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  1. I don't have a gamestop near me and i heard that this map is story related. Is there anyway i can get this map other than gamestop. And are the quest on DQVC available for a long time or for a certain time because my network server is WPA not WEP.
    Also i just beat the game and the highest grotto level i have is 28 how do i get higher levels so i can

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    Writingman123 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I have a DSLite

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    Writingman123 - 7 years ago

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  1. Zoma is Gamestop only, Best Buy and Simon Malls are advertised to have different maps. Zoma is not story related what-so-ever, neither are any of the Legacy Bosses.

    the extra quests will permanently stay on the DQVC, everytime you go on wi-fi you will get a few of the quests every other day or so. if u want them all at once, canvass another player who already has all the quests.

    if u want higher level grottos without canvassing: level one of your classes to 99, continue to complete higher level grottos that come to you, try revocating, rinse and repeat.

    User Info: bloodydarn

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  1. They're having giveaway events at Best Buy and some malls, too.
    You can also tag with someone who has the Zoma map.
    Or it'll be given out through wifi eventually.

    All the quests will be available for a while, you'll get them all at once if you download them later.
    You can change the router temporarily to WEP to connect, then change it back
    Or try free wifi places like McDonald's.

    Just keep doing the highest level grottos until you get better ones.

    User Info: yab

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  2. The Zoma map is a GS exclusive. Best Buy and Simon Malls will have different maps.

    User Info: shinargentlupus

    shinargentlupus - 7 years ago 1 1

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