How can I use bows?/How do I become an Archer/Bowman

  1. Do I have to Do a Certain Quest or unlock it by the Storyline.If it is a Quest what is it Called and where is the person that needs help and How do I complete it.If it is part of the Storyline which part is it at? PS I am in Gleeba looking for my 5th Fygg. Please Answer ASAP. Thanks!

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    sdonkeykong - 7 years ago
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    Right now I already have access to the Gladiator Vocation and the Ranger Vocation and I only have 4-5 Fyggs and I cant find the Other Fyggs.

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    sdonkeykong - 7 years ago
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    Ok right now I am in Wormwood Creak I think that is what it is called and I found the guy who will change me into a Archer but I dont know how to do the quest.

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    sdonkeykong - 7 years ago
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    Never MInd I figured out how to get it now.

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    sdonkeykong - 7 years ago
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    Never MInd I figured out how to get it now. I Got the Archer Job.

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    sdonkeykong - 7 years ago

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  1. The quest is called "Ranger Changer". Since this is your fifth fygg im guessing the you've been to Zere Rocks. If not the go north-east of bloomingdale and take the eastern road when it splits into two then keep going north. You'll come across a cabin. From there leave through the northern exit of the area and continue walking until you come across a cave. Turn to the right before entering and the cave and the Ranger will be there. Talk to him and he'll give you the quest.

    For the quest you'll need a thief with the Toxic Dagger ability(requires a knife). Use Toxic Dagger on a Hocus Chimera then just let the poison kill it(you'll need to do this on 3 of them) if you have a mage that can take away their magic it would help since they tend to use midheal when near death.

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  1. Rangers and Sages. You can't do this until later in the game.


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  2. None of the vocations you unlock are by storyline, but rather doing certain quests.

    Rangers are unlocked when you have gotten past Dourbridge.
    I don't remember what the quest name is but, when you're going to Bloomingdale from Dourbridge on the map before Bloomingdale in the North-Eastern part of the map there is a cabin, go one map up from there and you'll see two NPC's one of them will give you the quest to unlock the Ranger Vocation.

    To finish that quest you need to poison 3 Hocus Chimeras with Toxic Dagger and let the poison kill them.

    Have you gotten the fygg from Zere Rocks?
    Because if you did you should have passed the NPC with the quest to become a Ranger.

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  3. Actually you can get the ability to equip bows even earlier in the game be completing the quest to become an armamentalist. However, this is hardly worth it just for bows, as they aren't sold this early in the game. Armamentalist Fources can be very handy at times.

    User Info: CelestriaSlave

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  4. Rangers, Armamentalists and Sages. All three of these Voctations can use bows. Level the bow skill up in each of them to get better at using your bow.

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  5. Archer job. No.
    Sage; Ranger;Armamentalist.

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  6. There is no Archer or Bowman vocation. However Armanentalists can use bows. Its probably your best bet, Sage and Ranger come later in the game when you can be an Armanentalist just by getting the first fygg. After you rescue the "vocation changer" there will be a guy in red/orange. talk to him, he will give you a quest and when you complete it you have the vocation. Sage is far in the game along with ranger. Sage is found on a bookshelf.

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