How do i defeat corvus (final form)?

  1. I cant beat him and ive tried countless times and i really need help.
    Here is my team.
    Minstrel: lvl 50
    Martial artist: lvl 50
    Thief: lvl 49
    Mage: lvl 48

    I really need advice on what to do. If anyone knows what to do can you help?

    User Info: jadex96

    jadex96 - 6 years ago

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  1. Make sure you have the LV 40 Minstrel quest item that lets you use Gritty Ditty to boost your entire team's attack power.
    Make some good accessories to counter any status effects you're having trouble with (check the Equipment Effects sticky on the Board page and the Alchemy Recipe Guide on the FAQs page for more info).
    Get a priest or sage with Multiheal, or load up on Yggdrasil Dew (also alchemy).
    Go to the Board and use the search bar at the bottom to find my "DQ9 Answers" topic if you need a link to a map of alchemy ingredients.

    If any of your characters use swords, get the Falcon Blade from inside your ship and use alchemy to make it an Uber Falcon Blade (UFB). Use it with the Falcon Slash skill. UFB + Falcon Slash + Oomph or 2xGritty Ditty= major damage (despite the UFB's seemingly weak attack stat). Your other characters should heal, boost attack power, or use multiple-hit attacks.

    Make sure you have the best equipment you can buy or make. My team of Minstrel, Warrior, Priest, and Mage was about ten levels lower than you and beat him on the first try with this approach.

    User Info: TGSnowwy

    TGSnowwy (Expert) - 6 years ago 2 0

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