Does Magical Might effect Fource?

  1. Just wondering if its worth boosting an Armamentalist's Magical Might? Is elemental fource damage an added number or something more like the buffs that go "a little" and "a lot"? Does Magical Might for an Armamanetalist just means it helps with landing debuffs?

    Also I am a tiny big confused about the description of the elemental fources... it says it ups attack and defense ... so for example casting Fire Fource would make my attacks stronger against monsters weak against fire... does that mean I also get added defense against that fire-weak monster or does it mean I get added defense against fire attacks?

    User Info: robotrigger

    robotrigger - 7 years ago
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    Hrm... I wanted to ask... the main reason I was asking was because I know the Armamentalist tree does have some + to magical might ... im assuming its there because magical might does play some factor in if status magic lands... but wasnt sure.

    User Info: robotrigger

    robotrigger - 7 years ago

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  1. I don't think there's a point for Armamentalist's to increase Magical Might since they don't have attack spells.
    Elemental Fource isn't like buffs so it doesn't go "a little" or "a lot". I think Magical Might only effects the damage you do with Attack type spells.

    When it says it adds attack and defense it means that you do more damage to monsters weak against that element and that the monsters using that element will do less damage.

    User Info: ReDDsHaD0w

    ReDDsHaD0w (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. I believe that magical might plays a part in how often status changing/lowering spells will hit. I've noticed that at higher experience levels, the spells hit more often as m. might increases. I have seen no change in how much more damage Fource does with higher m. might.

    User Info: antny1

    antny1 - 6 years ago 0 0

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