Where and when can i get the Ranger job?

  1. Where is it located and some tips on how to beat it would help,


    User Info: hallstromjr

    hallstromjr - 7 years ago

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  1. For this quest, you're going to need someone with a knife skill of at least 3. You learn Toxic Dagger, which is essential to have. Any equipable knife will do, although I found that having a weaker knife is better. I didn't do this until after I'd gotten the Dragon Warrior Armor set, so it's probably possible to do it before that chain of events, but you need to have gotten the Fyg after the battle atop Mount Zere. Anyway, at the entrance of Mount Zere/Lonely Peak cave (just after the hut), you should see 2 people. One of them, Odval, will tell you the details, which is self explanatory. Tips on how to conquer the quest; the important thing is to read the fine print. The Hocus Chimeras need to die from the poison caused by toxic dagger, not the actual move itself. So once a Chimera has been poisoned, defend and wait for the poison to kill it, or if your character is weak enough, whitle it down another hit or two. If it casts Midheal, just hit it a couple more times. Patience is your friend here. Hocus Chimera's are actually in the Lonely Peaks, so they're really close by and frequent.
    Sorry if this is to long, but I hope it helps.

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  1. Its just before the cave section at zere rocks theres a kid who growls at u there

    User Info: hunter252

    hunter252 - 7 years ago 0 1

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