How do I solve the padilan quest?

  1. How do i solve the quest? and how do i used that one ablity?

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  1. Which Paladin quest. There are three of them.

    To get:
    Just have your warrior use Whipping Boy (8 skill points in Courage) enough times. To make this quest a little easier, not by much, have a character use Whistle (28 skill points in Courage) or Eyes On Me (68 skill points in Je Ne Sais Quoi) to enrage the monsters to attack that one character, make sure it's a different character from the one that knows Whipping Boy. Then use Whipping Boy on the character who used Whistle or Eyes On Me, that will get you a couple of times. Have your Whipping Boy target get attacked and defended ten times in the desert to pass. You have to do it in the desert or it won't count.

    Lv.15 Paladin:
    Find Infernal Armours in Gerzunn (the cave in the swamp near the plain area). Have a heavy hitter attack it to weaken it, but not kill it. Then have your Paladin use Pincushion (4 skill point in Virtue). If there is more than one Infernal Armour, have your Paladin use Pincushion and your heavy hitter attack the next one. Put all your other characters in defense when you are done wounding all Infernal Armours and killing all the other non Infernal Armour. Pincushion will work when an enemy attacks the user; the more damage they do, they more the damage is returned. Kill five Infernal Armours using Pincsuhion and you pass.
    One more thing. If the Infernal Armours call for back up. Just have one you your other guys take out the back up before they heal the Infernal Armour. This quest will take some time.

    Lv.40 Paladin:
    This is actually easier than the last quest. Bring your main Paladin and a weaker Paladin, both of them should know H-pathy (16 skill points in Virtue) and bring your warrior who knows Whipping Boy. Next, go to a place with tough monsters. It's not real important where you go, but you get more money and exp if you go to places with tougher monster. Have your main Paladin defend, your warrior use Whipping Boy on your weaker Paladin, and your weaker Paladin use H-pathy on who ever. Since your weaker Paladin will transfer all their health after a few turns, your weaker Paladin will be left with one hp; and they won't be killed as long as your warrior can defend them using Whipping Boy.Then have your main Paladin use H-pathy on the weaker Paladin. After that, win the fight, find another fight, and repeat this process. You should only heal your stronger Paladin, and your warrior if your warrior is really low on health, in between battles. This way, it is easier to reach the one hp with your weaker Paladin. Do this five times and you pass.

    That is the basic way to do the Paladin quests. There is easier ways to get Paladin, there may be easier ways for Lv.15 Paladin, but the Lv.40 Paladin is most likely the easiest way.

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  1. The Whipping Boy is used by Warrior's. You use it on one of your allies and if a monster attacks that ally, you take the hit for him/her.

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  2. WTF are padilans? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you meant paladins. Ha.

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