1. What is grotto rank S

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  1. Grotto rank S is the highest ranking of monsters found in a grotto. Usually starts at a medium ranking of D class monsters and then goes up to The highest class (s obviously.) Now S class will be in the highest level grottoes usually around 80 or higher.

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  1. An S-rank grotto is the highest quality grotto you can find.

    To generate an S-rank Grotto at the very least you'll need;
    a) Your Main Character gets to Lv99 in 1 class. (Thief, Martial Artist & Warrior are the quickest to level)

    b) Your MC to have at least 2 re-vocations in a single class (ie; getting to Lv99 and then having Abott Jack at Alltrades Abby revert you to lv1 again)

    c) A grotto of at least Lv93 that DOES NOT! have Greygnarl as the boss!!!

    When you beat the Lv93 grotto, there's a 2.5% chance you'll get an S-rank grotto as your new map
    Of corse, that's a terribly low chance to get an S-rank grotto and requires a high level map to begin with! To make thing a little easier, it's best to get your MC at least 5 revocations in a single class and then keep farming a Lv85 or higher map for a minimum 20% chance of obtaining an S-rank grotto.

    Basically, it takes time & effort to get there!
    It helps speed things along if you just use your MC on his own and grind at places like Slime Hill, or better yet, a grotto that has an all-Liquid Metal Slime or all-Metal King Slime floor.

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