Post game team: Priest or Sage?

  1. I intend to run the triple glad/uber falcon blade with a sage or a priest. From what I know so far, sages are slower but have more useful spells. Worth it?
    If you have any other tips for this strategy or even any other post-game team suggestions (I hope to play this game for a long time and max out enough on all my characters to have a variety of teams)

    User Info: Itarii

    Itarii - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Evidently getting the priest skills will be good, but what other skills should I invest in(and how deeply) for each gladiator as well as for the sage? I know that some offer agility boosts early on, but other than those I'm not sure which to delve into.

    User Info: Itarii

    Itarii - 7 years ago

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  1. There's both pros and cons to both Vocations which can influence your decision for that character. A Sage will always have Kazing to guarantee revival for dead characters where as a Priest will have FullHeal/OmniHeal to fully restore your characters. The best strategy would be to do as pyromite suggested and master the Priest's Faith skill tree before turning that Priest into a Sage.

    As for your Gladiators, you can boost their agility (again as pyromite said) from mastering the Martial Artist, Thief, and Ranger Vocations for a bonus of 180 agility. Also, when you revocate the Martial Artist (preferably lvl 99) you obtain the accessory that adds another 120 points to the equip character (I forgot the name for the item). Even if you opt for the Meteorite Bracer for 100 points instead, that's still an added 280 points minimum to your Gladiator(s).

    Another suggestion (as the final decision is yours) would be to have your Gladiators master the Paladin's Virtue skill tree, and put in skill points in the Warrior, Ranger, and Armamentalist skill trees for a total of 200 points for resilience to gain added defense. These combined with the Gladiator's naturally high attack (and all of the strength bonuses from the Martial Artist, Warrior, Gladiator and Armamentalist Vocations for a total of 100 points) will make three balanced, speedy and powerful Gladiators with an exceptionally powerful Magical Mending Sage to heal them with Multiheal.

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  1. Go with a priest first. Once you have all the priest's Faith skills, switch over to the sage. It'll give a real boost to your healing spells, and you'll really need it to keep your gladiators alive.

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  2. Dunno about that, but what I do know is that the sage is the only class with Kazing, which is 100% chance of resurrection. No more rolling the dice to see if your downed guy is back on his feet or still drowning in a pool of his own blood. Bar none, sages are the best healers in the game.

    If you're still concerned with their speed, supplement it with class skills from the monk. Maxing out the Focus tree nets you 100 points in agility. Thieves get an extra 60 points and rangers get an extra 20. You can also jack some Seeds of Speed from Killing Machines in the Gittish Empire, too.

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  3. Get both they are a good combination.

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  4. Etwdog, getting both a Priest and a Sage would kinda ruin the "Triple Glad" tactic?

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  5. Go Priest first and get Faith to 100 and then switch to Sage.

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  6. !!! Listen to me, this question depends purely on what you will do once you pass the game. If you are going for the Legacy Bosses you will NEED a priest's Fullheal and Omniheal. If you simply play around tying up looses ends and finishing the DQVC quests then by all means go with your sage, in fact, it is preferable you go with sage because you will not need intensive healing every round.

    But just to make sure, here a suggestion from me; have your sage/priest character master the following skills: Faith, Enlightenment, Focus, Courage, give 4 points to Guts and Virtue. If that is a bit too much to do then simply master the first 3: Faith, Enlightenment and Focus.

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