Skill points? Classes? Help!

  1. 1. I have a priest and I realise that they are not that useful as I have Minstrel to heal. Can I change this character to mage?

    2. I've put all my Skill Points for the Priest into their wand weapon. If I can change to Mage, will all of these skills be wasted or will they transfer?

    3. Where can you buy spears? I allocated skill points to my Warrior's spear, now I'm just wondering when I can actually buy a spear for her.

    4. Can you continue with quests after the main game?

    Thats all ^^ thanks!

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    Ramsay93 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. Changing vocation isn't actually that late in the game rather it's pretty much right in the beginning right after getting your first fygg.
    Alltrades Abbey should be the location for getting the second fygg so I'm not sure what Vulpes was thinking about.

    2. No, if you change your priest into a mage the skill points still stay, rather the spells you had as a priest will not be useable on your mage.

    3. Exactly what Vulpes said, the spears will show up in the stores later on and you can also make them through Alchemy.

    4. Yes, you can still continue with quests even after you finish the game, there will also be 'Story' Quests afterwards.
    You can also download some quests every Friday(?) via Wifi.

    After you beat the final boss go to Port Llaffan for a quest from Jona, the quest you need a Watermaul Wand, Silver Shield & Flowing Dress.
    Watermaul wand can be bought in Bloomingdale I think.
    Silver Shield can be bought post-game in Stornway.
    Flowing Dress can be bought in Upover.
    After getting the items for the quest you'll have to fight a boss to get Sterling's Whistle which will allow you to fly to areas you weren't able to access with a boat before.

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Other Answers

  1. You can eventually change classes for any and all characters, but that comes much later in the game.

    Skill points, once allocated, cannot be changed. However, all skills already procured will keep regardless of what class you change to. Ultimately it's possible to acquire enough skill points to max every skill given the time and effort, but that's more an end-game function requiring finding Seeds of Skill from blue chests, pots, barrels, and monsters.

    Spears will eventually start showing up in shops. You can also alchemize them (see the alchemy lists in the FAQs section if you need recipes).

    Yes, there is actually more end-game content than content related to the main storyline of the game. Once you beat the final boss there is lots to do to keep you playing, including quests that you cannot otherwise accept until after you have reached the end-game.

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