Where should i train to beat the final boss?

  1. What kinds of vocations should i have in my party?
    What levels should i be at to beat the final boss

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    natsax12 - 7 years ago
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    What are grottoes thought?

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  1. I did some of my best training right in front of Gittingham Palace. I fought Lethal Armours. I would defend until it called a Cureslime, then I defeated the Cureslime. I would let the Armour call for another one and I would defeat that one.........e.t.c. Now mind you I was solo-ing but I was able to get about 400,000 exp. in the span of about 2 family guy episodes. Metal slimes are great, but they run too much for my tastes hahahaha.

    User Info: Amon_Avenestra

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  1. The Bowhole, BF3
    There are liquid metal slimes, and you can wait by the stairs for them to spawn.

    I think I was in the early 40's when I beat the final boss. I had an easy time with him so late 30's would be fine too.

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  2. What VirgoDS said is a good answer. Otherwise, clear grottoes until you find the rare/coveted treasure map that contains mostly metal slime monsters.

    Also 2 or 3 damage dealers and 1 or 2 healers depending on what lvl ur party is at. Priest with a spell that can heal the entire party is all you need for healing unless u wanna go for 2.

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  3. You should have your people levels near 45, and like onvicco said with the vocations. Grottoes are the treasure map places, and if you don't have any, go to up to zere rocks, look around the area (not the actual town fo zere rocks) and there would be someone who's fainted. Give him a special medicine and he'll give you a treasure map.

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  4. You should deafeat liguid metal slimes then when youre above level 40 use youre main character to egg on youre strongest character thats not the hero to max tension and if you have a martial artist that knows hard claw and psyche up then you do about 1000 damage

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  5. A priest with the party heal is all you'll really need. I did it with an average level of 38 but I had spent a big chunk of time getting beastly gear with Alchemy. I suggest hitting an Alchemy guide and making sure you have the best non-grotto weapons you can have for your characters (Godwynn's sword, Storm Spear, etc). Also look into getting Shadow Masks for your casters and a Silver Shield for everybody.

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  6. As long as you have a Priest with at least 140 Agility (maybe you don't even need it that high, that's what I had though and he always went before the boss) and Multiheal (I think you get that at lvl 40) and all your characters have at least 200 HP the final boss should be a cakewalk.

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  7. I recommend you have a party of at least lvl 40, and with HP over 200. Have everyone carry at least one Yggdrassil Leaf in case he kills your priest.

    The setup that worked best for me was a lvl 41 Glad with max sword and Guts, and max shield. A lvl 45 Warrior with max sword shield and courage, and an investment in Pally skills. My Priest was Max Faith at lvl 45, with a sub investment in armamentalist. I also had a mage at lvl 43.

    My priest and mage were about halfway through the shield skill tree.

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  8. It is said that bow hole has many liquid metal slimes but would not go there and the most annoying thing is skeleton warrior pops up all the time and blocks my way. I suggest go to angel falls (a high platform) - too bad you only could get there using starflight express in post game. It is very good to train there - that area is only for slime monster and if you wonder around a while you might see a liquid metal slimes, metal slimes and sometime metal medley. I often train there and fight the metal liquid slime but it could be annoying that they flee.

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  9. Train in the bowhole against liquid metal slimes they give 40200 exp but they flee quite often

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  10. Liquid Metal Slime:
    only give 40,000+ EXP when you are alone moves that always kill them are: Hatchet Man (Axe) and Thunder Thrust (spear) Good luck!

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  11. If you go to the bowhole on BF3, there are liquid metal slimes that give you 40,200 exp everytime you kill one. There are also grottos that you can acess by getting treasure maps on certain quests.

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  12. I think Amon_Avenestra's idea's quite smart!

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  13. YOU DO NOT NEED A PRIEST TO FINISH THE GAME!!! I finished every boss, every area and every cut scene with out those stupid priests! you seriously do NOT need them! if he dies, you will have no healers, no healers= no more HP! i just suggest characters with HP over 300 should carry yggarasil dews and leaves as they will come in Handy if you priest dies. Corvus is easy as pie if you have an attacker, an attack spell user, a MA with hand of god ability and can tension up to 100 ( ace damage! ) and some one with kabuff and magic barrier ( paladins are great for those two spells! ) keep tension high oomphs handy and for glads double up then do a triple buff on him/her and he will be easy peasy!

    User Info: rh3ia

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