now I see a Coup de Grace every 5ish normal fights and during a boss fight I have had a single character get thier Coup de Grace 5 times (was my Priest too, he he).

    Also I think different classes have a different chance of triggering one based on different events. I mention my Priest again during that boss fight. Was a Grotto boss that spammed me with debuffs and did an occasional hard hitting AoE attack (the horse thing, Equinox i think). The priest coup heals damage and removes debuffs and negative effects for your entire party. I almost never see it during the usual run of the mill fights, but half the time when something gets a high tension attack on me or I get kasaped a couple times the priest coup seems to pop up.

    Gladiator on the other hand seems to come up most often when my Glad gets a big hit in (crit or buffed) or kills an enemy.

    I suggest if you want to see Coup de Grace more often play to the strengths of your class.

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  3. Im not positive but i think that the gladiator gets them more often than some other classes. Also if you reach level 99 of a certain class and restart it as a level one you get a medal for increasing the chances of that happening. I think it was the gladiator that got that medal.

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  4. nope Gladiators medal is for critical hits not coup de grace. There are some pieces of equipment that raise your chance of coup de grace.

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  5. It also depends on what stats you have raised and what armor you are wearing, I have a ranger who almost always gets more than 4 boss coup de grace, and a thief who always has one during an upper-scale fight.

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  6. The first guy was right.If you defend and then get hit a couple of times the do get coup de grace.Hope i helped

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  7. I find it easier to get a coup de grase when i was a lower
    level , or with my priest excuse the spelling!!!!

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