How do I level up my team now I am so late in to game?

  1. I have reached fairly far in the game as I am not in gittingham palace but I can not kill the guy out front and my teams levels are really low as my highest is a martial artist level 29 I also have a level 24 priest and level 24 gladiator my main character is a level 25 paladin please can I have advise and help on how to level up as Im new to dragon quest and Im not that into level grinding at all although I know I need to put in some serious work to get my teams levels up any help would be appreciated thanks
    also what level should i aim for if i grind and are my clases the right choice i wasent going to level grind my priest as as soon as i got into gittingham palace i was going to change him to a sage is that a good idea?

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    DQplayer - 7 years ago

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  1. When it comes to leveling, Metal Slimes are the way to go. Without having beaten the game your best bet is to go to The Bowhole and grind on the Liquid Metal Slimes that appear in the later areas. It does require some patience as chasing down and killing Liquid Metal Slimes can be frustrating due to the lower spawn rate and high probability of them fleeing. If you've leveled Axes or Spears on the Priest/Paladin/Gladiator, those weapons have really good Crit or Miss abilities that are very effective for killing slimes. The one problem is that your Martial Artist (without any alternative weapon training) will not be particularly helpful for metal slime hunting.

    However, as far as beating the game goes, you've got a good balanced team set up and with some levels under your belt I'm sure you'll have no problem. Most people manage to clear the game with characters at levels in the early-mid 40's.

    As for changing your Priest to a Sage, it's really a matter of preference. There's a lot of debate over which is better, but the bottom line is they are both effective and good. I would say unlock the vocation, try it out and see how you like it.

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  1. near wormwood creek is a place called the Bowhole. Inside on the 3rd level down are liquid metal slimes. they give a lot of experience if you manage to kill them.

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  2. Go to the cave near the flower city and fight those metal slimes things.they give you over 3000 exp.

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