Best equipment for a paladin?

  1. Ok first,
    what is the best paladin gear?
    (sword,shield,helm,body,hands,legs,boots and charm)
    What do i need to do to obtain them?
    (if alchemy is involved start from the lowest form of the equipment & how you obtain it & alchemize it up)

    I know about 5-star/10%, and intend to use the hoimi table method.


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    NudeyLemming - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Awesome answer!
    (am post game with starflight express level 52 paladin as my character, wanted main as paladin to help with my mates games btw)

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    NudeyLemming - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Tanks aren't really worth using late-game, just a warning. But since that doesn't answer your question, here we go!

    Hands: Sol Invictus Gauntlets (Starting piece is Vesta Gauntlets - 2% drop from Equinox)
    Feet: Boots of Beatitude (Starting piece is Hero's Boots - 2% drop from Trauminator)
    Head: Heavenly Helm (Starting piece is Hallowed Helm - 2% drop from Hammibal)
    Legs: Infinity Trousers (Starting piece is Invincible trousers - 2% drop from Nemean)
    Torso: Legendary Armor (Starting piece is Victorious Armor - 2% drop from Exalipurr)
    Shield: Soulsucker (Starting piece is Brain Drainer - 2% drop from Sir Sanguinus)
    Sword: Uber Falcon Blade (Buy Falcon Blade from post-game shop and combine with Meteorite Bracer)
    Accessory: Meteorite Bracer for attacking paladin, Life Bracer for Tank
    Meteorite Bracer: Gold bar x1 + Agility ring x2 + Lucida shard x3
    Life Bracer: Life Ring x2 + Gold Bracer x1 (Go figure)

    All pieces of equipment are Alchemiracle pieces made by combining grotto boss' 2% drops with their respective orbs and agate's of evolution. (See the recipe faq on gamefaqs for the actual recipes.)

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