Best equips plus lvl?

  1. I need a list of the best equips of each class short of the items only alchemizable or obtainable from grottoes. Basically the best equips that can be gotten before post game.

    On another note, around what lvl should my party be by the final boss? Currently finished the magic school with lvl 27s. Warrior, Mage, Priest, Monk.

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  1. Weapons:
    Sword: Falcon Blade/Uber Falcon Blade or Erdrick's Sword. (can be made with sole piece of Orichalm and glass frit and Rusty Sword from the Relm of the all Mighty)
    Spear: Demon Spear can be made, so can the Storm spear but it's not worth wasting a Gold Bar on.
    Wand: Lightning Conductor
    Claws: Orichalcum claws (but then you cannot make Erdrick's Sword) or Combusticlaws
    Axes: Executioner's axe (note Ice Axe/Avalanche axe are better, but in order to make an Ice Axe it requires quite a few rare pieces to alchmize (slime Crown) and since you can buy it post game, it's not really worth it)
    Hammer: Terra hammer
    Bow: Blinding bow
    The other weapons I didn't use so I can't help out.


    For Mage/Sage/Priest
    The Ethereal eqiupement (Armour, Shield, and Gauntlets) probably the best (you need to alchimize Magic equipment with enchanted stones, then with Ethereal Stones).

    For Warrior/Gladitor/Paladin
    You should have a dark shield to make into an Ogre Shield
    You should have a white Shield made into a White Knight Shield and maybe a Silver Shield
    Pretty much for armour each Torso Armour each classes's level 15 armour is probably the best if not you can use Mirror Armour or Dragon (if you dont' feel like spending the money)
    Heavy Gauntlets can be made too they'd be the best at this point
    Pants would be the ones you can buy in Dourbridge at the secret shop or some vocations have a certain pants only equipment (Monk, Glad) that can be bought in shops.
    Boots whould be the ones from Bloomingdale
    Headwear: you should be able to make a Great Helm with the Hades Helm and the Warrior's helm was good as is the Dragon Warrior Eq. For the Hero.

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  1. you should have low to mid level fourties for all your characters, and if you first don't succeed try again!
    As for the weapons and armours the best stuff you can buy is at upover(which you shall go to later) , the best shoes are at bloomingdale. There are of course stuff you can alchemize before the end of the story line that are better.

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  2. Best sword weapon would be Falcon blade which you find on your ship, and then can be alchmize into a uber falcon blade, meteroite bracer can be alchmize to give to your buffers for fast buffing

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  3. Gigasteel boots are also good

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  4. A better wand , i think might be the gitish scepter thing, i think.
    You can buy a marauders maul from the secret shop in dourbidge as well, which is a better hammer.
    You could gather the ingredients to make catropic armor, as well, which is an updated mirror armour.

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  5. i really cant tell you becuase that question is really a opinion so just find which ones look cool with great attack or defense. i if it was me the weapons would be:

    sword: edricks sword(for power), firesword(for best look,but still great.), and finally falcon blade/Uber falcon blade(for speed and extra attacks on falcon slash).

    spear: there is only 1 i would ever, ever reccomend that is drumroll........DEMON SPEAR>it is awesome!!

    knives: flame tang( because it has good attack and it looks COOL!!

    wands: sages staff for just buying (after beating story) in stornway for power. but if you can get it Wyrmwand which is a green wand with a dragon. (power and accuracy)

    whips: gueens whip (stornway after story). dragon tail whip for before story.

    staves: dragon rod (again after story in stornway) befoe story it would be optimistick.

    claws: DRAGONLORD CLAWS ( very rare in DQVC) but if not cobra claws.(stornway after story)

    fans: friendly fan(stornway after story)

    axes Ice axe (after story stornway)

    hammers:giants hammer (after the story in stornway)

    boomerangs: hexarang but hard to get and very rare.

    bows: purblind bow

    and the armour i cant tell you becuase thats on you, just look for Looks and Defence, stuff that blocks effects like the exotoga and finally armour that deals damaga back like slime armour (metal) not slood stuff and the spike amour.

    you also need the Wear-with-all award that lets you equip the other genders stuff, to get just revocate as a minstrel.

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  6. Well, technically, it is physically possible to level right up to 99 at angel falls- but it would take years. There is no garuantee that any one piece of equipment would be available at te time of a specific level.

    By the time I beat the final boss, all my people were level 45+, and my main guy was level 60.

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