How do I beat Godwyn?

  1. My characters list of:

    Paladin lvl. 40
    Armamentalist lvl. 35-38 (can't remember)
    Theif lvl. 43 (training as a lvl. 20 mage right now)
    and a MA lvl. 43

    From what I understand, these are good leveled people but the reason why I can't beat him is beyond me.

    I can beat the first form with at least one character loosing health to the yellow txt, but when I fight the second form he keeps firing his damn Kafrizz at my characters and doing like 80-90 damage points, when he physically fights my Paladin, he can't make damage if it depended on his life but the Kafrizz still can hurt my Paladin, so any tips people

    User Info: SilverStar44

    SilverStar44 - 7 years ago

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  1. Paladin should be relegated to its role of healer/defender. Use Mediheals and Kabuff often to maintain ground. When it uses the wave effect to remove your buffs, use Forebearance and have your Armamentalist use heal items to recover the remaining team. Next turn, force the Paladin to pump Mediheals into himself. If anything, this will draw attention away. Magic Barrier helps tremendously as well.

    He is succeptible to having his defence lowered, so using attacks like Helm Splitter makes a difference. Above all else, the Paladin should NOT be an attacker. Shift them to back row and use them as a defender. People are right to tell you lv. 40 is more than qualified to battle him. I killed him at 37 avg, but I caught a break. Gladiator hit his Coup de Grace (auto Max Tension) and just to be a dick I used Double-Edged Strike: 5k damage but dealt 800 dmg recoil. Best. Suicide. Ever.

    Also check equipment/items. Never hurts to make those upgrades, especially with the road ahead.

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  1. Do not put your Pally in the back row. It doesn't reduce the damage they take, only reduces the chance that an enemy will target them which is the opposite effect you want with a Pally.

    If you aren't going to use a Priest you will need to supplement healing with items to survive the tougher bosses. Hopefully you have been collecting Yggdrasil leaves. Make some Ygg Dews (emergency use) and load up on Special Medicines (4 medi herbs total to make) and a couple Lunaria (for Paralysis, final boss uses). Perfect Panacea can be expensive to make but it is worth having as well.

    You can also get a Friendly Fan (check alchemy guides on this site) for your MA. Using the fan as an item gives you an 80 point heal.

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  2. You should know moves that can deflect magic attacks, and moves that enhance your defence and attack.

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  3. Get a priest. Also use magic mirror because it reflects damage and makes him pwn himself. Make your martial artist get to full tension and use your stongest attack.

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