Grotto Treasures?

  1. Every Grotto seems to offer 3 treaures, the first of which always seems to be a new treasure map. I have Half-Inched plenty of grotto bosses and obtained their drops post-combat (mostly lower-level bosses, like Trauminator and Shogum), yet the items in slots 2 and 3 are still "???????" How does one obtain these other items, and what do they tend to be? High-end alchemy materials or equipment? Something else fancy?

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    MephianseMK2 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm seeing a bit of confusion here so maybe I can clear it up.

    Not counting the Treasure Map, each Grotto Boss (besides #12) has three items you can get.
    - The first one is the Boss' common steal, which you can only get through Half-Inch. It will never drop after the fight.
    - The second is both the rare steal and common drop.
    - The third is the rare drop, and cannot be stolen by Half-Inch. Each one is a rare piece of equipment.

    If you look on the Defeated Monster List, you'll see the two items you can steal. To see what the boss will drop, you have to check the Treasure Map itself. Plus the items will only appear after you've found them, and even then they only show up on the map you found them in.

    But after six years, you either figured all this out for yourself, or stopped caring long ago. May this question rest in peace.

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Other Answers

  1. Half-inch will steal an item that has nothing to do with the boss drops. Every boss has two different drops. Great and Rare as i like to call them. The great treasures have a 5-10% drop rate depending on the boss you fight. The Rare chests are a 2% and will most likely take SEVERAL defeats to get this item. The great chests offer some pretty decent equipment running 2-3 stars usually. The drops from Equinox are The Dragontail whip 10% and Vesta gauntlets at 2% and Vestas are capable of 5* when suped up. The half-inch item from Equinox is a dragonscale everytime.

    User Info: Crazed_kid

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  2. The grotto bosses have 3 treasures. The first treasure is only found when you Half-Inch off of them, usually a piece of crap by the time you have access to the boss. The second treasure is semi-rare with a 10% chance of dropping. Some very decent gear usually, even compared to some weapons post-game. But the third treasure is what you really want since they're all 2% drops and are the best pieces of equipment, with the ability to alchemize into better equipment.

    What separates these 2% drops, though, are alchemical miracles that has... I think it's a 10% chance of happening?... that takes the 3rd alchemical iteration of that equipment into the best equipment in the entire game. Look it up in the Alchemy sections in the FAQs tab here.

    Also, treasure maps are more for clearing the grotto, not necessarily for killing the boss. Although you do have to kill the boss to clear the grotto.

    User Info: pyromite

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