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  1. Im going to have a monk and priest on my team, with eventually a paladin. Im just wondering what I should do for my character. Im going to start as a minstrel obviously, but then I plan to change to a ranger.

    Would I be able to wait a little while for the ranger, while playing as a minstrel, leveling up my boomerang and axes before I unlock the ranger? Should I go for a mage instead as soon as I get the chance?
    How far into the game is the ranger? Do I miss out on a fair bit of the game before I change to ranger? Could I easily max out swords before I change to a ranger?

    User Info: TheVeyron

    TheVeyron - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Snowwy, you are thinking about the wrong place, you get the boat at Bloomingdale which is after the chance to unlock the Ranger vocation. Plus you arrive at Slurry Quay/Dourbridge by Port Llffan boat not your own.

    Well, depending how you play you can get to the Axe & Bow skill set pretty early.

    As for becoming a mage I don't think that's necessary, just when you get to the town called Alltrades Abbey and get the chance to change vocations, do the quest by the guy in the red clothes to unlock Armamentalist to use the bow skill set.

    Depending on how fast you choose to play ranger is unlocked at around 8-13 hrs into the game but, that's just if you choose not to grind like crazy and progress through the game.

    I wouldn't say you'd miss out on a lot, but unlocking ranger is nearly half way into the game.

    Well, again depending on how you play, you may or not have swords maxed.
    Although, it should be around level 38 when you max a single skill tree so I'd probably think you would be around level 20 or so by the time you get to the Ranger Quest.

    *Side Note/ Spoiler*
    After getting past Port Llffan and after walking past Dourbridge, go down one map and the follow the trail until it splits and then take the one to the right that leads up to the North-Eastern part of the map and after you go one map up from the cabin in that map you'll see the person who gives you the quest for the ranger.

    To finish this quest you need a Thief that has the skill Toxic Dagger to poison 3 Hocus Chimera and let the poison kill it.

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Other Answers

  1. You can't unlock the ranger until you get past Dourbridge, which is just after you get the boat (depending on where you actually sail to). Also, you can't use axes or boomerangs until you unlock the later classes; none of the first six classes can use them (although you can save the skill points if you want to). You won't be able to max out swords before you have the option to unlock the ranger unless you farm some other classes for extra skill points, or simply wait a long time to unlock it.

    I don't recommend changing your main character to a mage (for long) since you will have to handle a short bit alone near the end.

    User Info: TGSnowwy

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