Armamamentalist help?

  1. Exactly how do i get the Armamamentalist class

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    Armamentalist now its spelled correctly

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  1. You need to defeat 2 metal slimes while having the wizard ward ability activated on the character that lands the final blow. One easy way to do this is to get 8 skill points in the mage's spellcraft skill set to get wizard ward. Next use the warrior and priest vocations to get spears to 58 points to get thunder thrust (put your character into the priest vocation and equip a spear). Go into the Quarentomb and search for metal slimes. On turn one use wizard ward and after that use thunder thrust and hope it connects before the metal slime runs away. If you run out of MP return to coffinwell and rest up or use magic waters.

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  1. Another good option is to have two characters learn both Wizard Ward and Metal Slash. The other two characters can have whatever abilities you like, and could even learn Wizard Ward and Metal Slash as well to make things easier. On the first turn, have two characters cast Wizard Ward, while the other two knock down the metal slime's health - it only has around 3-4 HP, so one Metal Slash should be enough for this. On the next turn, have both of your Wizard Ward characters attack with Metal Slash.

    This method gives you a bit more certainty that you'll actually hit the slime, and also costs far less points overall than it would to learn thunder thrust. Ideally, try to fight the metal slime when you're below level 15; I don't know for sure, but regular metal slimes seem to become increasingly prone to evade everything you throw at them and run when you're at a decently high level.

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  2. I train my mage and put only 8 in his skill points specifically for his vocation, and once you beat the Master of Nu'un, the person that gives you a quest to pursue this vocation is by the stairs in the Alltrades Abbey, notable for his almost completely red attire. Once you have excepted his quest, you go to the place in which you fought the Ragin' Contagion, which is where you will find the metal slimes. It takes incredible amounts of patience, but you basically weave through the passages of the place until you find one, keeping your focus mainly along the walls, and once you are engaged in battle with one you have your mage erect his Wizard Ward, while you have, maybe, one of your other characters attack (preferably a healer who isn't as well equipped to attack)it once to knock off a point of HP, completely ignoring any other monsters that might be with the metal slime. You have your mage attack the metal slime, cross your finger it doesn't flee while you attack it, and have one of the characters focus on the monsters accompanying your metal slime. Good luck!

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