Hints on stealing?

  1. More often than not I find it really hard to steal stuff from monsters, even with a thief of higher level and equips raising deftness. So I was wondering how are the odds calculated for stealing/what affects stealing rates.
    Like, is it really affected by level, deftness, agility? Does monster's stats make any difference? Does it have to do with monster's remaining life? etc

    Hope I made myself clear
    Thanks a lot^^

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    Flyingjet - 7 years ago

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  1. unfortunately, there is no "formula" out there at the moment. This is what I know from what I have read on the boards/my own experience.
    Only stat that matters is deftness.
    Always have the thiefs theory(lvl 40 thief quest reward) in ur char's with highest deftness hand because you can randomly steal without actually using half inch, won't tell until u win the battle.
    I believe the monster's deftness matters, but that is it.
    Stunning or pre-emptive attack stealing may slightly increase chances.
    the thief revocation accessory increases stealing rate.
    This is all, hope this helps.

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    headquincey (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. If you change your birthday to the current day then you will also have an increased chance of getting items, whether it is stealing or just obtaining items after battle.

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