What is the best strategy for paladin or warrior?

  1. So I don't know which is better to use a paladin or warrior there both using spears. Any anwser would help

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    shadowfox62 - 7 years ago

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  1. Paladins are generally meant to be tanks/guardians for your party; warriors are a cross between gladiators and paladins. If you want a heavy damage dealer, use a gladiator and give him/her an Uber Falcon Blade (with the Falcon Slash sword skill) as soon as you can (near the end of the story).

    For Paladins, some suggest using Fans and investing in shields and the paladin skills. Combining Forbearance with the fan skill Reverse Cycle will protect your entire group from breath attacks while hurting the enemy. Combining Forbearance with the Shield skill Magic Mirror does the same thing with magic attacks. Just try to be sure the Paladin can survive taking multiple hits (and have a strong healer supporting him/her).

    I don't know any specific strategies for warriors other than using the best weapon skill available. Consider an axe and a few points in the axe skills so you can potentially lower a boss's defense while also doing damage.

    Spears: good for hunting assorted metal slimes for exp, although axes also have a good skill for that. Multithrust is decent for bosses, but not so much for regular enemies. Consider swords for non-slimes, as the Uber Falcon Blade + Falcon Slash skill gives 4 hits. (That sword seems to have low stats, but lots of high level players swear by the power of that combo)

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  1. BTW, when your level is high enough the benefits of attacking more using the Uber Falcon Blade is greater than dealing more damage a blow. E.g.
    Normal w falcon slash: 300+300= 600 damage
    Falcon +blade: 200+200+200+200= 800

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