How Do I Beat Hootingham-Gore?

  1. I'm having trouble beating Hootingham-Gore any tips?
    My Party:
    Minstrel lv. 32
    Warrior lv. 33
    Mage lv. 30
    Martial Artist lv. 32

    He keeps either getting blocked by the two knights that defend him, or destroying me with spells by the time I get rid of the two knights. Should I go after the knights first or the main boss himself. Or do I just level up?

    User Info: ladiesman_012

    ladiesman_012 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    If you still want the question answered, Could you tell me what skills each party member has?

    User Info: Sandvich11

    Sandvich11 - 7 years ago

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  1. Personally, I would change either the minstrel or the martial artist into a priest so you don't need to rely on healing items so much.

    Having said that, your best friends for this fight are the spell "bounce" and mirror armor (or the golden version of it you upgrade to with alchemy, the name escapes me at the moment...) Kill the two knights first so you can actually hit Hootingham. If possible have your warrior whistle the knights and defend / use blockenspiel as your other members take them down. Hootingham can't / won't heal or revive them, and the combination of the mirror armors and bounce will reflect his spells for nearly 100 damage per reflect (in theory, one party-wide cast can be reflected 4 times for Hootingham hitting you for 0 and himself for 400 in a single cast). Once the knights are down, just wail away on him with physical attacks, healing as needed.

    2 last things, a paladin's magic defence spell can help those without the armors or bounce, and don't worry about the armors reflecting heal spells / buffs, they only reflect attack / debuff spells.

    Good Luck!

    User Info: ThagTheUpset

    ThagTheUpset - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. You should level up first by deafeating liquid metal slimes in the bowhole bf3 it gives about 44000exp. keep on doing it till your level 37 or higher. To kill the 2 gards use gigaslash if you have it.

    User Info: yaybongo

    yaybongo - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. I personally had the following team:

    Warrior (mirror armor, boss shield)
    Gladiator (Mirror armor)
    Priest (Jaguarment, i think, boss shield)
    Thief (Mirror Armor)

    My gladiator used to be a martial artist, and knew psyche up. I had the warrior use the boss shield to lower goore's defense (if one of the knights protects him, it hits them instead) I then had my gladiator psyche up. I had my priest on heal duty (i set it in the menu to "focus on healing") and I had my thief hitting hard with propeller blades and flailing nails (with claws equipped, obviously). I focused entirely on goore (my main character, warrior, knew magic mirror, so no problems with spells there, and the rest of the team was rather protected due to the mirror armor. I ended up killing both the knights as they defended him and then healed everyone up (thief knew heal, everyone else had special medicines) for a turn or two, then falcon slash / parralax / heal / propeller blades until he fell. I simply focused entirely on goore and let the guards die as they protected him. Whatever works though. A fully tensioned gladiator with double up (cast buff on her beforehand to counter the negatives) can deal over 1300 damage to him at around level 22 or so. (if you lowered his defense 2 times with boss shields or sap spell.)

    User Info: sixthsage

    sixthsage - 7 years ago 1 0

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