A few questions ?

  1. 1. How do I make a reckless necklace ?
    2. Where is tressher map 9 located ?
    3. What is the best wand to equip with a mage an where can I find or make it ?
    4. How do u make saints ashes ?

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Accepted Answer

  1. 1. Reckless necklaces are cursed, requiring the services of a church, or the Benediction ability from a Priest's Faith skill, to remove them once equipped. Nevertheless, they are highly desirable for their use in Alchemy. Called "Cursed Necklace" at the time, it can only be obtained by collecting the treasure chest in the Mountain Cave a certain number of times.

    Defence - 6
    Buy Price - N/A
    Description - Unnatural neckwear with an ominous odour about it.
    Notes - This item is cursed, and can be combined with Saint's ashes to produce a Lucky pendant.

    Reckless necklaces can be found in Rank 9 chests, and sometimes appear on DQVC. Can also be made in alchemy with 1 Lucky Pendant and 1 Malicite.

    All characters can equip reckless necklaces; no character should, as the curse renders the wearer ineffective in combat.

    2. There is a post in the FAQs section put up by Zaraf. It shows treasure maps 1 - 17. I would put a link in this but it won't let me.

    3. It depends on what you are looking for.
    For the most attack on a wand get the Aurora Staff. It has 98 Attack, 18 magic mending and 10% MP absorbtion rate. The recipe is for a Brilliant Staff But it has a 10% chance of creating the Aurora Staff. The recipe is 3 Agates of Evolution, 3 Blue Orbs and 1 Shining Staff.
    For the most MP absorbtion rate it is the Brilliant Staff.It has 94 attack, 15 Magic Mending and 9.5% MP absor rate. The recipe is above because it is the same recipe as the Aurora Staff.
    For the most Magical Might get the Savant's Staff. It has 20 magic might,20 attack and 8.5% Mp Absorb Rate. The recipe is 1 Agate of Evolution, 3 Sage's Elixirs and 1 Sage's Staff.
    And if you want magic mending the best would be the Aurora Staff which is up there at the top because it is the best for attack.
    So I would go with the Aurora Staff.

    4. Saint's Ashes. The monsters that drop it are Seavern (found in Grotto) (3.13%) Genie Sanguini (found in Realm Of The Mighty) (0.78%) Sculptrice (founf in Cringle Coast and The Old School) (0.78%). Also if you have given 80 Mini Medals to Cap'n Max Meddlin', then you can buy it for 8 Mini Medals.

    Hope I Helped!

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Other Answers

  1. 1. I'm pretty sure reckless necklaces aren't made through alchemy but rather gotten from blue chests from high level grottos.

    2. The maps are randomized in different locations but in the FAQs section Zaraf has posted the location just look for the one you have.

    3. Don't know.

    4. Saints ashes aren't made from alchemy, they can be found in random blue chests I believe and you can get them from monsters, the only monster I know that has saints ashes is Sculptrice which can be found at Cringle Coast or The Old School.

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  2. 1. Lucky Pendant x1 + Malicite x 1 = Reckless Necklace (Cursed Item) / Blue Chests

    2. Don't Quite Get it. Sorry.

    3. A) Bright Staff (Basic Best) - Grotto Boss Drop 2%. B) Brilliant Staff (Alchemy Best). C) Aurora Staff (Alchemiracle). (Check The FAQs).

    4. ReDDsHaD0w is Right

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  3. More specific information on the reckless necklace - level 9 chests in grottoes will give it to you (you can get quite a few).

    For the saint's ashes, you can also get them from Genie Sanguinis (high level grottoes, island nw of Stornway, "final" dungeon, or certain grotto levels).

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