Best Metal Slime Killer + Location?

  1. Hey Gamefaqs, I'm looking for the best (or an awesome) character combo to kill Metal Slimes. This isn't my first DQ game, so I know the basics (Metal Slash, Falcon Slash w/ Falcon Blade equiped, high critical attacks).

    What do you guys find to be the best classes to kill MS?
    Also, what are the areas MS are found? Where is the best place to level up?


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Accepted Answer

  1. The absolute best setup for Metal Farming is to have all four of your characters master either Spears or Axes - if you're just starting, you need to put in 58 points to get either Hatchet Man or Thunder Thrust. In addition to Falcon/Metal Slash w/ a Falcon Blade, some other decent moves are Needle Shot for Bows, Have a Ball from Minstrels, and Flailing Nails for claws. If you're fighting a large group of slimes (although this is VERY rare except in grottoes) then the Boomerang ability Metalicker might come in handy.

    Regular Metal Slimes can be found in the Quarantomb, Metal Medleys in the Bad Cave, and Liquid Metals can be found in the third floor of the Bowhole. Metal King Slimes can be found in the Tower of Nod's 3rd floor, but ONLY as rare tag-alongs to other fights. Finally, Metal Slimes, Metal Medleys, and Liquid Metal Slimes can ALL be found on Slime Hill, which can be found a short distance northeast of Angel Falls, and can only be accessed in post-game.

    All of the varieties of metal slimes can occasionally be found in grottoes of varying levels, MS and MM in the very low levels, LMS somewhere in the early-to-middle levels, and MKS and PKS in the high-end levels. Though there do exist some very rare grottoes that feature floors with only LMS/MKS/PKS spawns, you're much more likely to come across grottoes that feature them in the furthest depths, typically just before the boss.

    For the sake of easy leveling pre-grottoes, Slime Hill can feature multiple LMS per fight, but LMS is a rare spawn and there is very little control over the spawn rates in Slime Hill; you also have a pretty good chance of bumping into a regular or metal slime on accident while running through the trees. Bowhole will usually only have one slime per fight, but the spawning is much more controllable. It all boils down to how lucky you think you are. However, once you gain access to a grotto with MKS or PKS in them, all future leveling should be done on them, with the possible exception of redoing 1-40 after a revocation.

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Other Answers

  1. I find that any class that can equip spears or axes are the best for killing metal slimes since spears get Thunder Thrust and axe gets Hatchet Man. Both are crit hits if they make contact.

    And metal slimes can be found in the Quarantomb and on Slime Hill (postgame). Metal Medleys can be found in the Bad Cave. Liquid Metals can be found in the Bowhole lv3 and some grottos. And Metal King Slimes and Platinum King Jewels can be found in grottos.

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  2. For critical i recommends Spear and axes, but for metal stuff hit them with uber falcon blade+Metal Slash or metalicker+Any Boomerang

    Find them in the grotto and few places in the game

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  3. It's also worth noting that the claw skill Flailing Nails has the potential to hit 4 times and uses no MP. And with my luck, critical hits are not infrequent.

    Of course, my luck also hasn't helped find a decent number of Liquid Metal Slimes on Slime Hill, or keep half of them before my claws guy gets up to bat.

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