What do all the stats do?

  1. I want to know what all the individual stats do and easy ways to get them to go higher.

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  1. To add to the above answer:
    Deftness is important for Thieves - it affects how good they are at stealing.
    Magical Mending affects how good healing and defensive spells are.
    Magical Might affects how good attacking spells are.

    I'm confused about why this game has separate Resistance and Defence stats, and separate Strength and Attack stats. I think Defence and Attack are gained principally from equipment whereas Resistance and Strength are gained principally from levelling up. I'd thought that maybe one was for physical attacks and the other for magical, but that doesn't make sense based on which classes get bonuses in each.

    You gain stats by levelling up, but there are certain stat bonuses you can get in one vocation that will apply to your character from then onwards.

    Switching your character to Gladiator class is a good way to level up HP & Strength quickly. Put all of your skill points into Guts and you can gain 30 extra HP and 10 extra Strength points by level 18 of the career, with another 30 extra HP to come. Gladiator does require 10% extra EXP to level up than the base careers (Warrior, Thief, Martial Artist), but you'll be powerful enough not to notice it.

    Martial Artist is good for Agility and HP - if you put all your skill points into Focus you can have 10 extra Strength, 10 Agility and 30 HP by level 21 of the career. Also, you'll get the Psyche Up ability, which means your entire team can increase tension themselves (rather than needing the Hero to use Egg On).

    Thief rapidly boosts Deftness and Agility. If you put all your skill points into Acquisitiveness, you could have 20 extra Deftness, 20 Agility and 20 HP by level 18.

    Warrior boosts Strength and Resilience, and at level 90 Courage you get 60 extra HP.

    Minstrel is a bit of everything - if you put your skill points into Litheness you get 30 Charm, 30 Magical Might, 30 Magical Mending and 50 Deftness by level 100 of Litheness, but it would be a pretty daft way to level up unless you'd already got some weapon skills from another career. Also Minstrel requires 5% extra EXP to level up than the base careers.

    Levelling up your magical abilities is more of a hassle.

    Switching to Mage will level up MP & Magical Might, though it's pretty slow - if you put all your skill points into Spellcraft, you'll need to reach level 35 in the career before you have 30 extra MP - though you get 80 extra Magical Might. As putting skill points into Wand is pretty much obligatory else you run out of MP all the time, and combined with the 10% extra EXP needed to level up as a Mage, you'd actually need to be a fair bit higher - maybe level 50 Mage before you'd get to level 88 Spellcraft? Slow, anyway.

    Priest boosts Magical Mending and MP - if you put all your skill points into Faith, you only need to be level 33 in the career to get 30 extra MP and 80 Magical Mending. Also, Priest only requires 5% extra EXP than the base careers, so these two factors combined makes Priest a quicker way to gain MP.

    I won't go into every single one of the careers because you wanted to know "easy" ways to boost the stats :) Definitely using Gladiator to gain the HP bonuses is my favourite way of stopping my Priests and Mages from dying all the time, though!

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  1. Strength - affects melee damage
    agility - affects how quickly you go in battle
    deftness - affects your critical hits and if you get a free round of attacks
    resistance - affect defence
    charm - affects if the monsters get entralled by you and lose a turn

    easiest way to increase all of them is to get the bottom skill in all of the vocations to 100 or close to 100.

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