Need more specifics (help) on the gladiator quest?

  1. I know egg on...I have a warrior. So, I get my warrior up to maximum, use the dragon slash on a slime, but it does not record the death as part of the quest. Sooo, the first all 3 slimes have to be defeated in one battle? If so...then I will try it. If not, why is in not recording the deaths? Only my hero knows egg I can not egg on myself. Any suggestions? Please help!

    User Info: epritcha

    epritcha - 7 years ago

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  1. Are you sure you hit Super High Tension mode or did it say "Unable to reach maximum tension"?
    It is not necessary to beat them all in one battle but most people choose to do so since it's quicker.

    youjustlost is wrong you don't have to use it the exact same turn you get 100 tension but make sure it actually reaches 100 because when going from 50 to 100 tension there is a chance it will fail.

    User Info: ReDDsHaD0w

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  1. You have to use Dragon Slash the same turn your tension hits 100.

    User Info: youjustlost

    youjustlost - 7 years ago 0 3
  2. What kind of slimes were you killing? I was having the same problem killing the orange she slimes around Stornway and it was not triggering the quest. I went to Angel Falls and killed the basic blue slimes and it worked.

    User Info: quyrean

    quyrean - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. I changed the sword-wielding character to level 1 on a different class (I think it was thief) and changed a character with 4 unused ability points to a level 1 monk and got War Cry. I used only these two characters and found a slime outside of Angel Falls. I used war cry every turn while psyching up the sword-wielder until I was maxed out and killed the slime with Dragon Slash.

    Took me four tries to get all three; only once did the slime run away. You might have different luck.

    User Info: zero132132

    zero132132 - 7 years ago 1 0
  4. Location: Angel Falls.
    Blue slimes.
    Get a Martial artist to use war cry every turn, keep on egging on until you hit 100, it will say something about super high tension. Next turn, use dragon slash, once dead after receiving gold exp and any chests it should say thats 1 slime defeated that way, so a total of 1/2/3

    User Info: TheBonsaiSlaya

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  5. I was tower of trades, had one character kill the backups, i egged on my ally, and had her use dragon slash. it was frustrating because it almost never made super high tension

    User Info: marsofthefire

    marsofthefire - 7 years ago 1 0
  6. TheBonsaiSlaya has the right idea, its sort of what I did to complete this quest. The differences I did made it a bit easier so I will share them.

    Have whoever has the Dragon Slash change to a Martial Artist long enough to get Psyche Up. Your main character should be using Egg On, the other two should be using Non-Damaging skills/spells to stop the Slime from running (War Cry, Trip of a Deathtime, Snooze) If you managed to do the level 40 Martial Arts quest for the scroll it should help too, since it'll save some of the Tension that isn't used when a Slime runs.

    Go to Angel Falls find a slime.
    Have your Main Character use Egg On on your Dragon Slash'er.
    Dragon Slash'er should use Psyche Up (this doubles your chance of getting to Super High Tension before the slime can run.)
    The other two should be using action stopping skills. (Priest casts Snooze or Trip of a Deathtime, War Cry, Prat Fall etc.)

    End of Turn 1 = Dragon Slash'er tension is 20 (If you don't have Martial Arts Scroll), Slime is hopefully Inactive/Sleep/Paralysed
    End of Turn 2 = Dragon Slash'er should be no less then 50, but if all went well is at 100 Tension (and Pink/Purple noting that it reached Super High Tension) Slime should hopefully be Inactive'd/Sleep/Paralysed still (The slime should go last, so when you Inactived it on round 1, it used its turn to cure it, so you need to reapply it for sure this turn)
    End of Turn 3 = If Dragon Slash'er is not at 100 Tension at the start of this round DO NOT try to use Dragon Slash as Egg On may go second for some unknown reason causing you to lose all of the tension, just repeat turn's 1 and 2 until you get 100 tension. If you are at 100 tension, ALL characters but Dragon Slasher Defend or use Turn stopping skills, other character uses Dragon Slash. As long as it doesn't Miss, you should be at 1 of 3 completed.

    Rinse and Repeat.

    User Info: Derak_Necron

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  7. Plain BLUE slimes
    use abilities/spells to stop them from running away
    use egg on
    Guess wo's the newest gladiator in town?

    User Info: nivek96

    nivek96 - 6 years ago 0 0

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