Im in wormwood creek. How do i progress?

  1. I made it to the creek, but no one will help me, i don't know what to do.

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    brobrad9877 - 7 years ago

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  1. Now, this is it without bad spelling: to get 7 fyggs, you need to have defeated Master of Nu'Un(Alltrades Abbey), Lleviathan(Porth Llaffan), Garth Goyle(Zere rocks), Tyrantula(Bloomingdale), Grand Lizzier(Gleeba), Larstastnaras(Batsureg) and the Dreadmaster(Swinedimples Academy). These were set out in weak to difficult

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  1. I assume you don't have all 7 fyggs.
    You can't progress the Wormwood Creek storyline without having gotten all 7 fyggs.

    Although, if you did get all 7 you should know you need to go to the Church for the meeting, soon after Wallace( I think that was his name) will run out the Church and go to a cave North of the Village.

    Go there and talk to him, when you exit the cave you will meet a ghost called Serena, she'll ask you to find something for her.

    From there go back to the Village and check the broken remains near the Weapon/Armor shop after that go into the church and check the monument or whatever it was, then go back to Serena and give the necklace to her.

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  2. Go to Batsureg on the same continent if you haven't been there yet. That's where I got my last fygg. Its kind of confusing, at least for me, since I found Wormwood Creek before I found Batsureg.
    Wormwood was my least favorite story quest so far though. It generally has you running around to places you've never heard of and don't know where to find them since the only directions you get are vague like 'its a place to the west of here'
    You do find some metal slimes in the dungeon if you're lucky though and that's nice.

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  3. I will say that because you cannot progress with the story, you only have 6/7 fyggs. Well, you go find the Heights of Loneliness and get across there to Zere Rocks. Go there and fight a boss then get the fygg. Now you can progress.

    I won't give you any more because I can't spoil it for you.

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  4. You shood have defeated these bosses to get 7 Fyggs:Master of Nu'un, Levahan, Tyantula, Garth Goyal, Grand Lizza, DreadMaster and Lasaraus.(sorry 4 the spelling!) If you haven't killed all of these bosses, you shood go and defeat the ones you have never heard of that I have listed.

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