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  1. I need help with what vocation skills I should use for my team. ( Post-Story team )

    Martial Artist Lv. 99 - Staff 100 Focus 100 - Phisical attacker
    Warrior Lv. 99 - Sword 100 Courage 100 - Phisical atacker
    Mage Lv. 99 - Wand 100 Spellcraft 100 - Spell attacker
    Priest Lv. 99 - Spear 100 Faith 100 - Healer

    Thinking of turning Martial Artist into a defender. Paldin with Forbearance. Then changing him back to MA ( Not sure need help with both aspects. ) Or should I keep him as a Phisical attacker? Not sure.
    Want warrior to still be a Phisical attacker but not sure what to turn it into and to keep it there or change him back to a warrior with his new skills.
    Probably going to change mage to sage. Then keep him as a spell attacker and keep him as a sage.
    Not sure about priest. Thinking about changing him to Sage and keep him as a healer. Suggestions on this will be apreaciated.

    Do not have access to luminary or ranger. I would like answers to be detailed. Not " Change this to this." Any additional info can be provided if possible. Just ask me. Eventually I will go through many vocations per person but would rather keep it one or two for now. ( Don't want to take forever )
    Thank you : )

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    shadowpenguin1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I think I will go with this:
    Martial Artist - Paldin. I guess he will be the defender. He can use forbearance so thats good.
    Warrior - Gladiator. He is my core attacker. May eventually combine him with paldin skills.
    Mage - Sage. I knew I was going to do this. I can work without omph and sap and the spells are great.
    Priest - Same. I'll change him into a paldin for his skills then change him back to priest once im done.

    Thank you anothrgamer1234 and Donkeygame for all your help. now that I look at this team, It seems very well blanced. Thanks again : )

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Other Answers

  1. It'll be easier to turn the Warrior into a Paladin than the Martial Artist- the boosts to resilience and strength should make the new Paladin able to do his job without sacrificing any offensive power in the process. Attack Attacker and Morale Masher will also be a big help. With that type of build, he'll be able to switch between attacker and defender at any time. For the Martial Artist, I'm not quite as sure either- if you want to take a more aggressive approach, you can try making him a Gladiator and focus the skill points you earn from leveling into Guts to improve his power further, but it's up to you. Turning the Mage into a Sage is an excellent idea, since the extra Magical Might from Spellcraft will make Kazammle and Kaboomle absolutely devastating (and even more so when combined with Channel Anger and Twocus Pocus). Finally, I would leave the priest as he is; Sages do get Kazing and Kabuff, but they don't have Omniheal or Insulatle, which can be problematic when you're fighting the Legacy Bosses after they've been leveled up enough.

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  2. At some point you will likely get a response to the effect of Gladiator x3 Sage/Priest x1. When it comes to pure damage, you simply can't argue with numbers. It is highly viable in most circumstances. I don't necessarily fully subscribe to it because I enjoy playing a variety of vocations, but the truth in it is that set-up destroys almost anything.

    I WILL say that if you're looking to change your Warrior to another physical attacker vocation Gladiator is really the way to go. They are hands down the strongest physical attacker in the game and their abilities only further enhance that. With a maxed Sword Skill and an Uber Falcon Blade (if you have one) you will be doing absurd amounts of damage. Turn him into a Gladiator, keep him there and love him forever.

    Sage would make an excellent stand in for either the Mage or the Priest. They get high tier damage spells and the highly desirable Kazing (100% resurrection) spell. Though one of the more challenging scrolls to aquire, 'Twocus Pocus' from the Sage LV. 40 quest is amazing as using it will allow your character to cast two spells per turn instead of one. Two Multiheals will recover a LOT of damage and double Kazammles will really put the hurt on most foes. As for what you lose: from the priest you'll lose a fair amount of status support spells and the big cure of Omniheal. From the mage, you'll lose some offensive support spells, namely Oomph and Sap/Kasap.

    As for your Martial Artist, MAs do respectable single target damage, though their damage potential isn't that of a Gladiator. However from a defensive stance you need to consider that they can't equip the same high defense armors that Paladin, Warriors and Gladiators can. Even with a Paladin's HP and Resilience support skills a MA will underperform as a defender against more challenging foes.

    So there's some points to consider. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you're having fun!

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