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  1. Under what circumstances do the special guests (heroes from past Dragon Quest games) give you their signature items? I got one from Alena when my lead character was a Martial Artist while I spoke with her. Any other ideas?

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    anaki420 - 7 years ago

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  1. This info's based on the Japanese version:

    Armamentalist: Cannock, Kiefer
    Gladiator: Carver, Morrie
    Luminary: Nera
    Mage: Bianca, Ashlynn
    Martial Artist: Alena
    Ministrel: Maya
    Paladin: Meena
    Priest: Angelo, Fleurette, Kiryl
    Ranger: Torneko
    Sage: Milly
    Thief: Yangus
    Warrior: Ragnar

    No career bonus: Moonbrooke, Borya, Debora, Maribel, Jessica, Trode

    Those people give you a last gift when Quest 157 is done: Cannock, Alena, Milly, Carver, Kiefer, Yangus, Angelo, Morrie. However, you need to clear the game and complete those quests (123-125-128-133-135-137-139-156) before Quest 157 becomes available. For Quest 128, you need to complete at least 7 quests and clear the game.

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  1. You get one for just talking to them.
    One for talking to them on your birthday (just adjust the in game clock on your profile)
    One for talking to them as a certain class
    One for a maxed inn (30 tags)
    And if that person has more pieces of gear, there is a wi-fi quest that will allow them to give the other piece, but that quest won't be unlocked for months.

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    Leo909864 (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0
  2. The one item they give you for talking to them as a certain class depends of the Hero's class:
    Besides Alena if Hero's a martial artist, Maya gives you one if you're a Ministrel (during my own game) and Angelo, if Hero's a priest. There are accolades to be earned if main hero's dressed like past Dragon Quest caracters.

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