Wat happenns???

  1. Wat happen when i chage job or role im like hmmmmm if i have a theif and i want her 2 be a warrior does keep her abilities????

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    Super666spawn - 7 years ago

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  1. Skills from the 5th skill line (like Acquisitiveness) are permanent for your character regardless of class, whether the skill line is maxed or not.

    Spells do not transfer.

    Equipment skills (weapons, shield, fisticuffs) are trickier.
    If the equipment skill line is maxed (100 points), then you can use that equipment and its skills regardless of class.
    If the equipment skill line is not maxed (less than 100 points), then the skills only transfer if the new class ALSO learns those skills naturally.

    If a Priest with Spears 100, Shields 16, Wands 44, and Faith 22 changed into a Warrior:
    -he can use spears and all the spear skills even though warriors normally can't use spears, because Spears are already maxed.
    -he still has 16 points in Shields because warriors also learn Shields naturally.
    -he can't use wands or any wand skills because Wands are not maxed, and warriors don't learn Wands naturally.
    -he gains all the benefits of having 22 points in Faith.
    -he can't use any spells.

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  1. Yes.All abilities are kept but not spells.

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  2. To condense what Snowwy said,

    a) Learned abilities are never lost, but weapon-based abilities can only be used if you have the proper weapon equipped.
    b) Mastered weapon trees allow the use of the weapon type and respective skills regardless of class.
    c) Skill categories never lose points put into them, even when changing class. However, that character cannot put any points into a skill category that their current class does not naturally possess.
    d) Learned spells are not transferred between classes, but are not forgotten, and are instantly regained when the character changes back to that class.

    In addition,

    d) Unused Skill Points transfer between classes, and can be built up in one (or more) classes to be used in another.
    e) Abilities learned through the Vocational Line (such as the Armamentalist's Fource or Mage's Spellcraft) are usable in any class, and the Vocational Line does not have to be mastered to do so.
    f) All classes can use Fisticuffs regardless of mastery level, but in compliance to point C above, only classes with access to the category (Thieves, Martial Artists, Gladiators, and Rangers) can increase the skill level in it.

    Basically, if 'ya Thief mastered Claws and knows Wind Sickles and Half-Inch, then 'ya Warrior can use Claws, Half-Inch, and Wind Sickles.

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    Bladist - 7 years ago 1 0

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