Where can I find Legacy boss maps?

  1. I am trying to find some specific legacy boss maps but I don`t know where to get them. I am looking for MURDAW`s map, DHOULMAGUS` map, MORTAMOR`s map, and DRAGONLORD`s map. Can someone tell me how I can get these maps?

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    DeepSeaTooth - 6 years ago

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  1. Baramos drops the Murdaw map at level 16 and above.
    Murdaw drops the Dhoulmagus map at level 16 and above.
    Dragonlord drops the Psaro map at level 16 and above.
    Psaro drops the Nimzo map at level 16 and above.
    Mortamor's map is obtained from Quest 158.
    Malroth map from Quest 151.
    Estark map from Quest 152.
    Zoma map from Quest 167.
    Orgodemir map from Quest 176.
    Rhapthorne map from Quest 179.
    Nokturnus the Dark Dream Demon and Lord of All Legacy Bosses from Quest 184.

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  1. Murdaw's map is dropped by Baramos at level 16+. See the Bestiary FAQ for exact percentages.
    Dhoulmagus's map is dropped by Murdaw at level 16+
    Mortamor's map is being distributed at various Comic-Cons, or wait until Quest 158 is available.
    Dragonlord's map is dropped by Greygnarl (in high level grottos).

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  2. Where is the location for the rock cave of glee level 7

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