How do I get to the tower of nod?

  1. Im trying to encounter a Metal King Slime. Roumor has it that it resides in the " Tower of Nod " which ive never been to. where's it at?

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  1. quest #39 Follow That Fish! Finish the game Port Llafan wait for night to fall and talk with the ghost of the summoner,she'll tell you that you need 3 item to summon leviathan,a watermaul wand,a flowing dress and a silver shield,the watermaul wand can be bought on gleeba,stolen from a phython priest found in the bowhole or created trough alchemy,the flowing dress can be bought on upover or created trough alchemy,since it's a pretty expensive item,here's the recipe to create it trough alchemy Enchanted Robes X 1 (Created trough alchemy) Celestial Skein X 3 (Created trough alchemy) you can read the recipe for celestial skein above the recipe for enchanted robes is Magical Robes X 1 (buy them in gleeba or steal them from shaman in bad hole) Enchanted Stone X 1 (made trough alchemy) the recipe for enchanted stone is Thunderball X 2 (got trough spawnspot or steal from cumulus rex near upover) Ice Crystall X 2 (steal them from Brrearthenwarrior or shivery shrubbery) Mystyfing Mixture X 1 (create it trough alchemy) the recipe for mystyfing mixture is Bellecap X 1 (spawnspot near wormwood creek) Manky mud X 1 (steal them from zombie) Cowpat (spawnspot near zere) the silver shield has to be done trough alchemy too,the recipe is White Knight Shield X 1 (create trough alchemy) Mirror Stone X 3 (steal them from Mega Moai or get it trough spawnspot) Mythril Ore X 2 (spawnspot near gerzuug) the recipe for white knight shield is White Shield X 1 Holy Talisman X 1 (created trough alchemy) Mythril Ore X 1 the recipe for holy talisman is Gold Rosary X 1 (steal it from legionaire in the gleeba dungeon or wight priest in swinedimple dungeon) Holy Water X 5 (buy it from shop) Resurrock X 1 (steal them from green crabs or get them trough spawnspot) the recipe for white shield is Light Shield X 1 (buy it in bloomingdale) Seashell X 5 (get them from beach east from stornway) Holywater X 5 (buy it from item shop) after getting all this stuff,talk with jona and she'll go back to the beach where you fought Lleviathan the first time,follow her and after reaching the end of the beach,equip all the required equipment to one of your character (since you need to equip a wand,you need a priest or a mage in your party) and you'll fight with Lleviathan again,he's a little stronger than the last time but still weaker than the final boss,after that you'll solve the quest.This is what you get Ability to Fly

    if this is to much go to

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  1. Then go north with the starflight express

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    Is a great website for dragon quest/warrior games

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  3. You have to beat the game and gain access to fly the starflight Express freely after that you can use it to fly their it is right above coffinwell.

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  4. This is a great website

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  5. i have the bradygameS guide so if you need help just ask me

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  6. Around the Quarentomb you need the Starflight Exxpress to get there though

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