What does it mean to "revocate"?

  1. Does that mean get a class to lvl. 99 then switch or is it how many times you switch?

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    Celestial_Light - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Revocation is a special option at Alltrades Abbey that's only unlocked after defeating the main game i.e. the final boss (Corvus). This allows you to reset the level of your lvl 99 Vocation to regain skill points (200 skills leveling up all the way to lvl 99 from lvl 1). The other benefits of Revocation are;

    1.) Bonus skill points to max out your characters in each and every Vocation for all weapons and class specific skill trees. This is helpful in case you made a mistake with your Vocation or just want to master everything about your character's Vocations.
    2.) Revocation the first time awards you with a specific medal for each class (total of 12 medals) that are equipable accessories. Some of these medals are among the best equips of the game since they all boost either a specific stat (the Martial Artist accessory for instance boosts defense slightly but also gives 120 agility) or increase other abilities (the Thief accessory increases the rate of success for stealing). These accessories are also equipable on all classes which allows a greater degree of customization.
    3.) The number of times you Revocate with a character can helps influence the level and quality of treasure maps awarded to you after you defeat a grotto boss. You can Revocate up to 10 times per class-Doing so awards a star next your character's class title to show they've reached max revocation, which also raises the chance of getting a higher level map (lvl 90+) after you beat a grotto boss (i.e. Atlas, Equinox, Nemean, etc...).

    Revocation doesn't add any new stat points either; your character's stats will be the same at lvl 99 that they were before Revocation. HOWEVER, a Revocated lvl 1 Vocation is more powerful compared to a brand new character at lvl 1 because the Revocated character has already mastered (100 skill points) their Vocation. Any stat bonuses earned from mastering a Vocation (like Strength +10 from Warrior) are automatically added to that character permanently so they will be stronger then their less experienced counterpart.

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Other Answers

  1. To ReVocate you have to level a class to 99 and then you get an option to reset it back to level 1. You can revocate a class 10 times. Basically it's for earning extra skill points, but it also has an effect on what maps you'll receive from the bosses at the bottom of grottoes.

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